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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459221 times)
YaBB God
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Political Matrix
E: -3.29, S: -7.74

« on: August 28, 2017, 06:16:42 pm »


Social:  Libertarianish
Economic:  Conservative/Libertarian


Social Issues

Abortion:  Legal until First Trimester

SSM:  100% Support

Transgender Issues:  Leave the Bathroom issue to the states,  personally I'd allow them to go into bathroom they Identify as.   

Marijuana:  Full Legalization

Death Penalty:  Neutral

Euthanasia:  Support

Gun Control:  Background Checks, no need for automatic weaponry, oppose Assault Weapon bans, oppose National Gun Registry.

Affirmative Action:  Oppose

Immigration:  Support legal immigration, we need tighter border security (no wall), support Pathway to Citizenship, Support Ban on Immigration/Travel from violent Nations/Regions.

Refugees:  Support bringing in Syrian Refugees after vetting.

Prostitution:  Full Legalization

Patriot Act/Government Surveillance:  Fully Oppose, fighting terrorism does not require infringing upon right to privacy. 

Free Speech/PC:  Oppose "Hate Speech" laws, but if you're a racist, sexist, etc.,  you're going to get rightfully called out for it.

Economic Issues

Minimum Wage:  Increase National Minimum Wage to $9.25, consider incremental increases from 9.25 to adjust for Inflation.

Taxes:  Change to 4 Brackets, 7.5%, 12.5%, 20%, 35%.  Corporate Tax Rate to 22.5%.  Eliminate loopholes and deductions for Corporations and Millionaires/Billionaires. 

Trade:  Pro-Free Trade but focus on mainly Bilateral Trade Agreements.

Welfare State:  "Thou Shalt not Repeal"

Healthcare:  Status Quo

Unions/RTW:  Workers have a right to choose whether or not to join a Union, but Unions should not be curtailed.

Regulation/Environment:  Global Warming is real, Green Energy companies should remain private.  Minimal Emission Regulation.

Corporate Bailouts:  No

Education:  Allow School Vouchers, repeal Common Core and return Standards/Curriculum to States.

Foreign Policy/Misc.

Every Damn War we're in:  Just get out before we ruin things even more than we already have.

Iran:  Diplomacy before war.

Israel:  Cut off all "aid" and cease being an ally.

NATO:  Support, make allies pay fair share.

Russia:  Attempt to improve relations.

Term Limits:  The people are the term limit.

Gerrymandering:  Non Partisan Commission draws districts.

Early/Absentee Voting:  Support

Voter ID:  Lean Support, though there are clearly electoral motives behind Voter ID Laws.

Public Financing:  Support, and any party/candidate that is able to get on ballot in all 50 states should receive Public Funding and be allowed into the Debates.

Electoral College:  Lean Support, proportional system would be better.

Voting Age:  18

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