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May 09, 2021, 11:16:19 AM

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 on: Today at 10:44:25 AM 
Started by SirWoodbury - Last post by Bernie’s Mittens
As a resident of his hometown, I'd like to apologize on behalf of all of the good people of Missouri who despise and deplore everything about him. It's bad enough that we have a federal courthouse here in town named in his infamy.

 on: Today at 10:43:37 AM 
Started by VBNMWEB - Last post by Single Issue Pro-Immigration Voter
For those of you keeping track at home, the laws of wokeism are as follows:

Putting a teenager's private information on every news network and calling him a white supremacist because of the look on his face: OK

Mildly disagreeing with an 11-year-old who voluntarily chose to be on national TV: NOT OK
The media didn’t go far enough in smearing that Trumper if you ask me.
What exactly did this kid do? Wear a hat in front of someone and smile? Don't mistake your political tribalism for genuine moral virtue. Remove the trappings of the situation, and what are you left with. You want a kid to be further smeared by the media for doing what exactly?

He was being mocking and condescending. Either you aren't educated enough to see that or you are just an enabler of poor behavior.
A child acted immaturely and so we should have the media further run him through the mud? The kid may be a d1ck but that doesn't warrant the f##king circus that went around this nonsensical case. YOU are the enabler of poor behavior if you think the proper response to A KID being mocking and condescending is to have the full force of the news media industry plaster this kids face everywhere and call him some kind of horrible, colonizing racist for wearing a stupid had and smiling like a little sh1t.

Who. The. Hell. Cares.
Accurate signature

 on: Today at 10:42:04 AM 
Started by Southern Senator Spark - Last post by DaleCooper
Biden would win. I think even Harris would win pretty easily. Ted Cruz is impossible to like on any level.

Harris would lose to Cruz but Biden would beat Cruz.

She would be a riskier candidate than Biden, but I don't think Cruz is favored against her. His politics are inherently disingenuous much like all of the formerly anti-Trump Republicans, but on top of that he's shockingly unlikable.

 on: Today at 10:38:55 AM 
Started by c r a b c a k e - Last post by c r a b c a k e
And Tracy Babin looks set for election, so pencil Batley and Spen in to your diaries. Of course, we didn't have a by election here too long ago, although the circumstances were ... very different.

 on: Today at 10:38:49 AM 
Started by Mike88 - Last post by Mike88
Another controversy as secretary of the Environment, João Galamba, labels a RTP investigative program as "manure" and a "disgusting thing" on social media:

Government: Secretary of State calls RTP's information program “manure” and “disgusting thing”

The secretary of the environment, João Galamba, is back in the headlines because of another controversy. In a comment about RTP's investigative program, Sexta às 9, on social media, Mr Galamba labelled the program as "manure" and a "disgusting thing". This tweet response was rapidly deleted but many twitter users made printscreen of his tweet and it became viral. Mr Galamba and RTP are silenced about this controversy, while CDS leader, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, has demanded the resignation of João Galamba. This isn't the first time Mr Galamba and RTP's Sexta às 9 have clashes: the program investigates shady government deals and their focus, lately, has been surrounding the lithium, hydrogen and dam deals that have passed through Mr Galamba desk. For some time now, Galamba labels the program as "fake news" and misleading and there's a personal feud between him and the program's presenter, Sandra Felgueiras.

 on: Today at 10:38:13 AM 
Started by c r a b c a k e - Last post by Oryxslayer

Conservatives are losing big in Oxfordshire, kind of similar to Cambridgeshire in that regard.

Greens surging in Bristol, +9 seats with 20 left to declare. Potential for Greens to end up the plurality winner.

The Lib-Dems are now net positive, their gains in mainly the Remain-y shires have outweighed their losses in other places like Cornwall.

 on: Today at 10:38:07 AM 
Started by Hnv1 - Last post by Hnv1
Two UTJ MKs call for Bibi to move aside for a year and a half so another right wing candidate will form a 65 seats government.
Not sure if it’s a small mutiny or an elaborate spin by Bibi, as they suggest he will continue to manage the relations with the US and the fight against Iran which was pretty much what he offered Bennett anyhow. Could be a desperate attempt to stall the coalition talks.

 on: Today at 10:34:59 AM 
Started by Statilius the Epicurean - Last post by Storr
In my opinion, Mexico is absolutely part of North America. Also, I've always considered Central America to be part of North America. Thus according to that logic, either way Mexico is part of North America. The Caribbean has much more leeway as to whether it is part of North America or not. I suppose you could look at it similarly to the Mediterranean. Cyprus is geologically Asian, but culturally European (and thus was able to join the EU).

 on: Today at 10:34:33 AM 
Started by brucejoel99 - Last post by Xing
Warren is absolutely safe for re-election, and the fact that she wasn’t nearly as left-wing of a candidate as Sanders doesn’t change the fact that she’s been a solid progressive Senator who I’ll be happy to see spending more time in the Senate.

 on: Today at 10:32:52 AM 
Started by Old School Republican - Last post by Geoffrey Howe
The Times is pretty bad nowadays.

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