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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459628 times)
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« on: April 03, 2012, 08:03:08 am »

Social Issues

Abortion: Basically support Roe v. Wade as it is - abortions fully legal up to a point of viability - probably around the 3rd trimester. However, I'm very skeptical in killing babies if they survive abortion. Put them up for adoption or something if they do survive.

Gay Rights: Basically should have the same rights as heterosexuals. Those that don't support it are idiots, or worse. It's discrimination at it's finest.

Drugs: Support legalising 'soft' drugs such as cannabis. In reality however it's the dealers, not the users that are the problem. Drugs really should be decriminalised, and people charged with drug offences should take rehab rather than being thrown in jail.

Prostitution: Legalised. I don't care what someone wants to do in their spare time.

Separation of Church and State: A solid democracy must be secular. Having religion involved in it can lead to some very bad things!

Contraception: Anyone wanting to ban this needs to go back to the 18th Century.

Immigration: Mostly legal. Illegal immigration is a problem, but not an extremely serious one, and there is no real way to prevent this from happening. So as long as they perform background checks, there should be no major way from preventing someone into the country.

Death Penalty:
Illegal except in very extreme circumstances. A lot of executions are done without the premise of "beyond any doubt". "Beyond reasonable doubt" is fine for other sentences, but you shouldn't kill anyone unless they committed a terrorist act or genocide, and you know they did it. I support 3 strikes, but not mandatory sentences.

2nd Amendment: Banning guns altogether is unconstitutional, but there should be restrictions. People with mental health issues or criminal records regarding violent crime should not be allowed to hold guns, and there needs to be background checks on this.

Alcohol: Australia's laws are fine. In America, the drinking age should be 18.

Stem Cell Research: Access, access, access! It can lead to cures to major diseases!

Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
: Should be legal. I don't see why people should be refused to end their lives if they don't want to live anyone and can't do it themselves. I would, however, restrict to people with disabilities or terminal illnesses, as everyone else just commits suicide anyway.

Affirmative Action: Don't support it on gender based grounds or racial based grounds. But I do support it on socio-economic grounds.

Smoking Bans: Support in public places and bans for under 18's.

Economic issues

Education: A healthy education is an important part of society. While private schools have their place, all education up to high-school level should be free and compulsory. Ideally I'd make university free too, or at least subside to some extent, too. Vouchers should not be accessible to the wealthy at least, but I do support merit-based pay, so as long as schools are on an equal playing field, and it is done by socio-economic status rather than by full performance, as that favours wealthy areas by default.

Taxes: Very progressive tax system. The poor should pay little tax (like 10%), the rich should pay a lot (like 60%). Get rid of a lot of loopholes too, and introduce things like capital gains and assets taxes, which are probably better for improving income inequity.

Environment: If we don't act now, by the time I die, this world may be ****ed. Policies such as cap-and-trade and strong environmental legislation are good policies.

Social Security: Should still exist and be kept in government hands, but also introduce superannuation and increase the retirement age up to 70.

Unions: Right-to-work laws are stupid. Without unions, imagine how horrible work would be?

Health Care: Something like Canada's system, where the government pays for health care, but the doctors work privately (is this single-payer) would go good. In fact, this would be helpful for businesses, as they don't need to provide health care plans for their workers.

Energy: Invest in renewable energy, and try and move away from coal and oil. I would consider nuclear power, but put plants away from areas with a lot of people.

Welfare: Make sure that welfare recipients are actively looking for work, but if they are, give them a wage where they can live off, even if uncomfortably.

Free Trade: Strongly support it. Protectionism is stupid. However, I would make sure that the countries interests are first.

Space Exploration: Research whether terraforming another planet or finding more livable planets is feasible. Allow private companies, assuming they want to, to help with this though.

Foreign Issues

Military Spending: Reduce it. That sector is way bloated.

Diplomacy/Sanctions: Should be our main option for resolving international conflicts. War should be a last resort.

Israel: Make a two-state solution and stop Israel from having the same power as they have now.

Syria: Offer assistance to the rebellion. Don't go to war in Syria though - Russia and China are too dangerous.

Afghanistan: Withdraw combat troops but keep some there to maintain stability.

Terrorism: Support what Obama is doing now.

Electoral Issues/Government

Voting Regulations: Felons should be allowed to vote if they are out of jail. Voter ID laws are stupid, and are mostly used to disenfranchise Democrat voters (I know I'm exaggerating, but it seems like the truth). Move election day to a weekend so that voter turnout can reach a maximum.

The Senate: Get rid of the filibuster.

Electoral College: Don't really mind it actually, though the popular vote would be better, or even by congressional district.

Gerrymandering: Should be illegal. Districts should be drawn as fairly as possible, without any form of partisan influence.
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