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September 30, 2020, 12:37:10 pm
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Author Topic: Wings of the Eagle - A 1740s Alternate Germany Game - Sign-Up and OOC Thread  (Read 773 times)
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« on: October 16, 2018, 08:54:08 am »
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Hello everyone, welcome to a game that I just literally developed from thin air, though I've been thinking about for quite some time now. This game will be around just for fun and to keep the Mock Parliament board from dying off after the (rather sad) end to The Great Experiment (I did not try to insult Lumine, It's sad that it ended). Here, you can create a character and play for Politics in this alternate world. Let me explain the rules and how you create a character and then I'll put in Issues once we have enough players for Turn I (Troubling Times will still be a focus of mine, dw, this game will be an afterthought)

Rules: 1. You can run for Governor of a specific region (Silesia, Pomerania, West Prussia, etc.) or be a Military General or be a simple Politician in the Reichstag or running for the Reichstag. You have to create a backstory and then list out your plan if you're elected unless you're a general. If you're a general, then you'll be in command of a specific military force and lead them into battle. After a turn during a war, which will be shortened to 4 months every turn until the War is over.

2. A Turn lasts an entire election year In Game and will be 10 days long IRL. Once a Turn is over, I will give the results and then tell you how the new Reichstag looks.

3. After the end of each turn, unless a War happens during the Administration (as in land war), I will cover how each part of a Party's Manifesto and how it went during their term (such party says they will do such and such during an election and they are in the majority so they try to do it and it can go one of three ways (Nothing happens, opposite happens, it's successful) for their 7 years in office before the next election

4. A cabinet will be filled out of people who is currently sitting in the Reichstag and they will remain in the Reichstag while in the Cabinet while the player that is the Presidential Minister will be replaced in the Reichstag ala Special Election.

Now that we got the rules, even if a bit convoluted and confusing as they may be (I hope you'll get what I mean be the rules as they go on), I'll give you the parties and the Character Sheet for the Game.

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Now the Character Sheet

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Hope ya'll enjoy this game and I hope to help bring this to the 1800s at the least
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« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2018, 02:04:27 am »

Name: Georg Schneider

DoB: June 21, 1725

Offices/positions: Soldier (1741-1747), Military officer (1747-1760)

Party: Non-partisan (1747-present)

Backstory: Georg was born to a poor urban family in Magdeburg, Saxony. He was 8 when Frederick married Maria Theresa, but cared little, as he was from a poor family and relied on stealing to stay alive. At age 16, he managed to evade the authorities by joining Frederick's army, and fought with distinction in the War of Austrian Succession, where he managed to not only keep his troublesome past at bay, but was also awarded the Pour le Merite for bravery on the battlefield. Following the war, he met Lena Weber, and the two would marry and have two children, Albert and Melina

He carved out a career in the army, continuing to serve after the war, and rose through the enlisted and officer ranks quickly due to his sharp mind and a gift for strategy. He also kept is head down and largely avoided making political statements that had the potential to stall his career. His registry as a Non-Partisan likely helped as well. He was ranked as a Colonel with command of a regiment of foot when he was persuaded by friends to retire and seek political office. He's currently a Non-Partisan candidate for governor of Saxony.

Issue Stances: Georg still very much sympathises with the urban poor, favouring a robust welfare system and jobs programs to aid the poor. However, he still believes that the Monarchy should stay, supporting a Constitutional Monarchy with the monarch as the executive. He's also strongly opposed to slavery. In terms of foreign policy, he maintains that the army and navy must focus on versatility as well as size, and is a big advocate for continued maintenance of the army's harsh training and General Staff.
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