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Author Topic: 2016 Election Game: Campaign Thread  (Read 30128 times)
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« on: March 07, 2015, 08:17:03 pm »

Jeb Bush For America
Oct. 1-7

Oct. 1      New Hampshire
-Barnstorm Wolfesboro
-Address Wolfesboro Chamber of Commerce
-Rotary luncheon

"We've had a President for the last eight years that has every intention of defaulting on the American Dream. The President and Congress has been content to lurch from crisis to crisis. Meanwhile, bureaucrats are regulating away, spending continues to climb at an unsustainable level, our defense budget is less and less effective at keeping this country safe, millions of students are trapped in failing schools, our tax code gets more complicated, government grows, and opportunity shrinks.

This crisis of opportunity strangles not only the promise of America, but the promise of New Hampshire. Live Free or Die is not just a nifty tool of sloganeering. This state has been at the forefront of the fight to restore the American Dream. As one of the few states without a sales tax or income tax, it shows that you know what you're talking about.

If we wish to restore the promise of America, we must examine what exactly threatens it. An oppressive regulatory regime takes an adversarial view of business. Small businesses everywhere are strangled by the red tape flowing freely from Washington DC. The President has made it a top priority to either demonize or dodge on the subject of American energy independence....cont.

Oct. 2        Iowa
-Address Linn County Parent Association
-Campaign in downtown Cedar Rapids
-Lunch at local diner

"Education is a defining issue of our time. Laid out for us is two paths. One is the status quo of failing schools, exponential increases in spending, and dwindling opportunity for all. The second is one of reform, refocusing on student achievement, and rebuilding the American dream.

Education reform is a very personal issue to me. I met my wife of 41 years, Columba, while teaching in Mexico. While First Lady, Columba was very passionate about our efforts in Florida to reform education. ....cont. on Florida record of education

Oct. 3       Colorado
-Appear with Columba at Yuma County GOP Executive Committee Meeting
-Q&A with Colorado Hispanic Republican Federation
-Barnstorm in Colorado Springs

QUESTIONER: Governor Bush, it took my family years to be granted citizenship and become fully integrated into the United States. Years, Governor. I want to know what you'll say to my mother and father about what many people would call your amnesty plan. Is your plan fair to them?

GOV BUSH: What do your parents do, young man?

QUESTIONER: They're both teachers. My mother retired a few years ago.

GOV BUSH: Two teachers who came to the United States to pursue the American Dream and now their son has the opportunity to ask questions of a man who wants to be President of the United States. Only in America. *applause*

To answer your question, sir, I would disagree with the assertion that I've ever supported amnesty. I support a pathway to legal status that includes paying fines for breaking the law, learning English, working, not reserving government benefits, and learning to integrate. After maintaining legal status for a period of time, they'll be eligible to apply for citizenship. That's not amnesty. That's just common sense. They pay for breaking the law. They can work, pay taxes, and contribute to their country-to-be.  Their families don't have to worry about staying in the shadows. That's just common sense.

Oct. 4       New York
-Bus tour in Upstate New York
-Tour Fracking Site
-Fundraising dinner in New York City

Bush slams New York Fracking Ban

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, in an informal conversation with donors at an event in New York City last night, tore into Governor Andrew Cuomo's ban on hydraulic fracturing. Bush toured a closed fracking site earlier in the day. Bush stated that fracking has the potential to revolutionize both the American energy mix and the American economy. Donors widely applauded his optimistic tone on American energy.

Oct. 5      Iowa
-Address to Iowa Farmers' Bureau
-Bus stops in small towns
-Mix and mingle lunch with Polk County Chamber of Commerce

Oct. 6      New Hampshire
-Bus stops across more rural areas
-Help people with recycling (West Wing Shoutout)

Oct. 7     Iowa
-Barbecue with old Bush family friends
-Barbara and George HW, Jeb and Columba's kids, George and Laura will all be attending.
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« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2015, 10:40:28 pm »

Could we see a poll of what issues are most on Americans' minds currently?

And a breakdown of who is winning what groups in their primary?

Such as:

On the GOP side, who leads among….?

Tea Party: Walker
white born again Evangelicals: Walker
very conservative: Walker
somewhat conservative: Bush
moderate: Bush
men: Walker
women: Bush
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« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2015, 06:12:01 am »

Are we not using the 2016 primary calendar?
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« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2015, 11:22:37 am »

Are we not using the 2016 primary calendar?

Both parties are following the 2012 Republican calendar since it's easier that way.

So this round ends today?


The poll I asked for will determine my ads, so I need that first.
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« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2015, 08:40:13 pm »

Bush for America
Oct. 8-14

Oct. 8      Iowa
-Meeting with evangelical group
-Speech on the right to life, Terri Schiavo
-Barnstorm in Ames

During my time as Governor of Florida, I had to make tough choices. One of the toughest was the case of a terminally ill patient named Terri Schiavo. Ms. Schiavo was on a feeding tube when the initial conflict started. Her family was divided as to whether Terri had a right to continue to live.

Shortly after the hospital attempted to remove the feeding tube and end Mrs. Schiavo's life, the Florida Legislature passed a bill that gave me authority to intervene if I saw the need. My political people kept pleading with me to let the courts decide or to let the issue get off the headlines. The polling, they told me, wasn't exactly in favor of sticking up this aspect of the right to life. I believe in a culture of life. Shortly following legislative authorization, I gave the order to reinsert the feeding tube.

The point of my telling you this is that sometimes leadership is hard. Both on the issue of life, and in other things. I have tried my hardest, throughout my time in public life, to do what is right, no matter the political expense. That's what leading is about. Standing up for what you believe in, not laying down at the feet of your pollsters.

Oct. 9     South Carolina
-Visiting military families
-Barnstorming coastal SC
-Speech to the Citadel

The United States military is, and must always be, the greatest fighting force on the planet. The Republican Party has always been the party of a strong national defense and I believe strongly in that tradition.

The security offered by a safer world and strong military is fundamental to the promise of America. Too often, politicians see the cost of the defense budget without ever seeing the benefits. They look to cut it and make it what they call more efficient, while I call it less effective. *snip*

It will be a priority of my administration to responsibly reform future military retirement benefits, meaning anyone currently enlisted will not be affected by a single one of our changes. I'll also pursue responsible reforms to the way we purchase weapons and other defense systems. Most importantly, every dime of savings from these reforms will be reinvested to bolster our military readiness and preserve our status as the world's greatest military force. *snip*

Oct. 10     South Carolina
-More coastal bus stops
-Speeches to open up field offices all along the coast
-Q&A with South Carolina Association of Realtors on tax issues

Oct. 11     South Carolina
-Address to Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina
-Continue coastal bus tour

Oct. 12     South Carolina
-Bring in top volunteers in South Carolina
-Fly in Bush Family
-Fly in old Bush Alumni
-Barbecue with family and biggest supporters

Oct. 13     New Hampshire
-Doorknocking and bus tour in Southeast NH
-Speech to Rockingham County Chamber of Commerce
-Carroll County PTA Spaghetti Dinner

It's really great to see all of you out tonight supporting your child's school district. I know everyone is excited to go ahead and eat so I'll keep it brief. I just want to say, this is where the biggest change in a child's life takes place. Kids do well when parents are involved in their education. Politics isn't ever easy, but at events like this, I'm reminded why it's worth it. It's just really great to share a wonderful meal with wonderful people.

Oct. 14     New Hampshire
-Knocking on doors in Wolfesboro
-Bus tour the middle part of the state
-Shake hands, kiss babies, etc.
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« Reply #5 on: March 11, 2015, 09:01:55 pm »

TV Ad: Conservative Leadership
GOV BUSH: Hi, I'm Jeb Bush and I'm tired of canned, poll-tested politics. I'm running on my beliefs, not from them. That's always been a principle of mine. As Governor of Florida, I overcame great resistance from the liberal media and big spending liberal opponents to sign the nation's first Stand Your Ground law. I stood up for every human being's right to life in the Terri Schiavo case, even though it wasn't popular. The truth is, this country has had enough of a President who goes chasing after opinion polls. If you elect me, you know you're electing a conservative leader who will always try to do what is right even when it isn't popular. That's my promise. Real, conservative leadership.

TV Ad: The Promise of America

GOV BUSH:*pictures relevant to what is being said* America has always made two fundamental promises to her people. The first promise is to support a strong national defense. President Obama has cut our military readiness drastically and jeopardized this country by being a weak Commander in Chief. President Obama has also damaged the other promise of America, that if you get a good education, obey the laws, and work hard, you will succeed. That's not the reality of Obama's America. There are too many people who can't find work and who can't rise in society. *camera turns shows Governor Bush on desk, speaking to camera* If you elect me your next President, I'll work to restore the twin promises of America. I'll fight for security abroad and opportunity at home. I'm Jeb Bush and I approve this message. Thank you.

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« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2015, 09:12:11 pm »

Flip Flop Scott

Narrator: Scott Walker signed the Common Core educational standards into law in Wisconsin. *clip of Walker criticizing Common Core* But now he's backtracking. Or is he? *shows Blaze article* To be honest, who knows what Scott Walker thinks of Common Core.

Second Narrator: What about immigration? Scott Walker endorsed a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but then he called his own plan amnesty. Who knows where Flip Flop Scott stands on the issues?

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« Reply #7 on: March 14, 2015, 10:49:27 pm »

I will have to write all of my stuff tomorrow afternoon/evening.
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« Reply #8 on: March 16, 2015, 03:41:42 pm »

Bush For America

Oct. 15-         South Carolina
     -Barnstorming Coastal Carolina
     -Speak with business owners on taxes, education
     -Address to Hilton Head Homeowners Associations

Oct. 16-         South Carolina
      -Rally on national security w/Condi Rice
      -Visit veterans hospital
      -Shake hands at naval bases

Oct. 17-         South Carolina
      -Speech to evangelical groups about promoting family and life
      -Meet with Right to Life board members
      -Focus on electability by speaking to black churches on issues of faith

Oct. 18-          New Hampshire
      -Speak to American Legion
      -Address Hispanic Republican group
      -Another PTA meal

Oct. 19-           New Hampshire
      -Politics and Eggs (Spiral, will you please provide questions for this?)
      -Meet with student government at St. Anselm
      -Shake hands, campaign, etc. w/ Sununu family
      -Doorknocking in Wolfesboro

Oct. 20-           South Carolina
      -Barnstorm with George W. and Condi
      -Fundraiser with Rove
      -More time on the campaign

Oct. 21-           Florida
      -Campaign homecoming event in Miami
      -Barnstorm the state

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« Reply #9 on: March 26, 2015, 11:03:32 am »

I thought it was Thursday night? I planned accordingly.
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« Reply #10 on: March 26, 2015, 03:56:06 pm »

Jeb For America

Oct. 22         New  Hampshire
-Speak to parent groups about education
-Q&A with American Legion Post in Manchester
-Shaking hands in microtargeted precincts

QUESTION: Governor Bush, I was an officer in first Iraq War. My son joined the military after 9/11 and served in Afghanistan. My family has fought for years to make the world safer. Today, President Obama is just letting the Saudis and Iran fight a war in Yemen. What will you do as President to make sure terrorists don’t use Yemen as a staging ground?

ANSWER: Well, that’s a really fantastic question. But first of all, let’s have a round of applause for your family’s service.  Yemen is a sad situation. The government is no longer truly the government. President Obama long applauded Yemen as a model for a safer Middle East. He talked the talk, but he never came close to talking the talk. We need a strong military with the ability to act in the region. We need a strong foreign and military aid policy. We must conduct ourselves in a way that makes people want to be our ally, and terrified to be our enemy. In Yemen, we need clear vision and decisive action.

Oct. 23        South Carolina
-Barnstorm the Coast
-Speak on national security to veterans
-Meet with business owners in Columbia

“Small business is being shut out of the recovery. Government taxes and regulations are especially burdensome for small business. The Obamacare tax on businesses that put their employees in the exchange is a rounding error to Walmart, but it’s the small business owner’s entire profits for the years. Repealing harmful regulations, reforming the way we write and enforce regulations, and reducing the burden placed by the tax code on the economy are all crucially important to providing small business a way to get in on the recovery.

Oct. 24      South Carolina
-Campaign on the Coast
-Meet with real estate developers
-Visit field offices to thank volunteers

Oct. 25       New Hampshire
-Rally in Wolfesboro
-Drive around rural New Hampshire to targeted Republican houses

Oct. 26       Florida
-Rally with all Florida delegation
-Campaign among Cuban Americans

“If the Cuban people don’t see freedom in the next decade, you can thank the President’s weakening of the embargo. The great tragedy of Castro’s Cuba is how effectively his government has managed to strangle any hope of changing Cuba in the Cuban people. That is tragic. Freedom, it has been said, is not America’s gift to the world. That’s right. Freedom is God’s gift to His Children. As President, I intend to stand up for the freedom of the Cuban people at every chance I get. That is the good fight, whether it’s popular or cool or not. That is the right thing to do, and I intend to do it.”

Oct. 27     Florida
-Campaign along I-4 Corridor with Governor Scott, Senator Rubio
-Tour previously failing elementary school in a “15 years later” event

Oct. 28      South Carolina
-Spend all day with volunteers
-Visit field offices

“The work you all are doing is the very best. I appreciate every last one of you. This campaign wouldn’t be ahead in all the polls without you, we wouldn’t be on track to the White House without you, we wouldn’t be on track to revive the promise of America without you all. Again, I appreciate you and I’m honored to have your support.

You must be logged in to read this quote.

No, I absolutely do not believe the President has handled this well. First of all, our President let this happen. He gave the order to retreat from Iraq, he wouldn't sign a status of forces with Baghdad. He basically polled his way out of Iraq, and when we ran, the terrorists ran in after us. It's a debacle of President Obama's creation.

How I would address it? It's critically important that we strengthen the government in bad. I would support a plan that aids the Iraqi military in launching ground offensives against ISIS. We've got to work with our allies in the region to destroy ISIS, not contain it, destroy it. That means working comprehensively with Saudi Arabia and the coalition they've built to address the deterioration of Yemen.

You must be logged in to read this quote.

Look, Israel is the greatest ally we have in the Middle East. They were the first functioning, multiethnic democracy in the region. They've been a critical partner in the peace process, as well.

The issue is, the United States and Israel are both sitting at the table just waiting on the Palestinians to show up. The Palestinian Authority has always looked to force Israelis out of their homes, only been willing to consider a Palestinian state along 1967 borders, and have done nothing to address the terrorists within their territory. Israel is our friend, our ally, and a nation waiting at the table. As President, I'll support them and do everything I can to get the PA to the table.

You must be logged in to read this quote.

You know, I don't blame people for wanting to do something about the struggle of the everyday American. Politicians have promised an awful lot from increasing the minimum wage. People feel compelled to do something to try to make life better.

But the hard truth is, the minimum wage won't help anyone. The people who enjoy larger paychecks because of an increase in the minimum wage will soon see the increase eaten away by upward movement in the cost of living. After the benefits have worn off for those people, you're just left with half a million people out of work.

The only way we're going to get the middle and working class back into the economy is to reform government, shrink the tax code, reduce the burden of regulation, and unleash the potential America knows it has. As President, I'm not going to fight to bankrupt small businesses and put people out of work by increasing government mandates, I'm going to focus on renewing the American idea for everyone, everywhere in this great country, no matter what.

You must be logged in to read this quote.

Absolutely not. The order was unconstitutional. President Obama likes to remind us that Obamacare is the "law of the land." I'd just like to remind him, the Constitution is the law of the land.

The President's amnesty has ruined all plans to reform immigration. He's killed any hope of getting a plan that strengthens our borders while reforming our immigration system in a way that makes sense. That may be part of the plan. If you elect me, I plan on passing an immigration law that secures our border and effectively deals with the 12 million illegal immigrants already here. This involves paying fines for breaking our laws, not going on social services, working, learning English, and getting an education.

You must be logged in to read this quote.

We've got a lot of great candidates up here. Really, I think Senator Graham would do well as Secretary of Defense, that's not to say I don't want any of the others. But the person I'd most like to see in Cabinet would be Senator Graham of the great state of South Carolina.
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« Reply #11 on: April 05, 2015, 11:57:39 pm »

Bush For America

Oct. 29         New Hampshire
-Rally veterans groups on national defense, opposing defense cuts in Nashua
-Speak with parents, teachers about reforming and reducing federal Dept. Of Ed. in Manchester
-Volunteer management in Manchester and Nashua

The issue with the federal government and education is simple. The Department of Education believes that it is a governing agency in education rather than a funding agency. The DoE shouldn't be in the rule-making and regulation business. There is a role for the DoE in terms of funding, providing money to schools that demonstrate success and the schools that need a boost to become successful. However, you can speak to thousands of teachers across this country and a common thread strings their distaste together. They spend too much time on regulations, keeping track of grant money, bookkeeping for the bureaucrats, and too little time with students. Providing regulatory relief to our nation's schools is important, and if you elect me President of the United States, I intend to do that.

Oct. 30       Florida
-Campaign in The Villages on economic issues, with Governor Scott and Senator Rubio
-Attend AIPAC conference to announce endorsement, speech
-Hold an event with each member of Congress in their District

While it may be fashionable in the halls of Europe and now in the halls of the White House, I will never waver in the United States's commitment to Israel. As the only stable, free, prosperous democracy in the Middle East, American values are Israeli values. We share a common ancestry. Our nations hold a set of shared values. Our nations, and the rights of the people within them, are formed by our Creator. It is for these reasons  that I will always stand shoulder to shoulder with our greatest ally, the nation of Israel.

That commitment, though, is no longer universal. The special relationship that existed between our two countries was not tested by the bitterness of partisanship or the lure of opportunism. Support for Israel was above the squabbles of day-to-day Washington. That is, sadly, no longer the case. An alliance of the fringes have taken a stand against Israel. Leftist opposition to Israel runs strong, and it runs from the White House on down. President Obama has led the Democratic Party against Israel's supporters in the United States. However, I am disheartened to say that some within the Republican Party have joined them. It is crucial that the United States does not question its commitment to Israel. If I am the next President of the United States, I never will.

Oct. 31          Florida
-Campaign in Southern Florida w/Scott, Rubio, Members of Congress
-Meet with Cuban American leaders
-Cuban Americans for Bush rally, speech
-Meeting with Catholic Right to Life Group

Today, Cuba is not free. It has not been free in over half a century. A brutal dictator, and now his brother, have controlled Cuba in what cannot be described as anything but occupation. Cuba is not free.

American foreign policy has always looked to topple the existing Cuban government, allow freedom to take hold in the nation just 90 miles from our coast, and liberate millions of people.  Many people here in the United States, in Florida particularly, have family still living under the tyranny of the Castro regime. It is the duty of American foreign policy to continue to seek their liberation, to establish the free trade of goods, and to enter into a partnership with a free Cuba.

Our President, and some members of my party, are wavering in their opposition to the Castros' tyranny. The President and his allies say, "Oh, we don't WANT the Castros to be in charge, but as long as they are...what's the harm?" What's the harm? The harm is systemic oppression, political persecution, and a people that are not free.

If I am elected as your next President, I pledge to make great strides toward freeing the people of Cuba. You can count on that.

Nov. 1       Nevada
-Rally with Columba, Hispanic Republicans
-Immigration roundtable
-Speech to American Legion

Securing the homeland and defending national interests is a duty of the federal government that is enshrined in the Constitution. A strong military is critical to the defense of this nation and our interests. Strength enables a foreign policy that yields real results.

We've seen the consequences of a foreign policy that holds our military in contempt. President Obama and his allies in the legislative branch have forced the military to its lowest level of readiness since World War Two.

If I'm elected President, I will work to repeal sequestration's devastating effects on the military.

Nov. 2          Nevada
-Bus tour across rural Nevada
-Bus tour across rural Nevada
-Bus tour across rural Nevada

Nov. 3          South Carolina
-Campaign across northern SC w/Dubya
-Barnstorm Greenville County
-PTA meeting in Spartanburg

Nov. 4           South Carolina
-Meet with local Republican Committee in Richland county
-Attend NFIB-sponsored roundtable with local community leaders
-Shake hands with volunteers in Richland county
-Ribbon cutting for decked out campaign HQ in Columbia
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« Reply #12 on: April 06, 2015, 06:19:53 pm »

Commander in Chief
Bush for America
Cinematography: Jeb speaking with relevant pictures, him speaking to camera when appropriate
Running in: IA, NH, SC, FL, NV, CO

America faces a treacherous path ahead. Our enemies advance on our allies. Our internal divisions continue to weaken the security of our homeland. When you elect the next Commander in Chief, I hope you'll stand with me for a strong foreign policy that is grounded in the real world, that is designed to preserve our national interests and promote our national values. I'm Jeb Bush and I approve this message because I believe in America's security.

Bush for America Strategy Memo, Oct. 29 to Nov. 4th

It is important that all campaign staff note the fundamental differences held by Iowa and New Hampshire from the rest of the primary process. Our strategic programs reflect the retail aspect of the first two states while accepting the more typical nature of later primaries.

-Iowa Volunteer Program
The Bush Family have long held a strong following in the first state in the nation's primary process. The Governor's stops in the state have been primarily focused on bolstering the volunteer "army of persuasion" that we are relying on to power the Iowa campaign. The directive to our Iowa director has been clear. Maximize voter contacts made by volunteers in order to reinforce the messages the voter has received through our paid advertising. The entire campaign is an ad campaign with an emphasis on pushing our paid messages deeper into the conscious of the caucus. Organizational favor is being given to right to life and business groups.

-New Hampshire Community Leaders Program
Governor Bush's efforts in the state have been characterized by an aggressive outreach strategy with business, opinion makers, and other officials in the communities. Winning these people alone will yield significant results in the New Hampshire. However, the program's real strength lies in bolstering our later voter-to-candidate contact campaign in the state. These are individuals who can bring out thousands of voters to listen and meet the Governor. Having been met with success in the Community Leaders Program, the New Hampshire campaign will soon begin to transmission into a mass voter contact campaign. Bush for America will immediately begin using community leader contacts to create a surge in volunteer contacts. New phone lines and office space has been acquired to accommodate these new volunteers.

-South Carolina Lockdown
In 2012, our eventual nominee Mitt Romney carried 28% of the vote in the South Carolina primary. That was not, at the time, a sufficient share of the vote to win the primary. Today, Governor Bush is polling at 27% of the primary. Governor Bush, however, has put much more effort into running up the score along the coastal areas. Romney's theoretical win in SC relied on a performance on the Coast that he did not receive. The Governor is polling even with Romney by winning a larger share of the high-turnout coastal region while running behind Romney in the populated inland areas of the state. Our campaign has done an excellent job at locking up the coast. Expanding to include former Romney voters will yield an even larger share of the primary vote, virtually guaranteeing a primary victory in this divided field.

-Florida Party Growth and Systematic Voter Contact
The entire Florida Republican Party has lined up behind Governor Bush. All Congressional Republicans and Senator Rubio are running for re-election this cycle. Our campaign staff has worked out an arrangement in which all three levels of campaigns will register new GOP voters and automatically have them issue a pledge to vote Bush-Rubio-Congressional Republican. All new party growth initiated by the presidential, senatorial, or congressional campaigns will favor Governor Bush. Additionally, Governor Bush has done some campaigning in the state to remind Cuban Americans and other staunch Republicans  of his record and his plans if he is elected President. AIPAC's endorsement has also rallied the pro-Israel vote behind the Governor.

-Nevada, Colorado, and Minnesota Caucus Leaders Programs
Bush for America has already established a basic, but growing, caucus leader initiative in NV, CO, and MN. These individuals will lay the groundwork for shaping the caucus electorate. Previous nominees have run campaigns designed to compete in unfriendly electorates. The strategy of out-campaigning a hostile electorate has been met with mixed success. Bush for America will not only compete for existing caucus goers, but also broaden the electorate to incorporate more friendly elements. The caucus leaders will lead the way in turning out first time caucus goers while paid messaging and campaign appearances increase the Governor's share of the traditional vote. New voters will be critical to winning caucus states. In Colorado and Nevada particularly, we will be looking to exacerbate the Governor's advantage with Hispanic Republicans.
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« Reply #13 on: April 15, 2015, 03:52:09 pm »

Schedule soon.
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