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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459146 times)
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Political Matrix
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« on: September 26, 2017, 09:52:31 pm »

Social: Civil libertarian
Economic: Center left
Foreign Policy: Non-interventionist
Political Registration: Democratic in GA

Social Policy
Abortion: Unilaterally pro-choice. A woman has the right to do what she desires with her own body. I oppose the Hyde Amendment, mandatory waiting periods, and "crisis pregnancy centers," which we should call what they are: fake abortion clinics. More real abortion clinics must be opened and sex education must be proliferated in order to protect the welfare of women.

Same-Sex Marriage: Strongly support. I believe that two consenting adults should have the right to marry no matter who they are, and even if I didn't it's settled law.

Conversion Therapy: Strongly opposed. The practice is pseudoscientific and dangerous and should be unilaterally banned from the United States.

Transgender Issues: Support the transgender community. "Religious freedom" laws are trash- there is no reason why transgender people should be unable to use the bathrooms of their choosing. Federal hate crime legislation should be expanded to include gender identity. Transgender people should obviously be allowed to serve in the military.

Church and State: Should be completely separate, as the Constitution says. No new religious references should be added within governmental institutions. Tax exemptions for churches should be abolished.

Stem cell research: Strongly support. Stem cell research saves lives, and is the future of medicine.

GMOs: Strongly support. GMOs are heavily beneficial, and are the only way we can ensure crop survival into the far future. Labels should not be a requirement.

Drugs: For the most part, should be relegated to the states. Marijuana should be legalized for medical use. More focus should be placed on rehabilitation rather than punishment in prisons, and fewer non-violent drug offenders should be incarcerated.

Death Penalty: Oppose. Life in prison without parole is a worse punishment.

Gun Control: Oppose bans on assault weapons and gun registries.  Neutral on magazine/clip limits.  Support concealed carry and oppose constitutional carry.  Support mandatory gun safety features, extensive background checks, and closing the gun show loophole. People on the no-fly list should not be banned from purchasing guns until the no-fly list is refined and fixed. Many minor individual laws should be relegated to states and smaller locales.

Affirmative Action: Oppose. Racial affirmative action is racism. Affirmative action of any other kind is still discrimination.

Prostitution: Should not be banned. Use of contraceptives should be required.

Euthanasia: Neutral. With no other option but eventual death, a patient of sound mind should have the right to end their life, yet in other circumstances or with other options available I am much more hesitant to say that I support the practice.

Immigration: Create a pathway to citizenship for non-violent undocumented immigrants and provide temporary amnesty for working undocumented immigrants. Violent undocumented immigrants should be deported and not accepted back into the country. I oppose the border wall- it would be needlessly costly and a pointless, ineffective endeavor. Immigrants should not be required to assimilate into our culture or learn English, and cultural diversity should be promoted. We should increase the amount of work visas for undocumented immigrants and the permanent immigration process should be expedited exponentially whenever possible.

Police Issues/Black Lives Matter: Support BLM. The police need to be held accountable for their actions just as any other person would be. I support body cameras unless they would be too much of a strain on a budget, in which case they should be implemented at a later time.

Free Speech/Political Correctness: I consider myself a free speech absolutist; the government should not censor speech of any sort. Our modern concept of political correctness is an un-liberal, regressive idea. At the same time, private institutions have the right to restrict events and speakers regarding political ideologies or other topics. Plus, if you say something stupid or hateful, I reserve every right to call you out on it. :Tongue:

School Prayer: Strongly oppose mandatory school prayer. Voluntary prayer is normal and healthy in a religious environment, and should be encouraged; students should be able to express whatever religious opinions they may have, but should not be required to do so.

Muslim Ban: Strongly oppose. Religious litmus tests are fundamentally wrong and violate our commitment to upholding freedom of religion. Immigrants from Islamic countries should be treated just like any other immigrants.

PATRIOT ACT/NSA Spying: Strongly oppose. The PATRIOT Act is a violation of the 4th Amendment and should be repealed. Whistleblower protections should be expanded and warrantless wiretapping should be banned.

Net Neutrality: Strongly support. An absence of net neutrality promotes rampant corporatism and restricts the abilities of small businesses and individuals to raise awareness and do business. A law should be passed unilaterally requiring net neutrality in the United States.

Economic Issues
Minimum Wage: Establish a national minimum wage of $10, set to rise with inflation. Minimum wages should be higher–$15 is not unreasonable–in locales and states that can better support the required extra cost.

Welfare: Support. The welfare state should be expanded in a second War on Poverty. Sick, maternity, and paternity leave should be ensured by the state. Adequate living conditions and food should be the goal for all Americans.

Banking: Break up the big banks and reinstate Glass-Steagall.

Social Security: Should be kept as is for the time being. The Social Security crisis is a myth at the moment.

Healthcare: I support something along the lines of the Wyden-Bennett Act of 2009, with specifics of some provisions changed to accommodate for climatic shifts since the bill was introduced. I'm somewhat skeptical about universal single-payer due to exorbitant costs and the resulting elimination of an entire business sector. Drug prices should be lowered at all costs; the current state of the pharmaceutical industry is unacceptable and a crisis for many Americans. Drug imports from Canada should be allowed, along with imports other regulated countries.

Globalization/Trade: Support globalization and free trade, but only with stringent environmental provisions.  Free trade is a core facet of our global economy and should be encouraged. I strongly support the concept of fair trade, and it should be a long-term goal of trade as a whole. I am against tariffs.

Deficit/Debt: Efficiency should be maximized among all government agencies in order to reduce debt. Unnecessary offices should be eliminated and high-ranking government officials' salaries should be reduced. The military budget should be massively reduced, and transparency should be encouraged. The NSA should be abolished and merged with our other intelligence agencies. Income taxes should be raised on the highest of high income brackets.

Campaign Finance Reform: Transparency should be required among all campaigns. However, I am somewhat neutral on Citizens United- although it is detrimental to the quality of our campaign system, I do consider myself to be a free speech absolutist, and free speech is free speech. People should have the right to contribute to political campaigns. That being said, corporations are not people, and should not be treated as such.

Unions: Strongly support voluntary union membership. Right-to-work laws should be abolished and power should return to the workers.

Energy/The Environment: Strongly support green energy. The government should invest heavily into alternative fuels, implement a national cap-and-trade policy, and incentivize companies with tax breaks. Disposable products containing less than 50% biodegradable material should be banned and replaced. The Dakota Access Pipeline and other major oil pipelines should be halted, and fracking/offshore drilling should be heavily reduced in usage. The end goal should be 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. Anthropogenic climate change is real and the number one threat to human civilization, and should be restrained at all costs. Coal is not coming back, and coal jobs should be phased out in favor of jobs in renewable energy fields. More national monuments, forests, etc. should be created, and many existing national monuments should be transferred to full national parks. The budgets of the EPA, Department of Energy, and Department of the Interior should be drastically increased. Nuclear energy should also be strongly encouraged, as long as reactors meet stringent security guidelines.

Job Creation: Public projects and infrastructure development a la the New Deal are the key here. Our infrastructure is crumbling and massive investment needs to be put into repairing it. As the green energy sector increases, so will jobs in green energy fields.

Education: Abolish Common Core and allow more individuality in curriculums. An ideal, innovative education system should favor true mastery and community building rather than test scores. I support tuition-free public university, heavy reduction of student loans, and universal pre-K. Textbook prices in public universities should be regulated to reduce student loans further. Creationism should be banned in classrooms. School vouchers for religious schools should not be allowed, although limited school choice should be implemented.

Taxes: I support increasing tax rates in the highest brackets and lowering them for the middle and lower class. Sales taxes should be slashed or abolished. Loopholes should be closed as much as possible, and the tax code should be streamlined for ease of understanding. Tax deductions for oil companies should be abolished completely and replaced with tax breaks for alternative energies. Overall, the tax code should be made into a more progressive, streamlined system.
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Political Matrix
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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2017, 09:54:00 pm »

NATO: Strongly support. NATO is an important council consisting of many of our most powerful allies, and serves to unify us on a global level.

ISIS: Oppose, of course! Humanitarian and financial aid to civilians and to our allies should be the United States' priority when it comes to countering ISIS. Drone strikes cause too much collateral damage and should be scaled back to reduce innocent loss of life in the region. We should not deploy ground troops to fight ISIS or give them the satisfaction of an official declaration of war. Still, radical Islamic terrorist organizations, and none more so than ISIS, should be wiped from the face of the earth.

China: China's government is horrible, rife with human rights violations and environmental failures. Nonetheless, we should keep our relations as friendly as possible and commit to global trade deals with China so they cannot overtake our position in the global economy.

Cuba: Normalize relations as much as possible. Guantánamo Bay should be closed.

Iran: Support the Iran Deal. There should be no regime-change war, but the international community should condemn their rampant human rights violations.

Israel: Neutral. I personally support Israel, being Jewish (although Benjamin Netanyahu is corrupt and dangerous), but I believe that the United States should encourage peace in the region and ultimately work towards a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine.

Syria/Refugees: Admit dozens of thousands of refugees for as long as the crisis continues, to alleviate pressure on Europe and to lift a lamp beside our proverbial golden door for the persecuted people of Syria. A vetting process should be in place, but asylum is a fundamental human right and should not be denied.

Electoral Reform
Electoral College Reform: Strongly support.  Abolish the electoral college and elect the President via direct popular vote.

Gerrymandering: Must be ended. A nonpartisan independent commission should draw all congressional districts based solely on equivalency of population, with no exceptions.

Term limits: Oppose. Elections are the only term limits we need.

Voter ID: Oppose. Voter ID is, in many cases, another excuse for voter suppression.

Primaries: Abolish caucuses and make all primaries open.

Statehood: Allow for referendums in all federal territories that request them, and increase the maximum threshold of the U.S. House of Representatives to ensure representation. Puerto Rico should become a state.

Voting age: Keep the same. People who will be 18 by Election Day should be allowed to vote in primary elections.

Corruption/Lobbying: Institute a five-year ban on politicians becoming lobbyists after they leave office. Foreign lobbyists should be prohibited from fundraising in U.S. elections. Transparency should be promoted in all possible ways, and punishments for political corruption should be stricter. Campaign contributions and tax returns should be available to the public for all candidates.
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Political Matrix
E: -0.19, S: -6.57

« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2017, 06:40:38 pm »

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I find it strange to end such detailed policy with such vague words. "Reform," "More progressive... system," and "streamlined system" are buzzwords - they could mean almost anything, and so mean nothing.
I was just trying to form a more general statement to encapsulate what I had put forward previously. I would agree that it's quite vague, and not the best worded statement, but it wasn't intended to suggest anything that I hadn't already said in more specific terms.
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