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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 428767 times)
President Johnson
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« on: October 23, 2016, 06:08:49 am »

Ideology in general
Social: Liberal/progressive
Economic: Moderate, Social market economy, fiscal conservative
Foreign: Diplomacy first, use force when needed. Lean to oppose regime change

Social Policy
Abortion: Pro-choice
Same Sex Marriage: Support
Drug policy: Allow soft drugs, regulate sale and tax; hard drugs should remain illegal
Sentencing laws: Support tough sentencing laws for violent crime
Gun Control: Support common-sense regulations like background checks
Prostitution: Legalize with strong regulations
Right to Die: Support assistance for deadly illnesses
Immigration: Support path to citizenship, reform immigration system, deport criminals, secure border
Guantanamo: Close

Economic Policy
Minimum Wage: Raise to $15 nationally and automatic raises with inflation
Welfare: Support as long as not abused
Right-to-Work: Support; but support also strong unions
Fiscal policy: Fiscal conservative. Make government more efficent, fight waste and fraud.
Taxation: Progressive tax. Raise taxes on wealthy, cut for small businesses and middle class
Banking sector: Strong regulations to avoid another recession
Obamacare: Support, but prefer universal health care
Trade: Support free trade, but should not interfere with common interests and lower certain standards.
Climate Change: Should be taken very seriously. Fight emmissions, move to renewables.
Keystone pipeline: Oppose

Other issues:
Presidential term: expand to five years, two consecutive terms allowed (Senate also five years, House 2,5 years. No term limit).
Primaries: Move them from April to June; shortens endless campaigns in combination with a five-year term
Line-item veto: support
Electoral college: Abolish; vote by popular vote
Gerrymandering: Nonpartisan commission for redistricting
Supreme Court: Appointments for 12 years. No re-appointment.
Campaign finance: should be more transparent; mixed between public and private funding. End super-pacs.
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