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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427874 times)
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« on: March 23, 2005, 03:02:37 pm »

Socially:  Complete civil libertarian a la Russ Feingold.  Separation of church and state, pro-choice (except 3rd trimester in which case life, rape and health only), strongly opposed to new FCC regulations, favor gay marriage, opposed to the death penalty.  However, being a Philadelphian that knows a lot of cops, Mumia is not a political prisoner and deserves life in prison throw away the key.

Economics:  Generally moderate-left.  Pro-union, favor a progressive tax structure, opposed to maximum capital gains taxes, opposed to privatization of SS, opposed to tort reform.  Trade is a iffy issue for me however.  Based on what I learned in economics, I realize it's beneficial.  In reality, it has proven anything but in some cases, but in some it has worked out very well such as trade with Canada, Sweden, France, Britain, Germany, Japan, and Singapore, etc.  Basically I don't mind helping out a poor country, but at the same time they should try to plut in place labor and environmental stances.  Universal health care is another iffy issue as well.  Our current system with drug prices is HORRIBLE policy and Canada has a better policy here.  I believe in compettition, but at the same time the health industry lobbyists are raking in excessive profits.  I would be in favor of a hybrid system where a portion of one's paycheck is taken out, such as SSI for a choice between basic health plans with an option for extra insurance (prescription drug/vision,dental, etc.) out of one's own pocket which of course would be discretionary.  I could go on for hours about this, but this is basic.  I lean conservative on issues such as welfare reform, Section 8 housing, and affirmative action.  I liked a lot of Clinton's ideas on welfare reform.  There are people who don't work for a living and smoke crack on my tax dollars and also get Section 8 vouchers to live in a decent neighborhood next to paying customers.  Not saying it should be eliminated, but overhauled.  Affirmative action is a tough issue as well because there is some "country club nepotism" among wealthy white males who could be underqualified, BUT I dislike AA because it ignores poor, working class white males who didn't exactly come off the Mayflower (my case an Irish coffin ship).  There is also the fact that white males are held to a ridiculously higher standard when applying for some jobs.  Example, the Philadelphia Police/Fire.  Blacks get 20 POINTS EXTRA on their evaluation just for being black.  Now in that case, the Irish-Italian males have a monopoly on those jobs and can show some nepotism there, but what's fair is fair.  Should be based on scores and aptitude, not nepotism or race.
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« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2005, 02:21:16 pm »
« Edited: July 27, 2005, 02:23:09 pm by Flyers2006 »

Social Issues

General philosophy: Liberalism

Separation of church and state:  Strongly favor.  I favor allowing religious education, but it shouldn't be taxpayer funded.  In Philadelphia, I have a problem with Islamic education being funded via charter schools.  Charter schools should be secular.  I can see some Title I funding for religious schools in poorer areas, but IHMO, religious education is an option parents should pay for themselves.   

Freedom of speech: Strongly favor.  If a parent doesn't want their child watching Howard Stern or South Park, there's a V-Chip.  Please stop b!tching.  I also think there should be nudity allowed on TV.  Europe is so far advanced than us on this.  Nudity on the internet- great thing!  Seriously, it sure cuts down on the amount of sexual assaults that could happen.

Right to an abortion: Very strongly support throughout the first two trimesters.  In the 3rd trimester I favor life of mother, incest, and physical health only.

Affirmative action: Generally oppose, but keep most of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Gun rights: Support an assault weapon ban and a handgun ban, but allow rifles for hunting.  I'm sure midstate Pennsylvanians could tolerate this.

Civil unions or gay marriage: Support both

Euthanasia: Strongly support

Prostitution: Support legalization, but shoudl be regulated a la the Netherlands.

Capital punishment: Mostly oppose, but allow it for terrorists and extreme cases.

Sex: Increase funding for contraception on TV and freely advertise where people can go and pick up condoms or pills.  Some educational institutions are so archaic about this.  Planned Parenthood should have stations outside parochial high schools giving students more accurate information than what's being taught.  Seriously, the number of teen pregos would be GREATLY reduced and DHS cases woudl drop dramtically.   

Economic Issues

General philosophy:  Standard pro-union Democrat with collegiate infulence from economics professors

Employers and Employees:  Strongly pro-union, but businesses should have some leeway to compete.  Expand OT rules into lower end professional sectors.  From a personal standpoint I will not leave the government for an accounting firm that will pay me little me more to work 60-80 hours per week.  If an employer wants to run young professionals into the ground they should pay them!   

Taxation: Income Tax: Look whatever balances the budget given reasonable services.  At this point they should be raised in a progessive fashion.

Spending: Cut government spending on wasteful programs, including some welfare programs, farm subsidies, foreign aid, and others.

Free trade: Cautiously favor.  Bilateral agrrements with labor and environmental standards.  Free trade is the best policy, but exploitation makes it worse to compete.

Funding of the space program: Favor.  New technology is brought about from such missions.

Foreign policy

General philosophy: 'Dove', isolationist

Iraq: Strongly Opposed. It is morally wrong, we have no reason to be there, and then we complain like Hell when they fight back?!?No Blood For Oil!

The American military exists to protect American interests, not to topple dictatorships. I wish someday we could make it into a Dept. Of Peace, but right now there isnt enough trust among nations.

Took some thigns from LiberalPA, because I thought a lot of it was good.  There are some disagreements though.
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« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2009, 11:22:54 pm »

I will just list some of my beliefs.

Universal Health care: SUPPORT!
Gay marriage: Oppose
NAFTA: Oppose
Immigration reform: Support
Union rights: Support
Taxes: Lower
Social Security: Support
Abortion: Strongly oppose
Affirmative action: oppose
Expanding public universities: Support!
War in Iraq: oppose
Drug legalization: HELL NO

Damn.  Take out the Iraq War we gots ourselves a Bob Casey Democrat on our hands.  I thought this state's Democrats have finally turned a new leaf. Tongue
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