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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 437914 times)
Concerned Citizen
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United Kingdom

Political Matrix
E: 4.90, S: 0.35

« on: July 23, 2012, 08:30:13 pm »

I'm bored and tired, so these answers may be brief. I'll probably update it more thoroughly at another time.

Social Issues

Abortion: I'm pretty neutral. Personally pro-life and would like the weekly limit for abortions to be reduced to 12 at least. That's probably the best I can hope for in the UK. In a US context, I would leave it up to the states, but would support parental consent laws before an abortion.

Same-sex marriage: In favour from a Conservative point of view, bringing in gay marriage strengthens the whole institution of marriage, which is good for society and families as a whole. Scrap that 'Civil Partnership', whatever it is.

Drug legalization: Oppose. Medical Marijuana is alright, I guess. Otherwise I don't support the legalization of drugs.

Prostitution: Oppose. Not much else to say really.

Guns: I would support gun law relaxation in the UK, though the chances of that happening, even under Cameron is nil. In a US context, I would strongly support the 2nd Amendment, oppose most gun regulations, probably be an NRA member, allow concealed carry laws (with a required license) etc. Though I oppose gun carrying on national parks.

Education: I'm all in favour of the 'Free School' and 'Academies' idea that Michael Gove is promoting in the UK, bringing back tougher qualifications, O-levels, and scrapping useless degrees/subjects will do alot of good.

Immigration: Restrict. Stop the endless flow of migrants, even though EU laws prevent this. Tighten the guidelines required for entry, increase border control restrictions too.

Stem Cell Research: Yeah, what's wrong with this?

Euthanasia: Mmm, not too sure on this. Probably lean-oppose, but I wouldn't criminalize people who aid relatives who go abroad for it.

English as the official language: Yes, yes, yes. Put it in the Constitution.

School Prayer: I went to a Church of England school and had school prayer. Nothing wrong with it. Leave it up to the school governors/parents to decide.

Pledge of Allegiance: Support it, although it's not really a UK thing.

Economic Issues

Affirmative Action: Urgh no. Scrap.

Trade: Gotta love a bit of Free Trade.

Health Care: Increase the privatization of the NHS, it's time to stop squandering money into the bottomless pit of nationalized health care. Continue to promote private sector involvement. In a US context, I opposed the ACA.

Welfare: I support  mandatory drug-testing for welfare recipients, and the new 'three strikes and your out' law, which ensures individuals don't scrounge on the welfare system, when some people are genuinely in need.

Minimum Wage: Leave it as it is.

Taxes: Lower across the board. Take low income earners out of the tax bracket, reduce the top rate of income tax to 40%, then, depending on the economic situation, to 35%.

Regulation: Too much bureaucracy and government involvement. (Generic, tired, answer)

Spending Cuts: Cut, cap, balance. (US) Cut big time on Health and Welfare, stop cutting Defense and the Police. (UK)

Energy: Investigate renewable energy sources.  Tax breaks for clean energy industries is something I'm supportive of. However, I'd also like oil corporations to be given incentives to be more efficient with energy derived from those sources. I'm very much in favour of increased Nuclear Power, and would support offshore oil drilling.

Social Security: Make a compulsory pension fund for all workers over-21, which they can access when they retire.

Unions: Ensure that Unions cannot strike without the support of over 50% of all their members, introduce emergency anti-strike legislation if need be. Allow the firing of workers who go out on strike and don't return to work.

Foreign Policy/Defense

PATRIOT ACT: Support general anti-terrorism legislation. It's a necessary evil.

Afghanistan: Stay in until the jobs done, whenever that will be.

Iraq: This isn't really relevant now, but I would have supported the surge in a US context.

Israel/Palestine: As a general rule, I'm a big supporter of Israel and oppose Palestinian UN recognition.

Iran: Keep nothing off the table. Invasion included. Increase sanctions and international pressure.

Syria: Do a "Libya" on Syria, even if it doesn't have UN recognition.

Cuba: Leave it as it is.

Military Spending: Restore pre-2010 spending levels. (Higher than today)

Electoral Issues/Government

Voter Regulations/ID Cards: Abhor the use of ID cards. Voter regulations aren't really a UK issue, though from what I read I tend to agree with them in a US context.

Electoral College: Keep it.

Washington D.C.: Leave it as it is.

Puerto Rico: Leave it as it is.

Senate: Abolish the filibuster to 55, otherwise leave it as it is.

Congress: Leave it as it is.
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 5,178
United Kingdom

Political Matrix
E: 4.90, S: 0.35

« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2013, 05:54:20 pm »

Maybe something like a Henry Jackson liberal.

Economically left, socially centre-left, fairly interventionist in foreign policy.
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 5,178
United Kingdom

Political Matrix
E: 4.90, S: 0.35

« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2013, 09:11:50 am »

New Democrat, in the mould of Andrew Cuomo and best typified by Bill Clinton. Generally centrist on social issues reading your answers, except on abortion and guns where you tilt to the right. You're generally centre-left on economics issues. Foreign policy, too, pretty centrist although your Syria stance stood out. It probably makes sense to switch your E/S matrix scores as you seem socially more centrist than economically so. You're not a moderate hero per-se, just a pragmatic Democrat. In days long gone, you might have voted Republican, maybe up to Ford in '76, or pushing it, Bush in '88. Thereafter probably straight Democrat.
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 5,178
United Kingdom

Political Matrix
E: 4.90, S: 0.35

« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2013, 09:30:18 am »

Procrastination. I'll probably flesh this out at some point.

Social Policy

Abortion:  Constitutional amendment to overturn Roe v. Wade. Return abortion back to the states. Enact parental consent laws. Remove funding for Planned Parenthood.

SSM and other LGBT rights:  Support Same Sex Marriage, but it should be a state decision. Support ENDA too.

Marijuana:  Keep it illegal and crack down on the states that are decriminalising it, enact a federal ban preventing states from selling it.

Drinking Age:  Preferably lowered to 18 as in the UK but this doesn't really concern me.

Death Penalty:  Oppose. Imperfect society is incapable of accurately determining who deserves to die. (quoting TDA's answer here)

Physician-assisted suicide: Neutral, but lean oppose.

Guns: Moved slightly more to the right on this. Oppose federal attempts at gun control and empower the states to take their own lead on the issue. I support gun control at the state level, not federally.

Affirmative Action: Oppose, in all instances.

Economic Policy

Income Tax:  Gradually decrease it across the board. No tax rises.

Deficit:  Cut the deficit by spending cuts, see my plan on the NYT interactive budget app. Balance the budget via 20% tax rises, 80% cuts.

Social Security:  Cut social security, raises eligibility age to 70, tighten means testing etc.

Free Trade:  Wholly support. No exceptions.

Education:  Remove the Department of Education. It's a state issue.

Infrastructure spending:  No spending until the budget is balanced.

Environment: Encourage investment in greener technology, protect conservation and green belt areas. Allow off-shore oil drilling and fracking.

Foreign Policy

Mideast: Wholly support Israel. Should have kept troops in Iraq and would have voted for the surge (but would have opposed the war in retrospect). Neutral on Iran with the recent election, though any sign of antagonism towards Israel and building of nuclear weapons would be met with retribution.

East Asia: Continue to back our allies in Asia. Encourage a trade rapprochement with China, though remain wary of them.

Embargo on Cuba:  Continue.

Military involvement overseas:  Should be encouraged where human rights are being threatened or our nations interests are threatened.

Humanitarian causes:  As above.
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