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Author Topic: 2016 Election Game: Campaign Thread  (Read 30104 times)
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« on: March 08, 2015, 11:50:45 am »

Susana Martinez for President
Schedule for the week of October 1-7th:

Thursday, October 1st

-Rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
-Town Hall in Merrimack, New Hampshire
-Town Hall in Durham, New Hampshire
-Rally in Laconia, New Hampshire

Friday, October 2nd

-Town Hall in Derry, New Hampshire
-Appearance at fundraiser for Hillsborough County Republican Party
-Rally in Salem, New Hampshire
-Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire

Saturday, October 3rd

-Meet and Greet in Pelham, New Hampshire
-Town Hall in Ossipee, New Hampshire
-Appearance on radio station covering the area around Manchester, New Hampshire
-Dinner hosted by the Cheshire County Republican Party
-Flight to Colorado

Martinez on Education during her radio appearance:

As you know, my campaign is really zeroing in on making sure this country is doing everything it can to ensure a bright future for this country and especially for our children. While some may disagree, I believe that common core standards are part of that future and I support the initiative taken in my state to adopt those standards. Ensuring a top notch education for our children countrywide is something I am sure all of us can get on board for, and Common Core is an important cog in achieving that. Of course, just adopting these standards isn't the panacea for everything wrong in our education system. To address other concerns, a broader reform for education is needed and will be one of my top priorities in the Oval Office. Visions for this reform include having the Federal Deperatment of Education help expand school choice  through grants and streamlining teacher evaluation standards nationwide. That though, doesn't even touch on my hopes for helping those in post secondary education.

Sunday, October 4th

-Appearance on Al Punto
-Rally in Fountain, Colorado
-Fundraiser in Denver, Colorado
-Evening of Rest and check in on Gubernatorial duties
Monday, October 5th

-Meet and Greet in Bailey, Colorado
-Meet and Greet in Canon City, Colorado
-Meeting with the Republican leaders of the Colorado General Assembly and Party Chairman Ryan Call
-Rally in Fort Collins, Colorado
-Flight to Nevada

Tuesday, October 6th

-Meet and Greet in Boulder City, Nevada
-Rally in Elko, Nevada
-Tour of Mesquite, Nevada with Rep. Cresent Hardy and Clark County Republican Party officials
-Town Hall in both Spanish and English in Winchester, Nevada
-Visit to the College Republicans of the University of Nevada, Reno

Martinez on immigration reform during Winchester, Town Hall:

Immigration has been and always will be a vital part of this country's prosperity, that can not be disputed. While it is imperative for this country's economy to open our arms to immigrants, it also has to be done in an orderly and regulated fashion. Many do come to this country in that orderly fashion but many others do not. Before we consider anything else, our borders must be secure to halt the influx of undocumented immigrants. From there, we can consider what to do with those immigrants who have come to this country improperly. This must be done through cooperation with congress, not unilateral executive action. President Obama's unconstitutional Executive Order issued last year must be rolled back and replaced with a comprehensive plan, because as of right now his decision more or less grants legal status to those who came to this country in defiance of the law without ensuring the law is enforced to prevent that from happening further.

Wednesday, October 7th

-Visit to Campaign office in Sparks, Nevada to speak to volunteers
-Town Hall in Sparks, Nevada
-Flight to New Hampshire
-Meet and Greet in Rochester, New Hampshire
-Dinner with Supporters in Windham, New Hampshire

Martinez outlines the domestic focus of her campaign during the Windham Dinner:

 A lot of folks will tell ya a lot of hooplah about their plans to do this that and the other during their time in office. Let me tell ya though, four years... even eight isn't quite a lot of time to finish all the wonderful stuff we'd love to start. So my main focus on the domestic front will focus on three main ideas for success in the country's future. Four years isn't a lot of time but putting in policies that will stay put for several decades will be the cornerstone of looking to the future. I've talked about two of my priorties this week, those being education and immigration. So what my final focus will be to get this darn budget balanced so we can finally stabilize our financial outlook. From that platform of stability, we can than look out on accomplishing other feats to get this country on a track towards sustained success.

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« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2015, 03:37:17 pm »

Susana Martinez Ad: Uniting for Success
To run in Nevada, New Hampshire, and Colorado

Education reform has been on the bottom of the pile for the folks down in Washington for far too long when in reality it should be near the top if not on it. While congress lurches from deadline to deadline, schools keep failing, our teachers lose their jobs, and other countries continue to fly by us in educational standards. We need to take quick action to reverse that, by implementing sensible programs such as expanding federal school choice programs, helping tailor standards to the desires and constraints of each state, and devising tough but fair teacher evaluation suggestions for states to use to make certain our students are getting the best education possible. As your President, one of my top priorities will be uniting a bitterly divided congress for the good of our children and the good of this country by proposing and passing an education package aimed to put this country back on the forefront of educational innovation. 

I'm Susana Martinez, and I approve this message.

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« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2015, 11:08:27 pm »

Susana Martinez for President
Schedule for the week of October 8-14th:

Thursday, October 8th
-Meet and Greet in Brentwood, New Hampshire
-Fundraising brunch with donors in Manchester
Canvassing in New Hampton, New Hampshire
-Rally in Madison, New Hampshire
-Appearance/interview with Greta Van Susteren on ďOn the RecordĒ

Martinez speaking on On the Record about her campaign:
Like every candidate says, they wouldnít be in this race unless they thought they could not win. And right now, there is no doubt in my mind that we have a very good chance at taking this all the way to Cleveland. Iím blessed to have such passionate supporters and a tireless campaign team with me that I am certain will carry us to victory. Really, our only disadvantage at this point is our name recognition. Governing millions of people is no easy task, Iím sure my fellow governors in the race will agree, so there was really not much time to, ya know, parade around the country . Those in congress who really donít do anything at this point so they really just fly from state to state and cause conflict to get airtime. Honestly, if we just stick to our message of reaching towards a better future, reforming education, our broken immigration system and our chronic habit to spend more than we can take in, there is no doubt in my mind that we will win this thing.

Friday, October 9th
-Private Breakfast with family.
-Fundraiser for the Grafton County Republican Party
- Rally in Lebanon, New Hampshire
-Town Hall in Cornish, New Hampshire
Rally in Nashua, New Hampshire
-Flight to Minnesota

Saturday, October 10th
-Meet and greet in Eden Prairie, Minnesota
-Interview on local news in Minnesota
- Town Hall in St. Cloud, Minnesota
-Rally in Hibbing, Minnesota
-Tour of Carraway, Minnesota followed by a Meet and Greet
-Flight to New Mexico

During the rally in Hibbing, Minnesota:
No longer can this conceivably go on. I really donít have to mention how sick and tired all of us are with how nothing gets done in D.C thanks to Harry Reid and his caucus of partisans and a veto happy President ready to smack down any bi-partisan measures which slip past Congress. The culture of politics needs to change now, as our work is lauded as nothing more than a punch line these days. This country needs a new direction for its future soon and there is only one candidate that can veer us away from the path we are on now, and I think you all know who that is. We donít need recycled policies and faces familiar with from administrations passed nor do we need another Barack Obama, an inexperienced legislator. This country is craving a true, strong, conservative leader to finally, after almost 16 years, into the millennia. That doesnít happen with strolling about and lolly gagging, that happens when we put our heads down and churns out results. Thatís what you will get when we get ourselves to the White House in 2016!

Sunday, October 11th
-Gubernatorial Duties and Rest
-Flight to Nevada
 Monday, October 12th

-Supporters breakfast with an appearance from Gov. Brian Sandoval in Carson City
- Rally in Henderson with Sandoval and Sen. Dean Heller
- Meet and Greet in Fernly, Nevada
Town Hall in Eureka, Nevada
-Private meeting with Sheldon Adelson in Las Vegas

Sandoval: Susana is a true friend of mine and a true voice for those who are looking to our future and fear the worst. Now more than ever do we need a woman like Susana in the Oval Office to straighten things out. I know Susana, and no one will work harder to implement shrewd, conservative policies should she be so lucky as to receive the support of all of you.

Heller: The last thing this country is another four years of stale ideas and quite frankly the same old people sticking their heads in. It's really time for some new blood and bringing us this new blood starts and ends with getting Susana Martinez on Republican ticket in 2016!

Tuesday, October 13th
-Flight to Colorado
- Duel Town Hall with Sen. Cory Gardner in Boulder, Colorado
-Town Hall in Brush, Colorado
-Rally in Salida, Colorado with Cory Gardner
-Rally in Delta, Colorado
-Attendance at Opening night for the Colorado Avalanche with several supporters and Sen. Gardner
-Flight to New Hampshire

Martinez in Delta:

I think too many people tend to forget in these early stages that there are 50 states in this country we all call home, not just the the great state of Iowa. But really, what can we expect from candidates who are so rooted in the old way of campaigns and how to do things. A new way is to change things up, do the things most people may not expect one of those cookie cutter politicians do as a knee jerk reflex. Conservative policies work, we just need a candidate who can show how they serve as a gateway to pushing this country back to the pinnacle of progress in this world, where it belongs. If we want something new, something different it starts with moving away from dynastic politics and strikingly similar ideas to innovative, conservative, answers to our ills and improvements upon the policies which have already proven to work well and should continue to work.

Wednesday, October 14th

-Early morning Meet and Greet in Stewartstown, New Hampshire
- Visit to Dixville Notch to chat with the residents and hold an informal town hall
- Rally in North Haverhill, New Hampshire
- Workshop at Manchester Community College to discuss education and employment opportunities for students and others interested in attending.
- Town Hall in Manchester

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« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2015, 05:25:45 pm »

Does anyone know what the ruling in King Vs. Burwell was for the purposes of the this game?
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« Reply #4 on: March 14, 2015, 08:28:59 pm »

Susana Martinez for President
Schedule for the week of October 15-21th:

Thursday, October 15th
-Meet and Greet in Winchester, New Hampshire
-Town Hall in Pembroke, New Hampshire
-Rally in Concord, New Hampshire
-Visit to GE Aviation Plant in Hooksett, New Hampshire to chat with workers
-Dinner with officials of the Coos County Republican Party

During the Rally in Concord:

Really, it's a shame that we've barely heard an utterance on what is clearly a monumental challenge to this country today. There has been a clear air of indifference during this campaign so far how we can final curtail this country's outrageous spending habits. Washington would love nothing more than for us to forget, that while they've sworn up and down to  finally get our finances in order, they've done nothing but continue to vote for the status quo of unsustainable deficits. President Obama hasn't helped either with his unbalanced fairy land budgets doing nothing but increasing the tax burden on hard working Americans. He's doing it not to bring our spending under control though, only to find a way to pay for more unwieldy and inefficient government programs. A budget that is balanced and fair to all citizens of this country is something that I have already begun discussing with the best economic minds in this country and is something which I hope to submit to congress upon reaching the oval office. Mark my words, the only unbalanced budget I might propose will be one where we take in more than we pay out.

 Friday, October 16th
-Meet and Greet in Tuftonboro, New Hampshire
Town Hall in Tilton, New Hampshire
-Rally in Amherst, New Hampshire
Visit to Campaign office in Manchester, New Hampshire
-Attendance at local high school football game
-Bus trip to Maine

Saturday, October 17th
-Meet and Greet in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine with Sen. Susan Collins
-Rally in Skowhagen, Maine with Sen. Susan Collins
Lunch Fundraiser for Washington County Republican Party in Maine
-Rally in Portland, Maine
-Meeting and Photo Op with Maine Coast Fishermanís Association
-Flight to Colorado

-Sen Susan Collins:

My entire career has been spent giving my all for the state of Maine, doing what I though was right no matter the cost. More of the attitude is needed in Washington and let me tell you, Susana Martinez has that fight in her. Sheís done it in New Mexico and there is no doubt in my mind that she will translate her thankless endeavors for the people of New Mexico from the halls of Santa Fe to the situation room of the White House.

Sunday, October 18th
-Morning breakfast and remarks to the College Republicans at the University of Denver
-Appearance on Meet the Press from the University of Denver
-Rally in Loveland, Colorado
-Town Hall in Burlington, Colorado
-Rally in Aurora, Colorado
-Flight to Nevada

Martinez remarks to the College Republicans of the University of Denver:

Sincerely, it is an honor to be speaking to what truly is the future of the Republican Party. We always hear that Democrats hold an edge in the youth vote but seeing I know that the reality is that with such strong organization here and across the country thanks to the work of young men and women like you, Democrats stand no chance. As you know, improving our education system, including increasing access to higher education is a major plank of my triad for the future and that starts with improving oversight of the college loan program. As Iím sure youíve seen, the federal student loan portfolio showed a budget shortfall of almost 22 billion dollars last year. I donít think the government should be making money off the back of students. An investment in the education of our students is enough of a positive for this country. However, I do think that losing money on a program that should be breaking even is a disaster than should be remedied. Finding a way to better manage this program so we donít end up losing so much is a policy which I fully support and one I know each and every one of you agrees with as conservatives.

Monday, October 19th
-Rally in Yerington, Nevada with Gov. Brian Sandoval
Town Hall in Ely, Nevada
-Meeting with Nevada Reps. Cresent Hardy, Mark Amodei, and Joe Heck
-Rally in Winnemucca, Nevada
Speech at Nevada State College

Martinez during the rally in Yerington:

Any plan for the United States with an eye on the future involves charting out a comprehensive approach to satiating its ever growing energy needs. Like many others, I believe fully in a diverse array of options to get that done. Our first step is finally opening up new areas for drilling here in the United States and off our shores to ensure great energy independence. The Obama administration has already demonstrated its indifference to his former goal with his inaction on the Keystone XL Pipeline and his inconsistent policy towards offshore drilling. You wonít get anything but decisiveness from a Martinez administration as we seek to keep prices at the pump low and our dependence on foreign energy at a minimum. That of course, does entail investment in all energy sources including wind, solar, nuclear and hydroelectric to help diversify our energy portfolio. Like any smart investor, we canít afford to put all of our eggs in one basket. What goes with that though, is proper management to avoid money sinks like Solyndra and instead supporting companies that have demonstrated fiscal responsibility and a vision for their energy program.

 Tuesday, October 20th
-Meet and Greet in Tonopah, Nevada with Gov. Brian Sandoval
-Rally in Minden, Nevada with Gov. Brian Sandoval
-Canvassing in Fallon, Nevada
-Visit to Sierra Nevada VA Healthcare System in Reno, Nevada
-Campaign BBQ/ fundraiser in Reno, Nevada with Gov. Brian Sandoval
-Flight to New Hampshire

Wednesday, October 21st
-Morning of Gubernatorial Duties
-Meet and Greet in Exeter, New Hampshire with Carly Fiorina
-Rally in Hollis, New Hampshire with Carly Fiorina
-Appearance on The Kelly File

-Carly Fiorina introducing Martinez in Hollis:

Ladies and Gentlemen, what I am about to tell you wonít really be a shock to many of you. Hillary Clinton will not be the first woman that is President of the United States.  No, that title belongs to a woman who is looking decades ahead, not decades behind. This is a woman who breaks the mold of what every critic might say about the Republican Party, and she is masterfully planning this countryís return to conservatism as soon as the liberal disaster that is Barack Obamaís presidency comes to a close. Ladies and Gentleman, Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico!

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« Reply #5 on: March 15, 2015, 06:02:20 pm »

Susana Martinez Ad: Looking beyond tomorrow
To run in Nevada, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Maine

Picture of Martinez speaking on what looks to be a ranch in an arid area

Howdy, I'm Susana Martinez, and I'm running to be your next President. Stand out. That's always what I've been told when running for office, be it for governor of New Mexico or President of the United States. Now saying you want to stand out is one thing, but doing it is another animal. It really took me a while but the way to stand out truly has been staring me in the face the whole time. Compared to every other candidate, Republican or Democrat, I think I truly am the one looking to the future of our children and that of their children. Looking beyond tomorrow if you will. How am I doing that you may ask?

Cut to children playing on a playground

I've already started working on a reform to our system of education,  to give every single child an education this country can be proud of.

Switch to a video of blue collar workers clocking in to work

I support a comprehensive overhaul to our flawed immigration system, because immigration and immigrants are a key part of what keeps this economy running.

Video of the debt clock running up

 Looking ahead, I know that we have to get our spending under control so we don't continue saddling our future generations with debt. Balancing the federal budget will be a major goal of mine in office.

Picture of a pipeline and other pictures of wind, solar, etc.

Our appetite will only increase in the future, so devising a blueprint outlining how we will deal with energy needs tomorrow and beyond is something I vow to do.

Back to Martinez on the ranch.

Investing in our future really is common sense. And as your President, I'll do that and more. I'm Susana Martinez and I approve this message.
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