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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 429096 times)
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« on: July 25, 2015, 05:21:01 pm »

Political Philosophy - I'm not rigidly defined by anything. Don't interpret that as me calling myself "pragmatic", ugh, which is a gross word used by fools who kid themselves into thinking they have no idealogy. I am just of the firm belief that everybody on earth; whatever their gender, ethnicity, orientation, class or circumstances of birth; deserves a good life - to be educated up to their desired limits, given quality healthcare throughout their life and to have a meaningful and productive life ( definitions of "meaningful" and "productive" are up or grabs).

Social Issues:

Abortion: should be available, and ideally free (no-questions asked) until the end of the second trimester. (After that only for medical issues and other special circumstances - obviously very few women go for abortions for funzies during the third trimester, so it's not like that's too much of a burden. Obviously parental consent is an ageist sham, and thugs should not be allowed to protest and harass clinics/their patients.

Animal Rights: all sentient beings should be granted rights. Personhood status should be granted to simians and cetaceans; and their use in entertainment, invasive experimentation and food should be banned. Factory farming, and (eventually, with increased research into faux foods) the widespread consumption of meat and dairy should be discouraged and phased out.

Drugs: soft drugs legalised, hard drugs treated as medical issue and given free to addicts. Treat all soft drugs like Tobacco and Alcohol - in that we should be distrustful of their industries but recognise them as necessary evils.

Euthanasia: legalise for any reason, but with enough checks that people aren't being coerced into it by unscrupulous individuals.

Gender and Sexual minority rights: (normal) full legalisation of; crack down on discrimination in all sectors, school bullying and transgender people should be allowed to change their gender without surgery.

Guns: ugh (non-American, normal). No need for ( non-decorative) guns unless you're a farmer, although defensive weapons like pepper spray should be legal. As I do not support rich aristocratic psychos or those who seek to emulate them, I oppose recreational hunting.

Immigration: as a long-term goal, open borders should be the dream. Rich countries should be forced to take in more refugees and asylum seekers; and the UK should introduce birthright citizenship.

Prostitution: although I feel the industry is largely moot in the Internet era, I think the Nordic Model makes the most sense at this point in time.

Separation of Church and State: yeah, disestablish CofE; ban funding of religious schools (even, nay, especially in Northern Ireland). Obvious.

Affirmative Action: should be done, but only as a crude and temporary measure to fix existing ills. I support gender quotas for boardrooms, legislatures and the civil service until they became unnecessary; and racial quotas in certain contexts (e.g. South Africa).

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