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July 30, 2021, 07:31:32 PM
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 on: Today at 06:08:57 PM 
Started by VBNMWEB - Last post by Associate Justice PiT
     I don't know about sociopath, but I would say that most of them have a narcissistic bent. As SWE said, wanting to be an elected official is a major red flag. Something like that already tells you quite a bit about someone's personality.

 on: Today at 06:08:24 PM 
Started by Suburbia - Last post by Chip Roy Advocate
Barring major platform changes, I don't see why Democrats would cede the white vote.  People here seem to forget that liberal white people are more ideologically in line with the Democratic Party (and appalled by the GOP) than even most minorities who vote for Democrats. 

Democrats are always going to have a floor among non-religious whites or whites who support certain issues like the environment, abortion, gun control, etc.  That's a huge chunk of the electorate, which often doesn't get a lot of attention because they are highly concentrated in large professional metro areas that aren't competitive in general elections.  Though many seem to be relocating to places like Texas and North Carolina and that's really going to screw the GOP long term.  See:

CRT and this antiwhite nonsense will do it in for them.......Wisconsin, Minnesota and Maine are universally white states and this stuff will shift these places.....

In Wisconsin? Sure.

In Minnesota? I am not so sure of this, considering that Minneapolis is "woke", as we saw  the Minneapolis metro area swinging blue heavily after George Floyd's death.

In Maine? Who knows?

 on: Today at 06:07:44 PM 
Started by WindowPhil - Last post by Orangeoutlaw
None of them.

Prop 16 was enough for me to vote against Biden with Harris as his vp.

 on: Today at 06:06:50 PM 
Started by Suburbia - Last post by Хahar 🤔
Pre-1994, baseball was No. 1 in sports next to basketball and football was No. 3.


 on: Today at 06:06:00 PM 
Started by Statilius the Epicurean - Last post by Associate Justice PiT
     Admirable fellow, working as a German to save Jews from the Holocaust. I am guessing the topic was made because of the moral quandary of him working within the Nazi apparatus to achieve his goals?

 on: Today at 06:05:44 PM 
Started by VirginiŠ - Last post by The Daily Beagle
At what point do we just say that we've done all that we could if we can never truly get transmission to an "acceptable" level?

I really do hope that there are some sort of  consequences for all these people who don't want us to get through this pandemic.

 on: Today at 06:04:42 PM 
Started by Bootes Void - Last post by Golden Boy in a Rusted State

The climate impact... of space exploration? Would you be angry about this if NASA were doing these voyages? Space travel will be a fundamental aspect of the human experience in the distant future, and getting private companies and investors to start financing this kind of exploration is crucial for our survival as a species. If you're really worried about environmental problems, then you should welcome the opportunity for us to move pollution and surplus population off-planet, and you should support the technological innovations that will be necessary for us to get to that point.
I thin you may have misunderstood a large degree of the criticism that I had. The climate impact of blasting off into space, in this context, in the goal of tourism not exploration. Note that I did not actually say anything against space exploration itself - there's a very different opportunity cost here.

And you don't see how space "tourism" might overlap with space "exploration?" As Geoffrey Howe pointed out above, early adopters of new technologies can drive innovation and growth even if their use of those technologies isn't charitably driven. We all laughed, for example, in the early 1980s when LA businessmen walked around with big fat mobile phones to their ears. People like you considered those devices unnecessary luxuries and complained that the money they were spending on them could be put to better use. But now forty years later, we've all got similar devices. Why? Because early adopters create growth.

Another example: Henry Rogers, a paper company executive and a very wealthy man, commissioned a home in 1882 that would be lit with electricity. At the time, setting up this technology was expensive and inefficient, but it served many useful purposes-- not the least of which was proving to the public that electricity could be supplied to a home in a safe and convenient way. If crybaby socialists had run roughshod over Mr. Rogers and Mr. Edison, decrying their experiment as excessive and wasteful, we would all be living in the dark to this day.

It is clear to me that leftists have no idea how to handle the adoption of new technology, and their egalitarian instincts lead them to reflexively argue that "Nobody should have this kind of luxury until everyone can have it." Sorry, but life just doesn't work this way. Without wealthy investors spearheading new innovations, the devices that you now take for granted would simply never have been built.

Again, did I actually reject space exploration as a whole? What I rejected was the idea of private individuals using the pretext of space exploration as a vanity project and - more particularly - what I rejected was using the pretext of space exploration to indulge in a vanity project with only individual goals in mind. Or in this context, diverting money from the democratically accountable state towards their own vanity projects. With NASA, it is an organisation that is at least somehow responsible and accountable to the collective (as in, I have a huge problem with it being privatised is that really a surprise that this sort of criticism would come from the left?). Not so with mr moneybags who wants to experience a few minutes of weightlessness

"I didn't reject electricity as a whole; what I rejected was the idea of private individuals using the pretext of electrical innovation as a vanity project."

I'm sure some left-wing nobody in the 1880s said this about Henry Rogers. But history has forgotten that person, and we instead remember the men who literally illuminated our cities with their experiments. This pattern has repeated itself innumerable times since the industrial revolution, and somehow, leftists never learn. They continue to criticize capitalism for its "inequality," focusing solely on the relative difference between the rich and the poor while completely ignoring the raw benefits being generated even for those living on the margins of society. Indeed, we've tried leaving space exploration up to "the collective," and apparently if the "collective" had its way, we'd be funneling that money into the bottomless maw of welfare spending rather than investing in humanity's future. I'm happy leaving "the collective" out of the decision-making process on this one, given that we've come so far without their "help" already.

 on: Today at 06:04:26 PM 
Started by Chip Roy Advocate - Last post by Chip Roy Advocate
Both PNW states are also receiving the most liberal transplants from CA, and are much more socially liberal than CA outside of the Bay Area (and even then, the Bay is probably not as liberal as Portland, and certainly not Seattle).


I canít see either state voting to the left of CA in at least the next 2-3 cycles. There are just too many Anglo white folks in WA and OR for that, especially outside of Metro PDX and Metro SEA. But I canít see any R presidential candidate winning either state during that time frame either.

Seattle is arguably the most liberal city in the US, outside of DC maybe. Portland isn't too far behind either.

I have a hunch that the growth of the Portland and Seattle metros (and influx of Bay Area liberals into there) will swing the PNW into being D+20 states for the foreseeable future, whereas California may or may not be maxed out for Dems at this point.

Does that sound more reasonable?

 on: Today at 06:04:17 PM 
Started by VirginiŠ - Last post by ProudModerate2
Unfortunately, I expect some restrictions/requirements, and maybe some lockdowns (in large gatherings, like concerts and sport games) to return.
It's all-ready starting.
Stay safe everyone.

 on: Today at 06:02:27 PM 
Started by Suburbia - Last post by The Daily Beagle
Why are people so surprised that the far-left is trying to catch up to the far-right in terms of cringe?  Call me back when they move beyond graffiti and trying to set up communes in the park.

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