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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 427784 times)
Concerned Citizen
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« on: March 30, 2005, 02:58:23 am »

Social Issues:
pro-gun to the point where some people would say extreme.  I don't think I should need a permit to carry a weapon, or neccessarily be law abiding.  The only real gun control that is fair is self control in not pointing it at other people unless being threatened.

pro free speech- every kind of speech, I don't care if you don't like what I have to say, you don't need to listen to me.  You have to realise, sometimes you're gonna get offended by thing people say.  It should not be the government's say in whether or not your able to hear them

anti-affirmative action- favoritism to any group of people is unfair.  Affirmative action is still racism (regardless if it's reversed).

pro prostitution- let the john worry about getting HIV/AIDS or herpes.  it should be no concern of the state.

pro homosexual rights-  if two consenting people (both male or both female) want to have sex or marry, who am I to say they should be stopped.  Yes, the definition of marraige is between a man and a women, but I hardly see how gays marrying is going to bring a downfall or moral decay to society.  It's still really really gross though.

pro drugs- let's face it after millions of dollars, thousands of lives ruined and massive property damage by the Federal government, the Drugs won the war on drugs.  Someone else toking up has no affect on me same as someone drinking whiskey has no affect on me.

pro-life, and pro choice.  I really wish more women would reconsider before abortion.  I realise how incredibly annoying the religious right is on this issue.  I want to make it clear I don't support this practice, but I don't want the federal government getting it's hands into legislating it.

anti-death penalty- I really am for this, and I think in many cases it is a just punishment, but I know there are many people who have been wrongly convicted and put to death, and I don't trust the state to spend my tax dollars wisely, so there's no way I trust the state with life or death matters.

Anti-socialized medicine.  When the state takes over and dictates health policy for the nation, the poeple should only expect death and disease. Government monopoly in the health industry will cause many competitous industries who work hard to provide the best care go out of business. Many drugs already are forced to go through the FDA for a rigorous screening process lasting 5-10 years.  By the time it's made legal someone who needed it could've died.  Besides this will create longer waiting lines and let in hypocondriacs while emergency people suffer in line.

Economic Issues:
pro free market education:  this is not the same as a voucher system where allowances are doled out by the state and you still must choose their schools.  I think that schools should run like a business and in a capitalistic society a need is met where it is found.  Rather than the government monopoly we currently have, schools should compete for academic excellence.  Children graduate smarter because their not just being passed along and the standards of learning are not state controlled.

pro repealing the 16th Amendment.  Scrap it. No progressive tax.  No "fair" tax.  No federal sales tax. None of that crap.  Our government was relatively small before it was enacted and look how much it grew in the past 90 years.  It's the politicians' royal road to your pocket book, and in a way, it's slavery.  By that I mean you work so hard for yourself, but out of nowhere you owe the government your hard earned labor and wages from that labor.  Forced working under someone like this, when it's not your own I think counts as slavery.

pro free trade-I think a lot of these embargos put on goods are done to control the economy and regulate the goods and services coming and going. 

pro deregulation-I favor ending a lot of these stupid laws that do nothing but cost people money and waste time.

pro silver- I favor backing money with silver.  It needs to be backed by something or else inflation will never stop and the US dollar will grow weaker and weaker.  Silver is a good choice, it's a precious metal, that will be easily more liquid and better flow with the current economy than gold.

anti subsidies- I think liberals complain about big corporations way too much, when they should be complaining about big government that shows economic favoritism towards certain companies and not others.

anti social security- started when FDR decided people are too stupid to handle their own money, so we gotta step in there and take it from them, then return some of it for when they're older.  I like the libertarian plan, but don't know all the details.  Cut younger workers off from it.  Middle age and baby boomers get about half of what they put into it back.  Old people have their accounts transfered to variable annuities in private accounts for themselves.  To finance this, the government sells much of the private land it owns (which is a good amount) to individuals.

Pro balanced budget amendment: For congress to balance their budget, they should've said enough is enough after Reagan ran a huge debt.  I have no idea of what the long standing damage the W deficeit will be.

Foreign Policy:

Anti Iraq War: There was no reason to do it in the first place.  I could go on and on about it, but I'll save room for others to. 

Anti draft:  The draft is slavery-it's forcing you to work for the government.

pro noninterventionism.  After 9-11 was the only time in the last 50 years intervention was necessary.  And it should've only been used to find binLaden.  His action is still criminal and not war.  Therefore I'm also against the Afghanistan war.

pro Mexico.  Many people come here from Mexico legally, and the number is far greater than those who enter illegally.  I think a lot of people come here legally because they can get welfare and not get a job.  However those who do enter legally get harassed and get a bad reputation from the illegals.

anti U.N.  The number one job of the UN was supposed to be to prevent war.  Look at what a bad job that has done.  It's now a world beuracracy hell bent on fixing social ills and feeding the hungy while Americans go hungry and American tax dollar go to the UN

Some understanding on my veiw points mostly libertarian, some of them modified...

Concerned Citizen
Posts: 9,798

« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2007, 04:47:58 pm »

- Fire stations should be privatized.

Freedom Fighter!
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 9,798

« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2007, 11:22:28 pm »

Damn, you mean that isn't just a straw man position?

don't take this forum too seriously.
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