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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 429250 times)
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« on: March 06, 2010, 07:58:38 pm »
« edited: March 06, 2010, 10:28:54 pm by Governor Bill Richardson »

Abortion:  While I am personally opposed in most cases, I support early term abortions politically.  Of course, at the same time adoption should be presented as an option.  I am opposed to late term abortion.

War:  Oppose War in Iraq.  Support War in Afghanistan, as well as troop surge there.  Use of Predator Drones should increase throughout Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (yes, Pakistan).

Israel:  Support Israel, but also support creation of Palestinian state in West Bank and Gaza.

Regulation:  Increase regulation on businesses.  Give substantial tax breaks to companies that employ American workers, and raise taxes on companies that do not.  Oppose bailouts.  Let them fail.

Healthcare:  Support single-payer system, but not at current date.  As of now, put in measures to increase competition while also lowering costs.  Support public option, but only in areas where there is not enough competition, or where employer supplied healthcare is too expensive.  Support mandated healthcare.

Gun Control:  Support concealed weapons with permit.  At the same time, make registration process more difficult.  Support ban on assault rifles (why the hell would you need an assault rifle?).

Death Penalty:  Support in the worst crimes.  However, if you give someone the death penalty, speed up the process.  Don't make them rot in solitary confinement for 20 years before they finally get pumped with chemicals.

Drugs:  Support legalization of marijuana.  Lower drinking age to 18.  Step up attempts to stop smugglers.

Gay Marriage:  See abortion.  I personally have questionable thoughts on the subject, but it does not effect me.  I support a legalization of it, but do not force Churches to marry Gay couples.  I oppose adoption by gay couples (Do it for the children!1!11!!!)

Environment:  Sign the freaking Kyoto Protocol.  

Welfare:  Needs definite reforms.  Put limits on time you can stay on welfare, require users to show where their money is going, and do more to stop people from getting on Welfare.  Support new version of Public Works Administration, which would allow small businesses to employ unemployed workers for free, as the workers would be payed by the government.

Immigration:  Support a clear path to citizenship.  At the same time, work to stop companies that employ illegal immigrants.  Work to stop illegal immigration, but not legal immigration.

Prostitution:  Very restricted.  Do not legalize federally, but do not ban federally.  

Euthanasia:  Legalize voluntary euthanasia.

In summary, I support regulation, I support capitalism, but I also have certain socialist tendencies.
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