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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428445 times)
YaBB God
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« on: January 02, 2017, 04:31:17 pm »
« edited: January 02, 2017, 04:47:19 pm by Shadows »

Ideology : Left leaning progressive with strong libertarian streak on social, civil liberties & foreign policy

]Social Policy

Abortion: Pro-choice

Same-Sex Marriage: Strong support

Drugs: Legalize all drugs, treat as mental illness, open rehab & awareness programs

Death Penalty:
Strong opposition in all cases

Gun Control: Background checks, mental health screening, closing the gun-show loophole, National Referendum or State Ballot poll on all automatic and semi-automatic weapons

Affirmative Action: No (support more investment in poor communities, affordable housing etc)



Sex Education Sad Strong supporter

Immigration: Amnesty for non-violent. Increase refugees considerably, make immigration easier for skilled people & increase skilled people intake

Black Lives Matter:
Strongly support

Transgender Issues: Pro Transgenders

Muslim Ban: Oppose strongly

Economic Issues

Minimum Wage:  $15 per hour & indexed to inflation.

Universal Basic Income : Oppose now, re-evaluate in 10-15 years depending on unemployment, tax revenue, deficit, demographic breakup

Welfare: Paid maternity and paternity leave for first 2 children, paid sick leave, subsidized childcare, expand food security programs

Social Security: Lift the taxable income cap & dis-allow looting

Healthcare: Single Payer, allow drug imports

Trade: Free Trade with countries having comparable wages & environmental norms. Otherwise free trade but allow sectoral tariffs for industries with high paying & job intensive sectors like automobiles

Deficit/Debt: Reduce gradually, start with 50B reduction every year, reduce Military spending drastically year by year & increase taxes on very wealthy, close corporate loopholes. Balance the budget in 7-8 years. Support high deficit in recession (Keynesian) & poor economy years but deficits should be cut down soon

Campaign Finance Reform: Overturn Citizens United, maintain current individual cap

Unions: Strong support, overturn Reagan's disastrous policies

Energy: Tax breaks for Renewable R & D, Subsidies for Solar/Wind, 10 Year Moratorium on all off-shore drilling.

Environment - Ban Fracking, impose Carbon Tax, Increase Emission standards for Cars, Boost public transport in big cities, Increase R & D & funding for hybrid/electric cars

Job Creation:
Massive infra program spending 4T in 10 years. Support green jobs

Tuition free college, refinance debt, include climate change in text books

Taxes: Progressive taxes with maximum tax between 50-55%, same current corporate tax rate, tax breaks for people earning less than 150K

Glass Steagal - Yes, break the banks

Aid - Only humanitarian & strictly for poor countries. No aid to countries which aids terrorists tacitly


ISIS: Ensure Turkey & Sunni countries don't buy ISIS Oil & don't support them. Use Drones but decrease usage to reduce civilian casualties. Work with Gulf Countries, NATO, Russia to beat ISIS. Ensure Gulf states have soldiers on the ground. Stop funding Rebels/Al Qaeda in Syria, decide on Assad only after ISIS is taken care.

Ease relations with Russia for 6 months, lift all sanctions & try to be friends with the condition that they leave Syria, don't support people in Ukraine. Try to mend relations. If not go back to strong sanctions. Support NATO but refuse to pay beyond current share. Pull out of bases if they refuse to pay but give them a 3 year time limit.

Japan/South Korea Sad No nuclear weapons, give them 3 year time-frame for full reimbursement, otherwise pull out troops

China: Scrap FTA with China. Deal strictly to reduce greenhouse emission by China & to control North Korea. if China misbehaves - Open to declare Taiwan as nation. Open to support Tibet.  There is no currency manipulation (I live & breathe economics, I can explain)

Normalize relations & end of Guantanamo

Iran: Protect Nuclear Deal, condemn support for terrorism but try to normalize relations. Iran used to be a secular state & still has a large moderate population (look at Saudi). Try to control all weapon sales to Iran globally (to reduce it)

Israel/Palestine: 2 state, stop all Israeli Settlements, borders after 1967, Jerusalem co-sharing. Oppose radical Netanyahu & try to isolate him

Saudi Arabia Sad Weapons embargo to Saudi Arabia who will just send those Weapons to ISIS, Al Qaeda or fight in Yemen Gradually cut ties with this fundamental extremist group. Would even support sanctions in 10 years time as they are spreading the poison of Wahhabi Islam in the world

Pak Sad Tie all aid to defense certification of  countering terrorism In the future, put trade restrictions & other strict methods to stop support of terrorists & Haqqani network which are killing people in Afghan. Co-operate with civil government to secure nukes so that terrorists don't get it

Syria/Iraq/Afghan - Withdraw all ground forces (only air-strikes)

Turkey - Try diplomatically otherwise combine NATO actions as they have lost it

Electoral -

Voter ID - Currently no, yes in 10-15 years with gradual phasing in

Gerrymandering - No, formation of independent body to avoid this

Term Limits
- Oppose

Primaries - Open, same day reg, proportional delegates, No Super delegates

GE - Decide by Popular Vote or ensure proportional allotment of state votes & electoral votes by population for each state

Automatic Registration - Yes

Early/Absentee Voting - Yes

Holiday in State, GE & Primary Elections - Yes (Target massive turnout)

Public funding of elections - Yes & Ban all corporate funding
Others -

Patriot Act - Strongly oppose

Snowden - Pardon, commend him for exposing the crooks

Keystone, Dakota - Strongly oppose

Puerto Rico - Referendum & abide by decision

Statehood DC, PR - Abide by referendum results

Nukes - Bilateral  treaty with Russia to reduce Nukes under 500, then work with other nations to get everyone below 100, No nukes for North Korea, wait & watch with Pak & diplomatically engage
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