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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459201 times)
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Political Matrix
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« on: August 16, 2018, 11:40:56 pm »

Literally just copy/pasting what everyone else is doing, credit without credit right here to whoever made this

Social: Conservative with many caveats
Economic: Conservative with many caveats
Foreign: Dovish, fair trader
Party Affiliation: Republican

Social Policy:
Abortion: Illegal after week 9, week 20 in cases of rape, and once labor starts in the case of threat to a mother's life. We need to defund planned parenthood and pour a lot of money into fixing adoption and foster care.
Same-Sex Marriage: Always have been an ally, we need to allow LGBT adoption in the USA. No one should be forced by the government to marry anyone they don't want to, but they should regardless. The Bible says to love your neighbors and strongly advocates for the golden rule, so I think personally that churches should marry anyone who wants to be married.
Drug Laws: We need legal Marijuana and drug safe havens.
Death Penalty: We need a Constitutional amendment making it illegal for the US Government to kill people as legal punishment.
Gun Control: We need to continue to allow gun manufacturing at home and should encourage gun safety, advertising classes for safe gun use.
Religious Freedom: Should never be infringed by the government unless it harms someone else
Affirmative Action: It is well documented that this actually has decreased the rate of minority graduation, thus keeping many in a bad situation. Also needs to be ended on moral grounds.
Political Correctness: This should not be a political issue. Socially, we can discuss the pros and cons of political correctness. I think it's had a strong negative effect on social intercourse and has kept from many political issues from being raised.
Euthanasia: Supportive of Death with Dignity in most cases
Prostitution: We need to make it legal to be a prostitute and illegal to pay for prostitution, which will penalize the real wrongdoers and deal a significant blow to human trafficking.
Pornography: The UK sucks
Immigration: We need a northern and southern border wall and boats on both coasts. We also should adopt an Ellis Island immigration policy with improved family reunification.

Economic Policy:
Minimum Wage: Reduce to $7 and keep consistent with inflation.
Right to Work: Opposed, unless unions aren't doing their jobs
Taxation: We need a 15% flat tax for everyone who makes $25,000 or more a year and we need a 25% tax on stock gains
Healthcare: Some public option is okay for the poor and elderly, but otherwise a free market is the best choice.
Education: We need to educate on useful life skills and offer good education on the trades so everyone can leave high school and get a job.
Free Trade: We need to always match exactly the tariffs that other countries have with us and negotiate an elimination of tariffs.

Foreign Policy and National Security:
Iran: Get the hell away, it's got nothing to do with the US
Syria: Get the hell away, it's got nothing to do with the US
Israel/Palestine: Two state solution but Jerusalem is a part of both nations
Russia: Get the hell away, it's got nothing to do with the US unless they hack our elections, then let's kick their asses

Climate Change: Exists, is caused by man, but it's not worthwhile economically to try and fix this quickly. We need geothermal, hydroelectric, and to stop using oil and coal.

Electoral and Political Reform:
Term limits: Oppose except for President and state offices.
Electoral College Reform: We should adopt a proportional state vote system (AKA Minnesota votes 47% Clinton and 46% Trump, Clinton gets 2 electoral votes for winning and the other 8 are split proportionately, so in this case Clinton would get 6 to Trump's 4)
Voter ID: Everyone should get a free state ID when they turn 18 that they can use to vote. Drivers license, military ID, and passport should be usable as well.
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