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Author Topic: 2016 Election Game: Campaign Thread  (Read 30713 times)
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« on: March 07, 2015, 02:46:26 pm »

It’s official: the 2016 presidential election is well underway. While President Barack Obama still has more than a year left to govern the nation, his approvals remain stuck in the mid- to low-40s and his agenda has mostly been stalled by the Republican-controlled Congress. Although the economy has progressively become stronger compared to the beginning of Obama’s tenure, foreign policy troubles coupled with his perception as a lame duck has diminished his clout in Washington, and the focus has shifted to the candidates running to replace him.

Unlike what many observers first believed leading up to the primaries, there would be fierce competition in both parties. For years it was assumed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would make another run after falling just short of the Democratic nomination in 2008. While many in the party were indeed ready for Hillary, a number of public missteps and internal feuds led to defections from the Clinton camp and a notable drop in the polls over the course of months. Sensing a window of opportunity, more credible opponents decided to jump in and potentially usurp the frontrunner, even including a past nominee. Rather than a coronation, Clinton would experience a primary more similar to 2008 with a crowded field nobody had imagined would take shape.

The Republicans would likewise have plenty of candidates to choose from as the primaries inch closer. After nearly two dozen potential candidates had trial balloons for a campaign, the field would narrow with the exits of Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, and others earlier in the year. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is presumed to be the man to beat as he has the backing of most major donors and a support network built by two past presidents in his family. However, his vulnerabilities leave him open to being usurped by somebody else with enough hard work.

Who will win their party's nomination and, with enough determination, become the 45th President of the United States? Only time will tell. The campaign begins now!

National (Democrats)
Hillary Clinton - 32%
John Kerry - 17%
Bernie Sanders - 8%
Jerry Brown - 7%
Sherrod Brown - 5%
Brian Schweitzer - 4%
Joaquín Castro - 3%
Tammy Baldwin - 3%
Joe Manchin - 3%
William McRaven - 2%
Luis Gutiérrez - 1%
Undecided - 12%

Iowa (Democrats)
Hillary Clinton - 25%
John Kerry - 14%
Sherrod Brown - 9%
Bernie Sanders - 7%
Jerry Brown - 7%
Brian Schweitzer - 6%
Tammy Baldwin - 5%
Joe Manchin - 5%
Joaquín Castro - 4%
Luis Gutiérrez - 3%
William McRaven - 2%
Undeicded - 12%

New Hampshire (Democrats)
Hillary Clinton - 32%
John Kerry - 20%
Bernie Sanders - 11%
Jerry Brown - 8%
Brian Schweitzer - 5%
Sherrod Brown - 4%
Tammy Baldwin - 3%
William McRaven - 3%
Joaquín Castro - 2%
Joe Manchin - 1%
Luis Gutiérrez - 1%
Undecided - 10%

National (Republicans)
Jeb Bush - 20%
Scott Walker - 16%
Rand Paul - 12%
Ted Cruz - 10%
Donald Trump - 7%
Dan Quayle - 6%
Lindsey Graham - 5%
Susana Martinez - 5%
John Kasich - 4%
Undecided - 15%

Iowa (Republicans)
Scott Walker - 19%
Rand Paul - 15%
Jeb Bush - 14%
Ted Cruz - 13%
Dan Quayle - 8%
John Kasich - 7%
Donald Trump - 5%
Susana Martinez - 4%
Lindsey Graham - 2%
Undecided - 13%

New Hampshire (Republicans)
Jeb Bush - 22%
Rand Paul - 15%
Scott Walker - 14%
Donald Trump -10%
Ted Cruz - 8%
Dan Quayle - 6%
Lindsey Graham - 5%
Susana Martinez - 5%
John Kasich - 3%
Undecided - 12%

This turn will last from October 1-7. You have the next 48 hours to post your schedules. Good luck, everyone!
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« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2015, 04:15:43 pm »

Senator Ted Cruz Schedule for Week of October 1st

"This is the beginning of a journey. Things won't be easy. We'll face challenges and pitfalls. But together, we will succeed. And on the chilly morning of January 20th 2017, we will take America in a New Direction."
October 1st-7th
-Campaign Rally, Townhall in Franklin, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Chariton, Iowa.
-Town Hall in Le Mars, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Waterloo, Iowa.
-Appearance on Countdown.
-Meet and Greet in Independence, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Tama, Iowa.
-Town Hall in Marshalltown, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Hubbard, Iowa.
-Town Hall in Humboldt, Iowa.

"To answer your question honestly we're gonna do more than defund Obamacare. This is a bad law and it's a complicated law. This bill will be repealed and it will be replaced. In fact, in one month I will be unveiling my healthcare plan. Because it's not enough to get rid of Obamacare. Our party has to be a plan or an idea to supplant it with."
-Townhall, Meet and Greet in Algona, Iowa.
-Appearance on Morning Joe
-Meet and Greet in Hampton, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Mason City, Iowa.
-Town Hall in Denison, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Iowa, City.
-Meet and Greet in Strawberry Point, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Allison, Iowa.
-Appearance on Hardball
-Appearance on The Daily Show
-Meet and Greet in Waverly, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in State Center, Iowa.

"It's great to be in Iowa. The voters hear know what they want. Their looking for a proven conservative. Someone who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. You can ravage the Democrats as much as you want. It's fun. But unless you've got the record to back up your words then there's no reason for you to be here."
-Meet and Greet in Eldora, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Webster City, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Jewell Junction, Iowa.
-Appearance on The O'Reilly Factor
-Meet and Greet in Ames, Iowa.
-Flight to Texas
-Rest Day. No events scheduled.
-Return to Iowa
-Appearance on Hannity
-Meet and Greet in Ogden, Iowa.
-Campaign Rally in Des Moines

"We can do this Iowa. Don't listen to the polls. The polls don't matter. What matters is getting everyone registered to vote. We're gonna show the Washington Establishment that the grassroots won't be ignored. We will not nominate another squishy moderate to get trampled by the left again. We need someone who shares our values, and there's only one candidate in the field that fits the bill."
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« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2015, 05:23:26 pm »
« Edited: March 07, 2015, 05:57:17 pm by ChairmanSanchez »

Rand Paul schedule for October 1st-7th, 2015.
Thursday, October 1st, 2015:

"Under President Obama, government has grown. It has grown at unprecedented levels, and my campaign is about providing a clear contrast to his policies. A liberty minded America begins with a liberty minded Republican Party. That is why I say it is time we embrace the words of William Weld: let's get the government out of your businesses, and out of your bedroom!"
-Rally in Des Moines, Iowa.
-Rally in Newton, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Grinnell, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Iowa City.
-Appearance on the O'Reilly Factor.

Friday, October 2nd, 2015:
-Addressing the Linn County GOP breakfast in Ceder Rapids, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Ceder Rapids, Iowa.
-Visiting and touring small businesses in Ceder Rapids, Iowa.
-Going door to door in Ceder Rapids, Iowa.
-Fundraiser in Ceder Rapids, Iowa.

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015:

"We should be the party of no. No to presidential rule by decree! No to government control of healthcare! No to overseas adventures that don't serve our national interests. But we should also be the party of yes. Yes to a plan that will make our immigration system work without rewarding those who come here illegally. Yes to a real reform of our healthcare system that lowers costs and gives power to the patients. Yes to a strong, America oriented foreign policy that deters enemies without bogging America down in overseas quagmires. We can be that party, and if we want to stop four more years of "Obamaism," we must be that party!"
-Rally in Dubuque, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Dyersville, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Manchester, Iowa.
-Meet and Greet in Independence, Iowa.
-Rally in Waterloo, Iowa.

Sunday, October 4th, 2015:
-Appearance on Meet the Press.
-Flight to New Hampshire.

Monday, October 5th, 2015:
-Rally in Concord, New Hampshire.
-Meet and Greet in Concord, New Hampshire.
-Speech to the New Hampshire Historical Society in Concord, New Hampshire.
-Meeting with state legislators in Concord, New Hampshire.

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015:
-Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire.
-Touring small businesses in Manchester, New Hampshire.
-Lunch with former Senator Gordon Humphrey in Manchester.

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015:
-Flight to Washington for Senatorial duties, campaigning to resume on Friday.
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« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2015, 06:04:56 pm »

Schedule for Hillary Clinton

October 1, 2015

Meet Voters at Silver Dollar Saloon, Laurens, Iowa

Tour Positech Corporation. Laurens, Iowa

Meet Voters at Rolfe Area Market, Rolfe, Iowa

Speech at Fonda Saddle Club and Rodeo Arena, Fonda,, Iowa

There are people both eight years ago and today, who say we should skip the caucuses here in Iowa. Well, to them I say, a President has to represent everyone, even those they utterly disagree with, which is why as long as we are in this race, we will compete in every state, whether we can win or not!

Meet Voters in Rutland, Iowa

October 2, 2015

Meet Voters in Bradgate, Iowa

Meet Voters at Unkie's Entertainer, Thor, Iowa

Meet Voters at Livermore Fastway, Livermore, Iowa

Tour Humboldt County Mill Farm Historical Museum, Dakota City, Iowa

Our farming history needs to remember it's history, it's neighborliness, and arguably better money management than many of today's banks, as it continues to shift towards a high-tech methodology. If you combine the two approaches, you might just have a farming industry that is unstoppable.

Meet Voters at Steve's Antiques & Refining, Burt, Iowa

October 3, 2015

Speech at Burt Community Center, Burt, Iowa

It's nice to have a large and competitive field-it keeps everyone's skills sharp. We didn't really didn't have that in 2008, as it really felt like just President Obama and I were competing seriously on our side, and in many ways both of us suffered for it, Obama ended up with a General Election that was unnecessarily close in 2012, because I was a tougher opponent than Senator McCain, and I lost the nomination, because Obama and I were the only candidates actually trying to win, and he ended up doing better.

Meet Voters in Titonka, Iowa

Meet Voters at B&S Aroma Cafe, Bancroft, Iowa

Meet Voters in Lakota, Iowa

October 4, 2015

Speech at Emmetsburg Veterans Memorial, Emmetsburg, Iowa

There have been accusations over the years about us not caring about the troops, or not caring about our veterans. Those are the ravings of delusional people who simply do not give a damn about anyone but their own twisted goals! Even though some may think that of some members of our party, shouldn't the fact that Admiral McRaven chose to run for President with us, when he easily could have ran as a Republican or Independent, say something about what we really think of our troops?

Tour Victorian Museum on Main, Emmetsburg, Iowa

Attend Screening/Discussion of The American President, at Rivera Theater, Emmetsburg, Iowa (With Aaron Sorkin, Bill Clinton, Mike McCurry, Heather Higginbottom and Laura Bush (The last two listed names are NOT endorsements))

Poker Night Fundraiser at Wild Rose Casino, Emmetsburg, Iowa ($5,000 for an entry in a no-limit hold'em shootout tournament, plus dinner and breakfast on October 5)

October 5, 2010

Meet Voters in Ringsted, Iowa

Meet Voters at Iowa Lakes Community College, Estherville, Iowa

Meet Voters at New Fashion Pork, Estherville, Iowa

Tour Ross Textiles Inc, Bethune South Carolina

October 6, 2015

Participate in Chicken Wing eating tournament at Blaney Wings, Elgin, South Carolina (Finish 4th)

Meet Voters at Midlands Technical College, Irmo, South Carolina

Meet Voters at Frankie's of Columbia, Irmo South Columbia

Meet Voters at Maurice's Piggy Park, West Columbia, South Carolina

October 7, 2015

Speech at Pappas Field, Rindge, New Hampshire

Welcome back, New Hampshire! I know some in the media are concerned about Secretary's presence in the field, but he already had his turn as the nominee over a decade ago, and couldn't defeat a vulnerable George Bush. New Hampshire Democrats will see right through Kerry and his defeatist attitude towards Presidential politics.

Meet Voters, Stoddard, New Hampshire

Speech at Toles Undercoating and Repair, Walpole, New Hampshire

Senator Manchin might think he's a Democrat, but he's been on the Republican side of every major environmental issue since being elected Governor of West Virginia. He opposes mountaintop mining regulation, supports dismembering the Clean Air and Clean Water acts, the Keystone XL pipeline, and fracking, all positions taken almost solely by Republicans. So why would any Democrat, especially one who supports any kind of environmental regulation support him?

Tour Birchwood Orchard, Mason, New Hampshire
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« Reply #4 on: March 07, 2015, 07:49:01 pm »

John Kerry schedule for October 1st-7th, 2015.
Thursday, October 1st, 2015:
- Meeting with State Department Officials in Washington, D.C.
- Meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C.
- Fundraiser in Fairfax, Virginia

Friday, October 2nd, 2015:

- Addressing the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire
- Rally on the campus of Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire
- Opening of a campaign office in Manchester, New Hampshire
- Appearance on Hardball
- Rally on the campus of Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015:
- Rally in Concord, New Hampshire
- Rally in Nashua, New Hampshire
- Meeting with Mayor Marty Walsh in Boston, Massachusetts
- Address at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sunday, October 4th, 2015:

- Appearance on Face the Nation
- Appearance on Fox News Sunday
- Church service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, Massachusetts

Monday, October 5th, 2015:

- Press Conference at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts
- Fly to Brussels, Belgium
- Meeting with Prime Minister Charles Michel and King Philippe
- Address to the North Atlantic Council of NATO in Brussels, Belgium

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015:
- Meeting with President Francois Hollande in Paris, France
- Press Conference near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France
- Meeting with President of the Senate Jean-Pierre Bel and President of the National Assembly Claude Bartolone in Paris, France
- Tour of the U.S. Embassy in Paris, France

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015:
- Meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron (?, the UK will have elections in May) in Cardiff, Wales
- Fly to Washington, D.C.
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« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2015, 08:01:05 pm »
« Edited: March 07, 2015, 08:16:02 pm by MW Rep BaconBacon96 »

Donald Trump Campaign Schedule October 1-7
Hello Ames! How are we today? You're gonna get a lot of attention over the coming months. From people like Jeb Bush, who doesn't offer anything fresh. He's a continuation of the failed policies of the past, the ones that Washington loves but that America rejects. You can say the same thing about Hillary Clinton. I know you, Ames, I know you're sick and tired of Washington! We can do better than them! We can!

Thursday, October 1
Speech in Ames, Iowa
Meet and Greet in Ames, Iowa
Meet and Greet in Nevada, Iowa
Meeting with Boone County GOP in Boone, Iowa
Appearance on local radio in Des Moines, Iowa

Friday, October 2
Breakfast with supporters in Des Moines, Iowa
Flight to New Hampshire
Meet and Greet in Manchester, New Hampshire
Dinner with former US Senator Bob Smith in Laconia, New Hampshire

Saturday, October 3
Breakfast at Donna Jean's Diner in Laconia, New Hampshire
Going door to door in Alton, New Hampshire
Lunch with Belknap County GOP members in Laconia New Hampshire
Meet and Greet in Moultonborough, New Hampshire
Rally and speech in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Sunday, October 4
Attending local Presbyterian church service in Manchester, New Hampshire

Monday, October 5
Visit and address at Manchester High School West, Manchester, New Hampshire
Touring small businesses in Bedford, New Hampshire
Meet and Greet in Bedford, New Hampshire
Meet and Greet in Amherst, New Hampshire
Appearance on local radio in Concord, New Hampshire

Tuesday, October 6
Appearance on Good Morning America from Concord, New Hampshire
Flight to South Carolina
Appearance with State Representative James H Merrill in Columbia, South Carolina
Meet and Greet in Columbia, South Carolina

Wednesday, October 7
Flight to New York
Fundraiser, lunch with supporters in New York City, New York
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« Reply #6 on: March 07, 2015, 08:11:36 pm »

John Kasich Campaign Schedule October 1-7

As Governor of Ohio, I have taken a state that was broke and in debt to a state that is debt free and has over one billion dollars in our rainy day fund. As the House Budget Committee Chair, I was the architect of one of the first balanced budgets in a long time. If you elect me as your President, I will return our finances to a fiscally stable space.

October 1-3
Barnstorming in Iowa

October 4
Rest Day

October 5-7
Barnstorming in New Hampshire
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« Reply #7 on: March 07, 2015, 08:17:03 pm »

Jeb Bush For America
Oct. 1-7

Oct. 1      New Hampshire
-Barnstorm Wolfesboro
-Address Wolfesboro Chamber of Commerce
-Rotary luncheon

"We've had a President for the last eight years that has every intention of defaulting on the American Dream. The President and Congress has been content to lurch from crisis to crisis. Meanwhile, bureaucrats are regulating away, spending continues to climb at an unsustainable level, our defense budget is less and less effective at keeping this country safe, millions of students are trapped in failing schools, our tax code gets more complicated, government grows, and opportunity shrinks.

This crisis of opportunity strangles not only the promise of America, but the promise of New Hampshire. Live Free or Die is not just a nifty tool of sloganeering. This state has been at the forefront of the fight to restore the American Dream. As one of the few states without a sales tax or income tax, it shows that you know what you're talking about.

If we wish to restore the promise of America, we must examine what exactly threatens it. An oppressive regulatory regime takes an adversarial view of business. Small businesses everywhere are strangled by the red tape flowing freely from Washington DC. The President has made it a top priority to either demonize or dodge on the subject of American energy independence....cont.

Oct. 2        Iowa
-Address Linn County Parent Association
-Campaign in downtown Cedar Rapids
-Lunch at local diner

"Education is a defining issue of our time. Laid out for us is two paths. One is the status quo of failing schools, exponential increases in spending, and dwindling opportunity for all. The second is one of reform, refocusing on student achievement, and rebuilding the American dream.

Education reform is a very personal issue to me. I met my wife of 41 years, Columba, while teaching in Mexico. While First Lady, Columba was very passionate about our efforts in Florida to reform education. ....cont. on Florida record of education

Oct. 3       Colorado
-Appear with Columba at Yuma County GOP Executive Committee Meeting
-Q&A with Colorado Hispanic Republican Federation
-Barnstorm in Colorado Springs

QUESTIONER: Governor Bush, it took my family years to be granted citizenship and become fully integrated into the United States. Years, Governor. I want to know what you'll say to my mother and father about what many people would call your amnesty plan. Is your plan fair to them?

GOV BUSH: What do your parents do, young man?

QUESTIONER: They're both teachers. My mother retired a few years ago.

GOV BUSH: Two teachers who came to the United States to pursue the American Dream and now their son has the opportunity to ask questions of a man who wants to be President of the United States. Only in America. *applause*

To answer your question, sir, I would disagree with the assertion that I've ever supported amnesty. I support a pathway to legal status that includes paying fines for breaking the law, learning English, working, not reserving government benefits, and learning to integrate. After maintaining legal status for a period of time, they'll be eligible to apply for citizenship. That's not amnesty. That's just common sense. They pay for breaking the law. They can work, pay taxes, and contribute to their country-to-be.  Their families don't have to worry about staying in the shadows. That's just common sense.

Oct. 4       New York
-Bus tour in Upstate New York
-Tour Fracking Site
-Fundraising dinner in New York City

Bush slams New York Fracking Ban

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, in an informal conversation with donors at an event in New York City last night, tore into Governor Andrew Cuomo's ban on hydraulic fracturing. Bush toured a closed fracking site earlier in the day. Bush stated that fracking has the potential to revolutionize both the American energy mix and the American economy. Donors widely applauded his optimistic tone on American energy.

Oct. 5      Iowa
-Address to Iowa Farmers' Bureau
-Bus stops in small towns
-Mix and mingle lunch with Polk County Chamber of Commerce

Oct. 6      New Hampshire
-Bus stops across more rural areas
-Help people with recycling (West Wing Shoutout)

Oct. 7     Iowa
-Barbecue with old Bush family friends
-Barbara and George HW, Jeb and Columba's kids, George and Laura will all be attending.
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« Reply #8 on: March 07, 2015, 08:20:10 pm »

Bernie Sanders 2016
Campaign Schedule, Week of October 1st, 2015

We need a President who will fight the unacceptable levels of income inequality that decades of right wing policies have left us, not a President who will uphold those extremist positions and exacerbate the issue. Too many Americans are struggling as it is and we must pursue policies that will help uplift those Americans just tying to get by, instead of rewarding the crooks on Wall Street and the billionaire class for their "generous" campaign contributions.  What we need is not a deregulated financial sector, but a living wage. We need a federal jobs program, not a massive tax cut for the wealthy few. A college education that our students can actually afford. Health care for all, so that getting sick isn't a prescription for economic ruin. As your President, I will bring a voice for the voiceless into the White House, not another voice for corporate interests. Thank you, and don't forget to vote!" -Senator Bernie Sanders in Des Moines, IA.

Thursday, October 1st, 2015
- Town Hall in Council Bluffs, IA
- Barnstorm in West Des Moines, IA
- Meet and Greet in Dubuque, IA
- Rally in Des Moines, IA

Friday, October 2nd, 2015
- Barnstorm in Waterloo, IA
- Meet and Greet in Sioux City, IA
- Town Hall in Urbandale, IA
- Rally in Fort Dodge, IA

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015
- Town Hall in Clinton, IA
- Barnstorm in Marion, IA
- Meet and Greet in Marshalltown, IA
- Rally in Iowa City, IA

Sunday, October 4th, 2015
- Appearance on Face the Nation
- Town Hall in Ankeny, IA
- Meet and Greet in Fort Dodge, IA
- Barnstorm in Johnston, IA
- Rally in Davenport, IA

Monday, October 5th, 2015
- Rally in Cedar Rapids, IA
- Fly to New Hampshire
- Rest in New Hampshire

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
- Meet and Greet in Hudson, NH
- Meet and Greet in Keene, NH
- Town Hall in Bedford, NH
- Barnstorm in Nashua, NH

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015
- Town Hall in Derry, NH
- Media Appearance Local NH Station
- Meet and Greet in Rochester, NH
- Rally in Manchester, NH

"We as a nation should reject dynastic politics. An election should be about the issues that our facing this nation such as the completely unacceptable growing gap between the wealthy few and everyone else, human contribution to Climate Change, the perversion of campaign finance laws that has resulted in the abhorrent "Democracy for Hire" that we have to live with today where corporations can hijack elections to turn a quick profit. Those issues that so many Americans are struggling with should be what we, as a nation, base our votes on, not a candidate's last name." - Senator Bernie Sanders in Manchester, NH.
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« Reply #9 on: March 07, 2015, 08:44:55 pm »
« Edited: March 08, 2015, 12:26:29 pm by Speaker of the South Maxwell »

Jerry Brown for President 2016 - October 1st - 7th, 2015

"I was one of the first to stand against the North American Free Trade Agreement, and I believe my position has been vindicated by it's years of failure. With further free trade agreements, we've given away goodies to big corporations with little return in terms of growth in wages. In other words, the little guy gets the shaft. Under a Brown administration, we will re-negotiate these trade agreements with a firm hand, because as President, I want all Americans to benefit from trade, not just the 1%. Most of the Democratic Party, especially Hillary Clinton, won't fight that battle."

October 1st, 2015
- Speech in Sioux City, Iowa
- Meet and Greet in Sioux City, Iowa
- Meet and Greet in Denison, Iowa
- Meet and Greet in Harlan, Iowa

October 2nd, 2015
- Meet and Greet in Carrol, Iowa
- Town Hall in Fort Dodge, Iowa
- Town Hall in Webster City, Iowa
- Appearance on The Lead with Jake Tapper

Tapper - "The Democrats have an incredibly crowded field, my question to you is how do you stand out in a field that includes Hillary Clinton and John Kerry?"

Brown - "Well, while this is a field with a lot of potential talent, I think I have one experience that none of the others have, and that's taking a state out of a financial mess. Twice. When I came into office both times I ran, our budgets were a mess, and the fact was we were living beyond our means. I took a balanced approach to budgeting, cut spending and raised revenues, and sure enough, our budget situation in California turned around. I will stand for a sane fiscal policy and at the same time be able to tout my ability to get it done because of my years of experience. Washington often doesn't have a lot of responsibility, but when you're Governor of the largest state in the country, the buck stops with you, and I've managed to turn bad situations into good."

October 3rd, 2015
- Meet and Greet in Ames, Iowa
- Meet and Greet in Marshalltown, Iowa
- Meet and Greet in Newton, Iowa
- Town Hall in Iowa City, Iowa

October 4th, 2015
- Barnstorming in Manchester, New Hampshire
- Town Hall in Concord, New Hampshire
- Opening up Campaign Headquarters in Concord, New Hampshire
- Town Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"That's a good question, and from my point of view, it's those in power who have made this country worse. Look at PACs and SuperPACs, think about income inequality, look at this situation we've seen with Wall Street. The great crash came, and we saw the bankers protected over regular Americans, who suffered greatly. We need to do some very serious things to make sure regular hardworking Americans no longer get the shaft. I have a plan, to reform campaign financing so all campaigns are publically financed, to fight for better wages at home, and to make sure that those who violate the trust of the markets pay for their actions, not those who have been violated!"

October 5th, 2015
- Meeting with New Hampshire Senate Democrats
- Town Hall in Northwood, New Hampshire
- Town Hall in Rochester, New Hampshire
- Town Hall in Milton, New Hampshire

October 6th, 2015
- Town Hall in Ossipee, New Hampshire
- Town Hall in Conway, New Hampshire
- Town Hall in Glenn, New Hampshire
- Town Hall in Lincoln, New Hampshire

"I don't support the expansion of government spying under President Bush or President Obama. I don't support keeping Guantamo Bay open. I know some of my fellow Democrats disagree with me, but we shouldn't violate the constitution and people's rights in order to make people feel safe. I guess I'm a bit of a libertarian when it comes to these issues, but if we keep the status quo on this we forsake our humanity. I call on all of the candidates in the Democratic field to stand on principle and fight for freedom instead of scaremongering people's freedom away. It's time we took the right stand on this, because we were right during the Bush administration and wrong during the Obama administration."

October 7th, 2015
Gubernatorial Duties
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« Reply #10 on: March 07, 2015, 10:40:28 pm »

Could we see a poll of what issues are most on Americans' minds currently?

And a breakdown of who is winning what groups in their primary?

Such as:

On the GOP side, who leads among….?

Tea Party: Walker
white born again Evangelicals: Walker
very conservative: Walker
somewhat conservative: Bush
moderate: Bush
men: Walker
women: Bush
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« Reply #11 on: March 08, 2015, 12:44:06 am »
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September 30, 2015 at the Illinois Old State Capitol


We believe that America is never greater than when we protect the rights we have won, and strive to make real the call of our founders to create a more perfect union. We are never more American than when we demand that all people are treated with dignity and respect. We are never more patriotic than when we see a group of people being cast aside and demand the aggressors to stop. In America, we do not tolerate anyone being treated unfairly. We are truly American when we live up to our original promise of liberty and celebrate those quintessentially American words, "all men are created equal."

My friends, America faces a stark choice.  Immigrants, children, workers, teachers, the people that make our country so diverse and awe inspiring need bold, progressive leadership in the white house. Their future will be decided by whoever comes on top in the Presidential race.

For these reasons, I announce my candidacy for President of the United States.

Now, the road will be long and tough. We must work hard and diligently to win this primary. We must knock on every door, call every voter, and organize our voters to come out and win this for our immigrants, our working class, and our children. We have the capability to create real, substantive change in this country, we have the resources to overcome these obstacles and fight for common sense progressive values, we can accomplish these things, but I need your support.

If you feel that the working class should be able to move up in this society, join us! If you feel that children and our young people should have access to a free, world class education, join us! If you feel that our immigrants should have an easier pathway to citizenship, join us!

We can do the impossible, as we've shown time and time before. America is the birthplace of technological innovation; the internet, something which was once thought of as impossible. Americans created the automobile, people could only dream of that technology. America landed a man on the moon, something no man fifty years prior would have imagined possible.

My friends, mis amigos, we can accomplish anything if we're united in our causes...and we're going to stand united as one people, as one America.

Thank you and God bless!

WEEK OF 10/1/2015 TO 10/7/2015

October 1, 2015
-Fly to South Carolina
-Meet and greet in Charleston, SC
-Speech in Charleston, SC
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-Meet and greet in Columbia, SC

October 2, 2015
-Fly to Iowa
-Meet and greet in Des Moines, IA
-Meet and greet in Ames, IA
-Speech in Ames, IA
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October 3, 2015
-Meet and greet in Marshalltown, IA
-Meet and greet in Cedar Rapids, IA
-Meet and greet in Iowa City, IA

October 4, 2015
-Fly to New Hampshire
-Meet and greet in Manchester, NH
-Speech in Manchester, NH
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October 5, 2015
-Fly to Florida
-Attend Progress Florida fundraiser
-Meet and greet in Miami, FL
-Fly to Illinois

October 6, 2015
-Fundraiser in Chicago, IL
-Meet and greet in Chicago, IL
-Drive to Iowa
-Meet and greet in Davenport, IA

October 7, 2015
-Church service in Davenport, IA
-Speech in Davenport, IA
-Meet and greet in Iowa City, IA
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Susana Martinez for President
Schedule for the week of October 1-7th:

Thursday, October 1st

-Rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
-Town Hall in Merrimack, New Hampshire
-Town Hall in Durham, New Hampshire
-Rally in Laconia, New Hampshire

Friday, October 2nd

-Town Hall in Derry, New Hampshire
-Appearance at fundraiser for Hillsborough County Republican Party
-Rally in Salem, New Hampshire
-Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire

Saturday, October 3rd

-Meet and Greet in Pelham, New Hampshire
-Town Hall in Ossipee, New Hampshire
-Appearance on radio station covering the area around Manchester, New Hampshire
-Dinner hosted by the Cheshire County Republican Party
-Flight to Colorado

Martinez on Education during her radio appearance:

As you know, my campaign is really zeroing in on making sure this country is doing everything it can to ensure a bright future for this country and especially for our children. While some may disagree, I believe that common core standards are part of that future and I support the initiative taken in my state to adopt those standards. Ensuring a top notch education for our children countrywide is something I am sure all of us can get on board for, and Common Core is an important cog in achieving that. Of course, just adopting these standards isn't the panacea for everything wrong in our education system. To address other concerns, a broader reform for education is needed and will be one of my top priorities in the Oval Office. Visions for this reform include having the Federal Deperatment of Education help expand school choice  through grants and streamlining teacher evaluation standards nationwide. That though, doesn't even touch on my hopes for helping those in post secondary education.

Sunday, October 4th

-Appearance on Al Punto
-Rally in Fountain, Colorado
-Fundraiser in Denver, Colorado
-Evening of Rest and check in on Gubernatorial duties
Monday, October 5th

-Meet and Greet in Bailey, Colorado
-Meet and Greet in Canon City, Colorado
-Meeting with the Republican leaders of the Colorado General Assembly and Party Chairman Ryan Call
-Rally in Fort Collins, Colorado
-Flight to Nevada

Tuesday, October 6th

-Meet and Greet in Boulder City, Nevada
-Rally in Elko, Nevada
-Tour of Mesquite, Nevada with Rep. Cresent Hardy and Clark County Republican Party officials
-Town Hall in both Spanish and English in Winchester, Nevada
-Visit to the College Republicans of the University of Nevada, Reno

Martinez on immigration reform during Winchester, Town Hall:

Immigration has been and always will be a vital part of this country's prosperity, that can not be disputed. While it is imperative for this country's economy to open our arms to immigrants, it also has to be done in an orderly and regulated fashion. Many do come to this country in that orderly fashion but many others do not. Before we consider anything else, our borders must be secure to halt the influx of undocumented immigrants. From there, we can consider what to do with those immigrants who have come to this country improperly. This must be done through cooperation with congress, not unilateral executive action. President Obama's unconstitutional Executive Order issued last year must be rolled back and replaced with a comprehensive plan, because as of right now his decision more or less grants legal status to those who came to this country in defiance of the law without ensuring the law is enforced to prevent that from happening further.

Wednesday, October 7th

-Visit to Campaign office in Sparks, Nevada to speak to volunteers
-Town Hall in Sparks, Nevada
-Flight to New Hampshire
-Meet and Greet in Rochester, New Hampshire
-Dinner with Supporters in Windham, New Hampshire

Martinez outlines the domestic focus of her campaign during the Windham Dinner:

 A lot of folks will tell ya a lot of hooplah about their plans to do this that and the other during their time in office. Let me tell ya though, four years... even eight isn't quite a lot of time to finish all the wonderful stuff we'd love to start. So my main focus on the domestic front will focus on three main ideas for success in the country's future. Four years isn't a lot of time but putting in policies that will stay put for several decades will be the cornerstone of looking to the future. I've talked about two of my priorties this week, those being education and immigration. So what my final focus will be to get this darn budget balanced so we can finally stabilize our financial outlook. From that platform of stability, we can than look out on accomplishing other feats to get this country on a track towards sustained success.

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Scott Walker October 1-7th
Excerpt from stump speech in Des Moines- "The American people are fed up with the ineffective leadership we see in Washington at present, most notably in the Oval Office, and I believe a Walker administration would help get things running in the federal government with changes in federal economic policy, a more dynamic policy, and a President who actually wants to work with Congress to continue this wonderful nation's history of power!"

October 1st (Iowa)Sad
Campaign Fundraising Breakfast in Des Moines
Rally in Des Moines
Speech in Ames on the President
Rally in Sioux City with campaign volunteers

October 2nd (Iowa)Sad
Canvassing door to door in Sioux City
Rally at Spirit Lake
Speech in Esterville on the economy
Meet with farmers in Esterville

Speech on the Economy in Esterville- "The Democrats can try to build up their record on the economy, but I urge the American people not to fall for their tricks. More people than they'd like to admit remain underemployed or are still too discouraged to go look for work. Under a Walker administration employers would have greater incentives to hire such people by simply easing their immense tax burden imposed by Democrats in Washington."

October 3rd (Wisconsin):
Gubernatorial Duties

October 4th (New Hampshire/New York):
Speech in Concord
Canvassing in Concord
Rally in Dixville Notch
Fundraising dinner in New York City

October 5th (Iowa):
Meet with Republican women in Mashalltown
Meet and Greet in Cedar Rapids
Lunch with local Republican leaders in Cedar Rapids
Speech on agricultural policy to farmers in Cedar Rapids

October 6th (Iowa)Sad
Forum with undecided voters
Skype Q & A with Iowa Republicans and Independents
Appearance on Hannity from Cedar Rapids
Opening of new campaign office in Cedar Rapids

Speech in Cedar Rapids- "Iowa is the first state in the nation to caucus, and probably holds the biggest sway in deciding who will be chosen as the Republican nominee to face the Democrat this November. I urge you to consider voting for me. In Wisconsin I've begun common sense policy making and defeated the Democrats in 3 consecutive elections in a fairly blue state, elections which had high turnout on both sides of the spectrum."

October 7th (Nevada)Sad
Speech in Reno to unemployed
Rally in Las Vegas
Lunch at Vegas with local GOP officials
Fundraising dinner with Casino owners on Las Vegas strip
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Campaign Schedule: October 1 - October 7, 2015

Thursday, Oct 1:  IOWA
Des Moines -  Rally for "Child Health and Education"
Boone - Public appearance on "Agriculture and Environmental Protection"
Newton - Town Hall on "Issues in Iowa"
Friday, Oct 2:  IOWA
Iowa City - University of Iowa, College of Law - Lecture on "Achieving Bipartisanship in a Divided Country"
Davenport - Public appearance with with Mayor Gluba at St. Ambrose University School of Education - "Education Reform"

Saturday, Oct 3:  SOUTH CAROLINA
Columbia - Rally with Mayor Benjamin on "Fairness and Equity in Law Enforcement"
               - Meet with U.S. Representative James Clyburn (6th District) on "Child Health and School Readiness"

Sunday, Oct 4:  SOUTH CAROLINA
Charleston - Attend service at St. Michael's Episcopal Church (Reverend Alfred T.K. Zadig, Jr.) with Rep. Clyburn

New York City - Appearance on "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" on "Education and School Readiness"
Manchester - Dinner hosted by Manchester City Democrats, "Bipartisanship in Education"
Tuesday, Oct 6:  NEW HAMPSHIRE
Nashua - Appearance at Hewlett-Packard on "Workforce Development in the Technology Industry"
              - Public Appearance at Daniel Webster College (ITT Tech) on "Technology and Education"
Concord - Town Hall on "Changing Needs of U.S. Workforce"

Wednesday, Oct 7: TEXAS
San Antonio - Rally on "Moving Forward with Education, Technology, and Innovation" 
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Joe Manchin for President: Schedule

"I'm running for president because I don't feel that we will be getting any effective leadership from either the far right or the far left. You don't run your life, you don't run household and you don't run your business from the right or the left. The extremes, under any conditions, do not have a positive result. What we should be doing is what's good for America and all our hard working families. I have been, under many circumstances, the only person in my party voting a certain way and I'm proud of that. If I'm elected president, you'll know that I will do what I think is right.

Now, this is a message that I think all you in Iowa need to here, so that's why I'm going to be doing a 99 counties tour of this beautiful state."

Senator Manchin's plans in Iowa for Week 1

October 1st
Rally in Decorah Iowa
Interview with KWWL News on a supporter's front porch
Meet and Greet in Calmar, Iowa
Town Hall in Waukon, Iowa

October 2nd
Meeting with members of the Clayton County Farm Bureau
Meet and Greet in Guttenberg, Iowa
Rally in Eikader, Iowa
Interview on Hardball

Matthews: "Senator Manchin, what is your opinion on using ground troops against ISIS?"

Manchin: "In West Virginia, we understand the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Those in the Middle East should be fighting the ground war against ISIS, after all we've already spent billions of taxpayer dollars arming the Iraqi army. I will simply say this: We will use our air power, our tactical power, our technicians, everything possible that we can to rid ourselves of that horrible evil, but the ground assaults should be done by those who live there, not by American troops. That is my view on these ideas of putting our boys out there in the Middle East again.

October 3rd
Town Hall in Oelwein, Iowa
Meet and Greet in West Union, Iowa
Speech in Manchester, Iowa
Meet and Greet in Dyersville, Iowa

"Now, you may hear over the coming months from my fellow Democrats about how much I hate the environment. I'll tell you right now: that' s a lie. I support an all of the above energy solution that will bring us off our dependence from foreign oil and not imporverish the working folk from states like my home state, West Virginia, and Kentucky. We need to begin solid research and development in technology such as ethanol and clean coal in the meantime to find real solutions to our climate problem."

October 4th
Meet with Northeast Iowa House and Senate Members to seek endorsements
Flight to Charleston, SC
Meeting with Donors

October 5th
Door to Door Canvassing in Cannonborough, Charleston, SC
Meet and Greet in Goose Creek, SC
Rally in Aiken, SC
Meeting with Aiken County Democrats

"I'll tell you right now, South Carolina: The extreme Republicans and Democrats that will be barnstorming your state in the next couple months don't have your true interests in heart. What have the extreme Democratic and Republican congresses given us recently!? Nothing but tax decreases for the wealthy, the war in Iraq, a flawed piece of healthcare reform, and Cap and Trade! I'm the only candidate here that will be able to deliver true change to today's beleaguered and partisan politics."

October 6th
Rally in Columbia, SC
Meeting with Richland County Democrats
Meet and Greet in Cayce, SC
Meeting with Donors in Columbia, SC

October 7th
Flight to WV
Meeting with Donors to 2012 Senate Campaign in Charleston, WV
Meeting with Major Mining Companies in WV
Appearance  on Face the Nation

Charlie: "What would you say about the attacks Mrs. Clinton just made about you today?"

Manchin: "I just find it out of this world that Hillary would take the chance in these early days of the campaign to attack me instead of setting out a clear vision for what she would do if elected president. As for the substance of her attack, if being against cap and trade, a policy that would increase the energy costs of everyday Americans significantly, and being for the sensible Keystone XL pipeline which would support our ally Canada while creating jobs and lowering energy prices at home makes me not worthy of being a Democrat to her then I have a message for Clinton: Democrats support the working poor as well as middle class which your policies will directly effect in an entirely negative fashion."
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McRaven 2016: October 1-7

When I was training to become a Navy SEAL, all the students were broken down into boat crews. Seven students in a crew - three on each side, and one coxswain to help guide. Every day, you and your crew would form up on the beach and have to get through the surfzone and paddle several miles down the coast. The surf off San Diego can get to be 8 to 10 feet high - it's exceedingly difficult to paddle through unless everyone digs in. Every paddle must be synchronized to the stroke count of the coxswain.  Everyone must exert equal effort or the boat will turn against the wave and be unceremoniously back on the beach. For the boat to make it to its destination, everyone must paddle.

That's the approach I plan to take when making decisions as President. To get from where we are now to where we want to be will take help. Nobody got to where they are now without the help of a friend, a colleague, or even the kindness of a total stranger. Everyone successful in this country had someone in their life - a teacher, a parent, a priest, someone - serve as a good coxswain to guide them. As President, I want to make it so everyone has that opportunity, because a lot of kids in this country don't get the opportunity to find those crewmates and find that coxswain. I plan to invest heavily in education, working to strengthen our schools, so that everyone has a shot at success. Making community college free for all students is something the President originally proposed, and is something that would ensure all students have that opportunity - and it's still fiscally responsible! The cost of making community college free for the next ten years is only around 1% of what we spent on the Iraq War; and ultimately, because those students go on to higher-earning jobs and help encourage businesses to come to America instead of locating somewhere else, it could be a money-maker in the long run. Ensuring everyone has a chance at success - a fair playing field, not forcing everyone to end up the same but at least making sure everyone has an equal shot - is something I learned the importance of while serving in the military, and it's something I aim to promote as President.

During this week, Admiral McRaven will be knocking on doors, speaking to community groups, attending religious services, and dining at local restaurants throughout the Manchester area.

(OOC: Gonna be putting a lot more detail into speeches than schedules - that's both personal preference (speechwriting is fun & detailed lists of towns in podunk Iowa aren't) and a game thing (more of a focus on developing a real campaign through speeches and discussion of issues rather than just traveling to events)).
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Tammy Baldwin Campaign Schedule, October 1st-7th

"Our next President has gotta be looking out for the folks who were left behind in this economic recovery: working-class Americans who couldn't care less about how many points the Dow Jones jumped last week. Let's take steps to bring this recovery to everybody. Let's raise our federal minimum wage, let's instate real wage equality for everybody in this country, let's expand Social Security, and let's create good-paying jobs right here in America instead of rewarding outsourcing with corporate tax loopholes!"

October 1st, 2015
-Speech in Waterloo, Iowa
-Meet and Greet in Cedar Falls, Iowa
-Meet and Greet in Muscatine, Iowa
-Town Hall in Newton, Iowa

October 2nd, 2015
-Meet and Greet in Council Bluffs, Iowa
-Meet and Greet in Burlington, Iowa
-Town Hall in West Union, Iowa
-Appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show

October 3rd, 2015
-Meet and Greet in Ames, Iowa
-Town Hall in Marshalltown, Iowa
-Meet and Greet in Waverly, Iowa
-Town Hall in Knoxville, Iowa
-Town Hall in Oskaloosa, Iowa

October 4th, 2015

CHUCK TODD: So, there's obviously a good chance your sexuality is discussed during the campaign--

BALDWIN: I don't see why it should be.

TODD: --well, the question of whether or not it should be is a different issue, but what do you say to those who believe that it's appropriate to consider that when deciding whether or not to cast their vote for Tammy Baldwin?

BALDWIN: *sigh, then a lighthearted chuckle* Chuck, I'm making a promise right here and right now that this will be the first and last time I discuss my sexuality throughout this campaign, because I don't think it needs to be an issue. I think our next President is going to have a plethora of issues to deal with -- real issues that middle- and working-class Americans face every day: wage stagnation, a rising cost of living, inability to find a good-paying job, et cetera. The sexual orientation of whoever is tackling these challenges...you know, who cares? Who cares? It's not an issue, and it has no effect on the job at hand.

-Appearance on Meet the Press
-Meet and Greet in Montezuma, Iowa
-Campaign Rally in Mason City, Iowa
-Meet and Greet in Mason City, Iowa
-Meet and Greet in Nevada, Iowa

October 5th, 2015
-Meeting with State Legislators from Southeastern Iowa, seeking endorsements
-Appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews

October 6th, 2015
-Rest Day

October 7th, 2015

"By the end of this campaign, Iowans are going to know where I stand. I'm headed from county to county, Allamakee to Fremont, Lyon to Lee, to ensure that our fight to bring this economic recovery to each and every American reaches to each citizen of this state. No county will be missed. Folks, I want to hear from you. I want to hear your stories, your beliefs, the issues at the forefront of your minds. This is a grassroots campaign, and it starts with you. I'm asking you all to join, run, and fight for and with me. Iowa City, let's get to work!"

-Campaign Rally in Iowa City, Iowa
-Meet and Greet in Iowa City, Iowa
-Meet and Greet in Creston, Iowa
-Interview with KWWL News at Ten
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Dan Quayle Oct. 1-7:

Oct. 1st:
Town Hall in Fort Dodge, IA
Rally and Q&A in Ames, IA
Campaign Speech and Rally/Fundraiser in Des Moines, IA
Town Hall in Newton, IA

Excerpt from Town Hall:
Q: Why did you decide to run for President after all these years?
A: (Chuckle) Well, while it has been awhile, I've remained active in politics in more behind the scenes roles. But I decided to run because the Republican party needs unity, a leader they can get behind, because if the party isn't unified, there isn't a chance that we will win the White House. I have experience, conviction, and the understanding that the Republican party is a big tent. I have something to offer everyone, from the moderates to the conservatives, and even to the libertarians. I believe I am that leader that can take the whole Republican party to the White House.

Oct. 2nd:
Town Hall and Barnstorm in Marshalltown, IA
Meet & Greet in Cedar Falls, IA
Rally/Fundraiser and Campaign Speech in Waterloo, IA

Oct. 3rd:
Rally and Town Hall in Dubuque, IA
Town Hall and Meet and Greet in Clinton, IA
Rally, Speech and Fundraiser in Davenport, IA

Oct. 4th:
Rally and Fundraiser in Davenport, IA
Town Hall in Clinton, IA
Barnstorming in DeWitt, IA
Meet and Greet in Eldridge, IA

It's been a pleasure to meet all of you today! Let's work together to put a Republican back into the White House!

Oct. 5th:

Rally and Town Hall in Iowa City, IA
Meet and Greet in North Liberty, IA
Rally, fundraiser, and Campaign Speech in Cedar Rapids, IA

Oct. 6th:
Rally and Town Hall in Dubuque, IA
Rally and Fundraiser in Waterloo, IA
Town Hall and Meet and Greet in Fort Dodge, IA

Oct. 7th:
Rally and Town Hall in Ames, IA
Rally, Fundraiser, and Campaign Speech in Des Moines, IA
Rally and Town Hall in Council Bluffs, IA

Campaign Ads:
TV and radio ad to be run in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina:

When times of crisis arise, who do you want sitting in that chair? (show picture of oval office) Do you want someone who's never had any foreign policy experience? Or do you want someone who has been there? Dan Quayle has been there, he has worked inside the White House, he knows how things are done, and doesn't need any on the job training. Day one, he's prepared.

We need a candidate who has experience, knows how to get things done, and won't be a part of endless bickering. Dan Quayle is that candidate. Dan Quayle has been a Congressman, A Senator, a Vice-President, and a Businessman, he knows how things work. So vote for a candidate that knows how to get things done, vote for a candidate who won't play political games, vote Dan Quayle for President.

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OOC: Brewer, I think you are portraying Tammy Baldwin very well, and wish you good luck with your candidacy.
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OOC: Brewer, I think you are portraying Tammy Baldwin very well, and wish you good luck with your candidacy.

(Thank you my friend, and same to you!)
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Manchin Ad: Compromiser

"I'm Joe Manchin and I approve this message."

"As a Senator, I've proposed bipartisan compromises such as the Manchin-Toomey Bill because no responsible gun owner should fear background checks, was one of the first Democrats to support the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline, and have frequently voted my conscience, even if it meant voting with the other side. As Governor, I brought together a group of diverse and strong-willed legislators to get our state out of deep fiscal troubles.

As your President, you know I'll get things done and won't be anyone's stooge."

Airing in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina
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Unity Through Strength, October 1-7th:

"What we need as a party and what we need for the nation is actual leadership. For seven years we had a President unwilling to lead, unwilling to react, and the consequences are clear enough. The White House might have felt victorious by doing nothing or by weakening our presence on certain areas, and as a result we have Iran and Syria on flames, the rise of ISIS, Putin's hostility towards Eastern Europe and the situation in Ukraine. I say enough with inactivity on the foreign stage! Enough with inactivity on our federal government and to deal with the economy! Let us take the mantle the leadership, win this primary, and then defeat the Obama legacy once and for all!"

Campaign Team:

Campaign Manager: Katon Dawson
Finance Director: John Rainey
Policy Director: David Wilkins
Senior Advisor: Gordon Sherard
Press Secretary: Alice James
South Carolina Director: Richard Quinn

October 1th:
-South Carolina I:
 -Strategy meeting on Campaign HQ at Columbia, SC.
 -Fundraiser Lunch at Columbia, SC.
 -Rally in Columbia, SC, on Healthcare.  
 -Town Hall meeting in Columbia, SC.
 -Fundraiser Dinner at Charleston, SC.

"I know there has been a lot of talk about donors, and it remains a fact that the 2012 primary is a good example of the enormous amounts of money that can be raised on a primary. I'm not running with the support of a thousand billionaires, I am doing to best to run a good campaign with the support of the good people of South Carolina and the nation, and I want to ask for your support on this endeavor of mine."

October 2nd:
-South Carolina II:
 -Town Hall Tour, Part One:
  -Town Hall in Greenwood, SC.
  -Town Hall in Mauldin, SC.
  -Town Hall in Greer, SC.
  -Town Hall in Anderson SC.

October 3rd:
-South Carolina III:
 -Town Hall Tour, Part Two:
  -Town Hall in Taylors, SC.
  -Town Hall in North Augusta, SC.
  -Town Hall in St. Helena, SC.
 -Rally and Q&A in North Charleston, SC.

"We have heard a good deal from the White House due to the state of the economy, congratulating themselves on recovery. But much as they want to ignore it, the fact is that we have an anemic recovery as a part of a pretty long recession, 37 months in a row over 8 percent unemployment for the people in the United States. Furthermore, look at the performance of the White House: During the last stimulus package two years ago they projected unemployment at 6.5 percent, when you look at Obamacare they said that everybody's premiums would be lowered by $2,500, and they've gone up by $2,200. And we're producing less oil on publicly held lands than any time in the nation. Americans need more than that, because many of them live in less than ideal conditions while they wait for a job. Four more years of the Democrats in the White House is precisely what America doesn't need. "

October 4th:
-Senate Duties:
 -Senate Duties.

October 5th:
-South Carolina IV:
 -Rally in Rock Hill, SC.
 -Meet & Greet in Rock Hill, SC.
 -Rally in Mount Pleasant, SC.
 -Meet & Greet in Mount Pleasant, SC.

October 6th:
-Washington DC I:
  -Appearance on "This Week".
  -Lunch with GOP donors at the Capitol Hill club.
   -Targeting donors Safra Catz, Seth Klarman, David Flaum and Larry Mizel.
  -Meeting with the South Carolina Congressional Delegation, appeal for support.

"Some say some parts of my record are controversial, yes, but the truth is that one of the virtues of our party is that we are not afraid of having different opinions on some issues. And in that regard I do believe it's important for our nominee to be both pragmatic and with strong beliefs, not just one side of it. You see, one of the reasons why I'm running is because I believe I can be a problem solver for this country. And right now we need rational solutions for our problems rather than mere rhetoric. We need an entitlement reform that is focused on closing loopholes and tax preferences rather than by raising rates, we need to find a workable solution to immigration, an issue that affects literally millions of people. If the past leaders of our party and nation found ways to deal with these issues, so should we."

October 7th:
-New Hampshire I:
 -Opening of New Hampshire HQ in Manchester, NH.
 -Rally in Manchester, NH. (Speech on entitlement reform)
 -Meeting with Republican officers and consultants.
 -Dinner with New Hampshire donors.
 -Joint event with Senator McCain, endorsement:

"Senator Graham is my friend, and I have served with him for a rather long time in the Senate. Now, he may not be the frontrunner, but he is true dark horse, so keep an eye on him! Now that we cannot afford to ignore the affairs of the world, we need a candidate with an unmatched record on national security. America will be safer with Lindsey Graham as its President, and I am happy to endorse him and offer him all the support I can give! New Hampshire shocked the primaries in 2000 and 2008 by giving me the victory, and they were kind enough to listen what I had to say for them. Once they hear what the Senator has to say, I'm confident he will do great in this great state."
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« Reply #23 on: March 08, 2015, 08:42:27 pm »

OOC: Türkisblau and NYExpress going at a mudsling off the bat!
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« Reply #24 on: March 08, 2015, 08:44:42 pm »

Yep, these games can get dirty. Tongue

Earlier I heard from CapoteMonster that he is unable to play and that he will drop out as Schweitzer, so he'll be out following the next update. I wish him the best. I also have noted all of your requests and I will get to them soon.

Excellent start, by the way! A lot of these posts are just what I want to see.
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