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 on: Today at 01:38:40 am 
Started by Blue3 - Last post by Meclazine
Newport, RI is my ultimate retirement destination.

 on: Today at 01:37:12 am 
Started by NewYorkExpress - Last post by NewYorkExpress
I'm going to have disagree with Pelosi and Biden here. If you were a slaveowner you should be unpersoned from society.

Does this include noted slave owner Muhammad, Prophet of the Muslim faith? Can we tear down the Dome of the Rock now?

As much as I'd like to say yes...I'd like to focus on American society before cleaning up the Middle East.

There is a sculpture of the Prophet Muhammad literally in the Supreme Court Chamber.

And I can tell you no Muslim was involved in putting that carving up.

We can probably edit that section of the Supreme Court Chamber to remove that depiction of Muhammad.

What about Hammurabi and Justinian? They are slavers and are also depicted in the Supreme Court chamber.

Take them down too.

Replace them with say, Earl Warren and Thurgood Marshall depictions.

 on: Today at 01:36:31 am 
Started by Spamage - Last post by True Federalist
This is an out-of-character comment. I'm surprised that concerns over Suez would cause an impact on tobacco prices in Europe. Historically, Europe in this era sourced its tobacco from the Americas and the Balkans. Possibly the report was made by a Dutch journalist as it was in the 19th century that growing tobacco as a cash crop in the East Indies began. Or maybe tobacco traders are factoring in the possibility of being cut off from Turkish tobacco.

 on: Today at 01:35:43 am 
Started by MB - Last post by MB
Trump created an executive order about a National Garden of statues. He's got some interesting choices:

Trump put in 31 names so choose 31 of your own. Or more or less, your pick.

I think I'd do something like this:

1. Hunter S. Thompson
2. Neil Abercrombie
3. Colleen Hanabusa
4. Malcolm X
5. Frank Church
6. Brigham Young
7. Johnny Rebel
8. Ted Kaczynski
9. Jeffrey Epstein
10. Ghislaine Maxwell
11. King George III
12. Aaron Burr
13. John Gotti
14. Gerard Way
15. Susan Sarandon
16. Bobby Shmurda
17. Spike Lee
18. Jimmy Carter
19. L. Ron Hubbard
20. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
21. John R. Brinkley
22. Dave Chappelle
23. Kathy Griffin
24. Stormy Daniels
25. Katie Hill
26. Kinky Friedman
27. Barbara Lee
28. Avril Lavigne
29. Alan Dershowitz
30. George Jung
31. Rachel Dolezal

 on: Today at 01:34:39 am 
Started by KaiserDave - Last post by Kingpoleon
Speech of Artur Mahraun
Berlin, printed and distributed throughout the country

My fellow Germans! I weep with all of you. Our country is diplomatically isolated! We are economically weak, with seemingly little prospect for recovery. Blood runs in the streets of our once great country. Over the coming days, I promise you that I will answer these crises head on, with firm policies to regain our grandeur! To restore German greatness and to bring in unprecedented prosperity! With your help, my fellow Germans, we will recover.

But today, I am not releasing my plans for the German economy. Not plans for our national unity. Not plans for diplomacy that will restore our place in the world. Those are coming, I promise you. But today, I must ask a favor of all good Germans. I need your help, and this is not a small favor. It will require you to summon up all your courage and show the world the strength of the German People. Listen, I beg you.

Even now, orders have gone out to my partyís youth wing and to my scouting organizations of young men (and even a few women!) across the country. They are to begin patrolling the streets immediately, and to work with the German police, as well as the federal, regional, and city governments. We will guarantee the safety of every decent person in this country against mobs of radical militants.

I urge all good Germans who hear my voice to do this and to encourage everyone they know to do likewise. Sign up for our youth organization. Work with the police and my new policy of a Zivilwache, as well as civilian police and auxiliary police. I promise you, we can beat these thugs and lowlifes who dare to perpetrate violence on our streets.

Make no mistake: together, we can defeat these militants. Divided, our great nation will fall to them. I am the only candidate running with a serious plan and serious means to halt these attacks that we all despair of when we daily read of them.

 on: Today at 01:33:43 am 
Started by Deputy Speaker Spark - Last post by Hammy
The prospect of Trump getting COVID and likely dying in office (failing to survive his term for any reason) is frankly terrifying as it will solidify him as the party's martyr and the voters will never have the chance to end his cult's legitimacy, not to mention the endless conspiracy theories and violence that will likely result.

 on: Today at 01:33:06 am 
Started by #Bidenworth2020 - Last post by AOC Stan
I would honestly ignore the prediction models in Kansas....is it that shocking that it could be competitive? The state trended a good bit left in 2018, could be an anomaly, but at the same time we shouldn't assume it'll return to form...

 on: Today at 01:33:04 am 
Started by 🐒Gods of Prosperity🔱🐲💸 - Last post by AtorBoltox
The complaining about statues being destroyed is really silly. The artists who made them were paid. Statues don't teach history. This is an effective way of keeping the media's attention, and unlike the destruction of businesses, it doesn't ruin anyone's livelihood.

Would I prefer the statues not be destroyed? Sure. But the way people are reacting to this, it's like the human being represented was murdered rather than an artistic rendering of them being removed. This is the cultural equivalent of crying about some flowers being trampled.

C'mon, if white nationalists were vandalizing statues of abolitionists and AIDS memorials no one would be brushing this off.

Random destruction like this is just stupid and accomplishes nothing.

That's why I can't take his posts seriously. If its "just a statue" why in the hell do these mobs tesring them down care so much?

All of these people tearing down statues need to be punished. It's destroying property.

Absolutely correct.  These statues are public property, or someone else's private property.  They are not the property of the rioters.

All of this also begs the question of iconoclasm.  How healthy are iconoclastic societies?  How healthy are iconoclasts?   When did iconoclasm become a national virtue


But I think the most disturbing aspect of this episode, which perhaps indicates how deep our societal rot goes, has less to do with the rioters than with those in positions of authority. Rioters and miscreants we will always have, but that is why we have authorities. Ours, however, seem to have utterly abdicated. In city after city, mayors and governors decline to act against vandals, the police stand down, and the devil is allowed to take the hindmost. Corporations fall over themselves to advertise their virtuousness, and give what looks very much like protection money to organizations whose goals are openly subversive of the fundamental American political and social order. University administrators are all too willing to side with those who suppress free inquiry, and routinely cave to protestors rather than defend even the most fundamental tenets of academic freedom.

That it's a "Confederate Statue" doesn't make the act of destroying public property any more morally defensible.  Because if that's the case, I would ask if you'd be OK if I round up a group of right-to-lifers and vandalize Planned Parenthood clinics.  Not OK, huh?  Then why is trashing any other property not their own acceptable.
There is a difference between good and bad things

 on: Today at 01:32:58 am 
Started by pppolitics - Last post by President Pericles
This latest strategy of pretending Covid doesn't exist is already proving itself to be a disastrous mistake and tragic costly failure of leadership. America needs a real President-January 20, 2021 couldn't come soon enough.

 on: Today at 01:32:49 am 
Started by Cyrusman - Last post by Old School Republican
Of course and would have done so proudly as well

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