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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 429290 times)
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« on: October 21, 2009, 04:35:50 pm »
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Foreign Policy

Warfare: War should be reserved for when our nation is in grave, imminent danger. No pre-emptive warfare, unless it is strategically necessary to protect ourselves (the 1983 invasion of Grenada). Marques and reprisals are also sometimes justified (the 1986 Libya air strike). I oppose nation building and would like to see us close several of our overseas bases and stop policing the world.

Iraq: I opposed the invasion from the start as I believe the war was fought under a false-pretense and bad/manipulated information. We invaded Iraq for oil interests, influence from Israel and some sort of unreasonable idea that we could actually spread freedom to the region. I support a rapid withdrawal of our troops from Iraqi soil.

Afghanistan: The initial strikes and the hunt for Bin Ladin/Al-Qaeda were justified.  Bin Laden is dead.  We need to stop dicking around with these middle-eastern countries.  It’s time to come home.

War on Terror: This term is too ambiguous.  I would shut down the department of homeland security and repeal the PATRIOT Act.  There are indeed terrorists in the world, but by giving up our civil liberties, they are accomplishing the number 1 goal on their agenda. 

United Nations: I strongly support US withdrawal from the UN.  They are a serious threat to our national sovereignty.  America should clean up its own house, remain neutral and let the world emulate us.  Tell the UN to move their damn headquarters off our soil, too.

Iran/North Korea/Cuba: Open those bad boys up.  Talk and trade with them.  Allow American citizens to visit Cuba.

Israel/Palestine: Stop sending aid to both sides.  Pursue two-state solution diplomatically.  Israel has an advanced air force, navy and lots of nukes.  They can defend themselves.

Sudan/Darfur: Let them sort it out.  It’s not America’s job to socially engineer the world.

Foreign Aid/Debts: Drop the debt on all third-world nations and cut all foreign aid.  The majority of it is being lost to corruption.  Encourage humanitarian institutions and religious missionaries to help disadvantaged communities overseas.

Defense Budget: Needs to be cut back significantly.  A lot of money can be saved by simply not getting involved in so many foreign entanglements.  Focus on better quality weapons systems and lesser quantity of them.  Pursue a missile defense shield.

Economic and Domestic Policies

Illegal Immigration: Tighter border patrols. I don’t support amnesty, but it’s ridiculous to think we can round up 20 million people. Cut federal welfare programs and these people will have no incentive to come/stay in America illegally.

Taxes: A flat, 10 percent tax from every American’s income should be sufficient to balance the budget and run this country after we scale back the welfare state and stop playing world policeman.

Minimum Wage: Eliminate all minimum wage laws.

Energy Independence and the Environment:  I’m all for green energies, but I oppose the government subsidization of them. I support a free-market solution to alternative energies and I support drilling in ANWR and the Pacific. I especially think we need to explore nuclear power as well as the medical benefits of the atom.  I support free market solutions to fostering and improving environmental stewardship.

Healthcare: I oppose a government takeover.  Tort reform and repealing state restrictions on patient choice of insurance companies is a good place to start with making the free market system more patient-friendly.

Education: Shut down the department of education.  Let state/local governments handle funding for education.  Allow parents to choose schools via vouchers.  Let local communities decide on the curriculum being taught in classrooms (evolution, creationism, etc), but encourage all students to learn Spanish.

Unions: Decentralize their power.  I oppose the Employee Free Choice Act.

Trade: I support free trade with all nations, regardless of their human rights record or philosophy of government.  Trade is the first step towards breaking down authoritarianism and is a valuable tool for people of different cultures to communicate and learn about each other.  However, we don’t have true “free trade” when we’re trading with nations that impose tariffs. We should make every effort to negotiate tariff-free trade on both sides, but if we’re going to trade with nations that impose tariffs, we must also impose a tariff to avoid national debt.  We should withdraw from the WTO, cancel NAFTA, and I strongly oppose the NAU as they all infringe on our sovereignty.

Regulations and Corporate Welfare: Minimize regulations.  No favoritism and no bailouts.  I want true free markets. 

Affirmative Action: Oppose.

Monetary Issues: Audit the FED.  I don’t think we should go back to the gold standard, but something needs to be done to control the rabid printing of fiat currency and manipulation of interest rates.

Social and Institutional Issues

Abortion: Oppose, an unborn child has a heartbeat and brain activity; therefore I see abortion as murder and murderers should be punished.

Death Penalty: I oppose the death penalty for domestic crimes, but I think there are some high-profile political prisoners that we need to put down for our own national security. Saddam Hussein’s execution was justified. Terrorists should be long-drop hanged. Lethal injection is un-dignified and the chair is just barbaric. As for domestic criminals, life without parole is the maximum they should get.  I support their civic rights as well as reforming the whole prison system to emphasize rehabilitation. We should give them jobs to do (provided there’s no chain-gang-style torture involved), so they’re not just sitting around in their cells all day gang-raping each other.

Separation of church and state: Support. Government should protect the practice of religions and should not try to socially engineer the country towards any religion(s), nor should it discourage the practice thereof.

Embryonic Stem-Cell Research: I support scientific research as long as it does not involve the destruction of human embryos.

Gay Marriage: I support civil unions for homosexual couples. As for calling it “marriage”, well, the federal government should not have the authority to define what marriage is anyways. Leave it to churches/houses of worship to define what your “union” with your “partner” is.

Drug War & Marijuana:  Cut all federal funding for the war on drugs.  Legalize the herb, mon.

Prostitution: Legalize it.

Gun Control: CCW with a permit, bitches.

National ID: It is disgusting that this idea has even come onto the table.  Strongly oppose.
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