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November 28, 2020, 02:37:11 PM
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 464585 times)
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Political Matrix
E: 3.23, S: -7.48

« on: August 07, 2013, 09:40:31 AM »
« edited: September 01, 2013, 02:17:55 AM by Waukesha County »

Since it is much harder to think of issues to explain, I will copy the political matrix test and tell you what I think.

A = Agree, N = Neutral, D = Disagree, UD = Usually Disagree, UA = Usually Agree. CI = Critical Issue.

1. The right to individual autonomy is important, even if it threatens collective security. (A) (CI)

2. The government should penalize organizations that practice outsourcing. (D)

3. Giving faith-based charities the same government resources as secular organizations is a good idea. (N)

4. We should increase foreign aid to countries struggling with poverty. (D) (CI)

5. We should increase funding for education. (N)

6. Heterosexual couples should receive higher marital recognition than same-sex couples. (D)

7. Overall, free trade hurts more than it helps. (D) (CI)

8. We should reduce the number of government programs substantially. (A) (CI)

9. Abortion should be illegal or very heavily restricted. (D)

10. The government should fund museums, theaters, and other cultural institutions that are unable to survive independently. (D)

11. The government should subsidize health insurance for those who cannot easily afford it. (N)

12. The government should work to reduce children's exposure to offensive radio and television content. (D) (CI)

13. It is unfair that wealthier people pay higher tax rates. (A) (CI)

14. The minimum wage should be raised. (D) (CI)

15. Marijuana should be legalized. (A)

16. Society focuses too much on forcing equality at the expense of real merit. (A) (CI)

17. Violating individual rights is acceptable when it comes to fighting terrorism. (D) (CI)

18. Current levels of government regulation on industry are excessive. (A) (CI)

19. The government should provide basic needs for all people. (UD) (CI)

20. The death penalty should be an option for serious crimes. (D)

21. We should reduce the difficulty of immigration. (A)

22. Union workers should be protected against being fired during strikes. (D)

23. Prostitution should be legalized. (A)

24. Flag burning should be banned. (D)

25. I support affirmative action. (D) (CI)

26. The government should impose tariffs to protect industries from foreign competition. (D)

27. Physician-assisted suicide should be legal if the patient is capable of informed, rational consent. (A)

Economic: +7.48. Social: -7.83.

Last Updated: September 1st, 2013.
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Political Matrix
E: 3.23, S: -7.48

« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2013, 02:27:48 AM »
« Edited: December 09, 2013, 01:22:24 AM by ElectionsGuy »

I think I'll finally to a comprehensive post on this. It might take me a few days, but tonight I'll start with Social Issues. Nothing more than my basic beliefs and my own platform, nothing too into detail. I'll try to cover as most issues as I can.

Social Issues:

Gay marriage (Far left)Sad

 - Legalize nationally (civil rights issue). I would even go as far as to say people should marry multiple people if they want to.
 - Get the government out of marriage, the definition should be very broad, a bond between people.

Abortion (Mostly Left)Sad

 - Basically, I think women should always have the option of abortion and that option should always be available.
 - BUT, I do think there should be a requirement or a definite reason for that abortion.
 - I don't support abortion on demand, and I don't think being lazy or not knowing how to take care of a child cuts the deal.
 - I formerly supported second trimester bans or such. Now, I don't support any bans on abortion whatsoever.

Death Penalty (Left)Sad

 - Don't support under any circumstances. The state does not have the right to kill their own people.
 - Punishment and rehabilitation are needed, but killing someone for their crime is stooping down to the levels of that criminal themselves.

Prostitution (Left)Sad

 - Legalize. Again, like gay marriage, people should be able to do the things they want to do. That's pretty much all I have to say.

Death via Injection (Left)Sad

 - Allow. People should make their own decisions for themselves.
 - However, I think a person must qualify to a certain illness.

Religion (Center-left)Sad

 - I support the right to express religion or almost all circumstances.
 - I don't think religion should be removed from institutions because they are "offensive" to particular peoples.
 - Education should have nothing to do with religion however, as this has a major affect on the education itself. This is one of the only cases where religious opinions should be kept out of society.
 - Personally, I'm secular and non-religious. Not an atheist though, I'm just neutral. Believe in evolution.

Drugs (Far-left)Sad

 - Legalize all drugs. The government shouldn't regulate what you put in your body, and you should make those decisions for yourself.
 - This position goes for all food or drink contents of any kind.

Immigration (Center-left)Sad

 - Immigration process should be simpler and quicker. People shouldn't have to struggle to earn citizenship.
 - To those here illegally, they must go through the process of naturalization just like the legal immigrants did. Oppose immediate amnesty.
 - We should have basic border security, immigrants should have to follow the laws just like we do.
 - Oppose mass deportations and very rough treatment for illegals. They should have some form of punishment for breaking the laws though.

Stem-cell Research (Left)Sad

 - Completely approve. However its not like we should dramatically increase the funding. Keep it going obviously, but its not the most important thing focus on right now.

Space Exploration (Left)Sad

 - Exactly the same as my position on stem-cell research.


I favor a hands off approach to every day life and social issues. My attitudes are different from the left in that we do not need to correct society, but leave society alone. I favor maximum amount of freedom to social practices and allow people to control their lives the way they would like to.

Economic Issues:

Minimum Wage (Right)Sad

 - I'm not for abolishing it, as that could lead to businesses treating people unfairly.
 - Don't raise it, but adjust to inflation every year.

Welfare (Right)Sad

 - In order to obtain government welfare, people must be in job training programs looking for work.
 - Cut the unnecessary welfare programs we don't need and only have a few programs. Simplify government welfare.
 - Encourage people to work and have programs teach people how to work.

Taxes (Far Right)Sad

 - Abolish IRS, implement a fair tax or a flat tax.
 - Cut taxes along with government spending.
 - Simplify the tax code and abolish a few ridiculous taxes.

Social Security (Far Right)Sad

 - Privatize social security so people can control their retirement.
 - Reform it in a way so were not spending the massive amounts of money on it we are now.

Government Subsidies (Far Right)Sad

 - Oppose, of any kind. Government should stay out of the free market in general.

Government and Business (Right)Sad

 - Oppose any government regulation of business.
 - Only the most corrupt big businesses should be dealt with by a little bit of government, and even then, it should be local government.

Federal Stimulus (Far Right)Sad

 - Oppose, the government doesn't fix the economy, the market and people do.

The Federal Reserve (Right)Sad

 - Perhaps the worst thing that's ever been created in US history, abolish it.
 - The cause of all our depressions and the reason we've racked up so much debt.
 - Diminished buying power of the dollar, go back to the gold standard.

Health Care (Right)Sad

 - Privatize healthcare, let people choose the healthcare they want.
 - Oppose "ObamaCare" or any type of national socialized healthcare system.

Education (Right)Sad

 - Support Voucher system for people to choose their sons/daughters schools.
 - Disconnect education from the federal level, make it a local issue.


 - Privatize the energy sector, and become energy independent.
 - Support the Pipeline, use whatever effective forms of energy we have.
 - We can use green energy, but we shouldn't replace natural gas, coal, etc.


I'm in favor of a smaller government, less regulations, lowering and simplifying taxes, and privatizing our current nationalized healthcare and social security. I'm very pro-capitalist, support people determining their economic future by merit, and support a hands off approach when it comes to the economy and the free market.

Domestic Policy:

Individual/Constitutional Rights (Far Left)Sad

 - Oppose Patriot Act, strongly. Freedom > Security/Safety always. And with that I oppose any kind of government violations of civil liberties.
 - Oppose government regulation of media, television, internet, video games, etc. for any reason. Government only invades on privacy and disrupts free entertainment when it does this.

Gun Control (Right)Sad

 - The right to own a gun is constitutionally protected, no exceptions.
 - However we should educate people about gun safety, have background checks, and require basic permits and licenses to own guns.
 - I don't support any kind of restrictions or bans on guns.

Stop and Frisk (Left)Sad

 - Oppose in all instances. Everybody is treated with due process.
 - You are innocent until proven guility, not the other way around.

Political Campaign Spending (Right/Left?)Sad

 - Oppose restrictions. Money is an expression and that expression shouldn't be limited
 - PACs and individuals should be able to spend how they want when they want.

Drawing the Lines (Left)Sad

 - An independent group should draw the lines for CD's and state legislative districts, and they should make sure they are fair to both sides.


I support all individual rights and don't accept when those rights get infringed. I'm for less government regulation and intervention into our privacy and our daily activities.

Foreign Policy:

Military Spending (Left)Sad

 - Cut Military spending.
 - It will decrease our deficit, balance our budget faster, and remove unnecessary troops from unnecessary places.
 - I think we should remain a world superpower (economically) and have a powerful military, but we shouldn't be intervening in the world.

The Bush Wars (Left)Sad

 - Withdraw all troops, we wasted time and money with these wars.

United Nations (Left?)Sad

 - Scale back our current involvement.
 - Only use it in really bad situations.

Allies and Enemies (Left)Sad

 - In an ideal society, we shouldn't have allies or enemies, but since we don't live in a perfect world, we do have allies and enemies.
 - We shouldn't treat countries any differently based on whether they like us or not. This is also why I'm against humanitarian aid.
 - Example: we should not support one side of a war, as that will signal to the unlikeable country that we don't like them, which makes our reputation worse.

Trade (Right)Sad

 - Free trade with all countries to get the resources we need. Maintain good diplomacy as explained above so we're not pissing off other countries.
 - I support free trade with minimal protectionism.

Aid (Left?)Sad

 - As explained above in "allies and enemies".

Drones and Surveillance (Left)Sad

 - Only support drones to gather information, not to spy or kill any suspected terrorists.
 - Scale back massively our drone program and our current surveillance.


I support a non-interventionist role in foreign policy. We should respect other nations independence as others respect our independence. We should cut our spending, but remain powerful in the world. We only use war as a solution when we are directly attacked.

Electoral Issues:


 - Let Puerto Rico, DC, or any other territory that want to become states become states.

Presidential Elections:

 - Abolish the electoral college, implement pure popular vote just like all other elections.
 - Electoral College makes presidential elections fun, but makes it more complex and unfair. It doesn't represent the actual votes.
 - We can still look at the election by county and state, but ultimately an election shouldn't be decided by a few swing states, they should be decided by pure votes and the people.

Congressional Term Limits:

 - I support term limits to limit the corruption of politicians.
 - Just like a president, there should be a time where they've served the people and their time is up.
 - Being a politician shouldn't be a lifetime career. It should be an opportunity.

Drawing the Lines:

 - Let and independent, non-partisan group draw the lines, and they should also make sure they're fair to both sides.
 - They way we do it now with the party that happens to be in power (in X state) before redistricting controlling the drawing of the lines is awful and unfair.


Pretty libertarian, but I got some weird beliefs as well that don't fit the platform.
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Political Matrix
E: 3.23, S: -7.48

« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2013, 04:29:31 PM »

So, ElectionsGuy, since you oppose affirmative action on the basis of race or sex or whatever, do you also oppose legacy preferences at universities? Or are you fine and dandy with colleges and universities giving preferential treatment to the children of alumni?

Yes, all people should be treated equally.

- Legalize nationally (civil rights issue). I would even go as far as to say people should marry multiple people if they want to.
 - Get the government out of marriage, the definition should be very broad, a bond between people.
why have a definition at all if you're 'getting the government out of marriage'?

Good point, there probably shouldn't be any official definition. But if there had to be one, it would be what I said.

Why are you all questioning me anyway? This is a thread to write down beliefs, not debate them.
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Political Matrix
E: 3.23, S: -7.48

« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2013, 06:21:47 PM »

Abortion: legal until second trimester
Gay marriage: I personally support it, but perhaps it should be left up to the states
Immigration: extremely liberal here
Gun control: conservative
Environment: liberal here
As you can tell, I am more interested in social issues, like most young people.

Yes, social issues are popular to talk about because they are easy, simplistic, and can be resolved with a simple answer. Economic and foreign policy issues though, are much more in depth and require explanations and certain policy preferment. Sure, you can be one way or the other, but its not like SSM where you're either just for it or against it, there are many extents and third ways you can take those kind of issues. I just wouldn't vote solely on social issues, as they are not even near as important as the other issues out there (economic, foreign policy, domestic). And thankfully I don't think you will by the color of your avatar Wink
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Political Matrix
E: 3.23, S: -7.48

« Reply #4 on: January 09, 2014, 07:31:09 PM »

Oh god.
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Political Matrix
E: 3.23, S: -7.48

« Reply #5 on: March 13, 2014, 06:13:26 AM »

Very socially conservative. A few examples;
Abortion: Only when the life of the mother is seriously threatened.
Gay "Marriage": Completely and totally illegal.
Drugs: Marijuana should be completely illegal, and I'm not too fond of alcohol or cigarettes but I realize those two would be nearly impossible to illegalize, so I'll tolerate them in moderation.
Church and State: Keep "In God we Trust", school prayers should be allowed but determined based on the school districts, freedom OF religion not FROM religion, take out the "Solemnly swear" parts of oaths and return to what it was, etc.

Moderately economically conservative. A few examples;
Taxes: Should be a universal tax rate from the bottom of the ladder to the very top, with the exception being the absolute poorest of the poor, whom should receive government assistance, but must prove they are actively trying to secure a job that can pay for themselves.
Deficit Spending: Slash spending across the board, with the only exceptions being education and the military.
Welfare: Only for the poorest of the poor, and drug test applicants.
Debt Ceiling: Lower, lower, LOWER!!!!

May I be the first to say that you make me, as a gay man, an atheist, a man who thinks government shouldn't control what you put in your body, a man who believes that those who can afford it should give back to the community, who believes that science should lead the way on issues of women's health and that women shouldn't be made to carry their rapist's baby, that our military is bloated and needs to be cut, and that everyone deserves a basic standard of living, sick? I think you might find a certain other Vladimir to be a good friend of yours.

Actually, I'm a big Putin fan. So is 70% of Russians and most Crimeans. Smiley

Good to know, I'll need a good punching bag about which to get needlessly angry and rant on the internet. Now, starting with the easy questions, why should gay marriage be illegal?

 Good question! But, before I start, you don't have to get angry with me. I'm a nice guy once you get past your initial disgust and contempt with me Wink.
  Anyhow, I could simply answer that question based on my belief in God, but that's probably not what you are looking for, and I'd get a stock response for it so I'll stay away from that. Why gay "marriage" should be illegal; the definition of marriage is (or should be based on whatever view you have on the definition) a union between a man in a woman, based on love, for the purpose of creating a stable family environment for a child/children.
  Your next assertion would undoubtedly be one of the following; either, "If two gays love eachother, why can't they be happy too?" or, "Gays can create a stable family environment and raise children as well, so why can't they do so?". Well, before I continue, let me say that I have several gay family members/friends and I do not hate anybody for simply being gay. Now, with that said, I contend that homosexuality is not natural, and is a self-induced mental condition, meaning, a state of mind one puts themselves in. (I'll probably get questioned for this statement but I assure you I can back it up, but I'll save that for later). Also, for two gays to "create" a family, they have to either adopt a child, or artificially produce one through the help of modern science. Sure, on the outside it appears to be relatively similar to a "straight" marriage. But, the sad truth is, is that the vast majority of said gay "marriages" do not provide a stable family environment. Gays have a much higher; divorce rate, partner violence rate, disease (whether it be an STD or a genetic disease) rate, as well as a much lower percentage reporting marital fidelity.
    I could go on, but I have a feeling this is already a bit much. So, I'll continue whenever prompted to. Also, I can provide sources for these "accusations", which I will probably be asked to list. Also, let me assure you once more; I do not hate anybody for merely being gay. I have many gay friends/ a few gay family members. I do not hate anybody here that opposes my views/facts. Also, if you or anybody else disagrees, please avoid vitriol and stick to logical, factual responses; I'm not here for a pissing contest. (Just figured I should state all the above less I be called a 'homophobic bigoted hater' or something of the like).

Sorry to pounce on the already lots of criticism of this, but there's no scientific evidence whatsoever to back this up. Also statistics shouldn't stop anybody from having a right to do something.
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Political Matrix
E: 3.23, S: -7.48

« Reply #6 on: April 22, 2014, 10:14:15 PM »

I'll try:

Social Policy
Abortion: Absolutely opposed. Pro-life 100%
Drugs: All should be illegal, including tobacco and alcohol. Caffeine should be legal but strongly regulated.
Censorship: It's absolutely necessary to protect our children. I have a two-year-old niece so I know.
Gay Marriage: Absolutely opposed. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Civil unions are a state issue. Just don't call it marriage.
Death penalty: Absolutely opposed.
Prostitution: Absolutely opposed. It's legal in my state but not my county.
Church and State: Freedom of religion for all.
Stem cell research: Absolutely opposed. The government under no circumstances should violate the sanctity of human life.
PATRIOT Act: Necessary to keep us safe.
Gun control: As an NRA member and firearms enthusiast, keep your hands off my guns government!
Assisted suicide: Absolutely opposed. (See Abortion, Death Penalty and Stem Cells)
Gambling: Absolutely opposed. Used to be a big gambler in college though.

Electoral Reform
Term Limits: Support them. Get the old bastards out of office!
Voting Age: 18 is fine with me
Campaign Finance Reform: Absolutely necessary to make sure everyone has a fair shot, eliminate the influence of corporate fat-cats on politics and leave the decision to the people!
Gerrymandering: Should be done by a non-partisan commission. Strongly support the Tanner Proposal.
Voter ID: Absolutely opposed as it disenfranchises the vote of the poor and minorities.

Economic Issues
Welfare: Strongly support it. Makes sure everyone has a fair shot in society.
Unions: Strongly support them! Equal rights for the workers!
Privatization: The Government needs to control some industries. The fat-cats can't become too powerful.
Environment: Global warming and pollution are big problems. The government needs to act on them or the earth will suffer.
Minimum Wage: Raise it! Even $10 is too low in my opinion. Make it at least $12.
Taxation: Tax hikes for the rich! Everyone needs to pay their fair share, especially the top 1% as they have much more to pay.
Healthcare: Obamacare is a great idea but horribly executed (plus it promotes abortion and contraception) so I oppose it. I strongly support universal healthcare though. The US needs to have something like the British NHS, not Obamacare.
Trade: Needs to have some restrictions.
Embargo: My co-worker's Cuban and we both agree the embargo's absolutely neccesary.
Pork: Not really sure what that is??
Subsidies: If the government was to pay for something why not?
Military: Increase spending. It's a dangerous world out there!

Foreign Policy
War: Supported Iraq when it happened. Think we should stay in Afghanistan. Consider myself fairly hawkish. BTW, my dad and two of my uncles are Vietnam Veterans. Both my grandads fought in WWII.
Israel-Palestine: Pro-Israel. The Jews need a homeland after the devastation the Holocaust caused them. The Muslims already have the rest of the peninsula plus Central Asia, half of Africa and Turkey.
Draft: Unless there's another World War, no.
UN: I like the UN but think it needs to be much stronger.
Nukes: Get Iran and North Korea away from them!!!
Foreign Aid: If a country is in trouble, we have to help them!

Ha! It seems me and you have the exact opposite viewpoints, except on guns. Any reason your pro-freedom on that issue in particular?
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Political Matrix
E: 3.23, S: -7.48

« Reply #7 on: May 03, 2014, 09:57:54 PM »

I'm a general progressive on most issues. End the war on drugs, down with Reaganomics, restore the New Deal, death to neoliberals, nationwide legal gay marriage, stringently pro-choice, peace and love, yada yada yada.

I suppose the big difference between me and well, every other progressive on earth, is that I support a more authoritarian government - a dictatorship if need be - to enact these policies. This is because, democracy, while a good idea in theory, is far too easy to be corrupted for the interests of the power-hungry elite. The corporate media manipulates the people into voting against their own interests distressingly often. In an authoritarian government, however, the manipulation of the people would have little to no effect, because the people would not control the government to begin with.

Now, of course, lack of popular control of the government is a bad thing when we are discussing fascist governments like Hitler's Germany or Mussolini's Italy. But in my ideal state, the lack of popular control would not be a problem, because the government would act on behalf of the people, like a caring parent acts on behalf of their children, while not allowing them full control over their own affairs for the same reason a caring parent does not allow children to control their own affairs, because manipulators can push them into making terrible decisions for themselves.

So, there's that. I dunno what you call my ideology. Authoritarian paternalist progressivism?

You know there's something wrong when government is being compared to caring parents.
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Political Matrix
E: 3.23, S: -7.48

« Reply #8 on: August 14, 2014, 02:29:48 AM »
« Edited: August 14, 2014, 03:44:18 PM by ElectionsGuy »

Economic/Governmental Issues:

Budget/Deficit: Balance the budget in one year, by cutting almost half of what we spend now. Cut spending before cutting taxes, to balance the budget quick.
Free Trade: 100% Pro-Free Trade.
Taxes: Abolish the IRS. Fair Tax would be ideal, if not, one flat or slightly progressive tax on income with a low rate (15% or less). No other taxes. Either way, the tax would be much lower than they are now, and much simpler. No special deductions or loopholes.
Right to Work: Completely support, no one should be forced into union agreements and dues for employment purposes.  
Education: No federal funding or standards, all education managed at the state and local levels. A voucher system would be great so children aren't stuck at failed schools.
Departments: I would eliminate the department of Education, HUD, Homeland Security, Energy, Interior, and Transportation. I would put Veterans Affairs as part of defense, and put Commerce and Labor back together.
Social Security: Support privatizing the system for people to control their retirement with their money. Spending for social security will keep rising unless we privatize it, no way around that.
Role of Government: To uphold the constitution, protect civil liberties, defend itself from foreign dangers, and carry out due process.

Foreign Policy:

Iran: They don't pose a serious threat to our national security. They won't even get a nuclear weapon soon, and even if they did, they have a minute fraction of the power we have to defend ourselves in case of emergency.
Federal Aid: Eliminate all federal aid, except for military aid in wartime. No one should be paying tax dollars to prop up governments in our "national interest".
Non-interventionist: Don't get involved with the rest of the world unless someone attacks or is a direct threat to the US, its that simple.
Afghanistan War: Pull all troops out now. This should've been done a long time ago.
Draft: I oppose drafting in all circumstances
Cuba: Normalize all relations with Cuba, like we all said in the other thread, this is long overdue.
Foreign Bases: I would remove almost (if not) all bases from around the world. There's no reason we need to have them, and there's no foreign bases in the US. Less international spending means more money for national defense at home, where it belongs.
Military/Defense Spending: We can cut probably about half of what we spend right now and still be just as powerful of a country. Most of the cuts would be international spending, rather than actual defense spending.

Other Issues:

NDAA and Patriot Act
: Repeal both of these unconstitutional acts.
NSA Spying: I would make it illegal for the government to wiretap or collect personal data on a huge database.
Gun Issues: The only restrictions to the right of owning a weapon would be background checks on a persons health and criminal history, and a required license.
Stop and Frisk: Terrible, racist, unconstitutional policy that strengthens the police state.
Electoral College: Eliminate it, replace with a simple popular vote nationwide. Who ever gets the plurality of the votes wins. The EC misrepresents votes and puts all the pressure on a few battleground states. We need all the votes to count equally nationwide, plus more people in overwhelmingly partisan states would feel like their vote actually counts.
Term Limits: I fully support term limits for appointed judges, for somewhere around 15 years. Unlike politicians, who have elections and primaries, most judges serve for life until they die or want to retire.
Immigration: I support securing the border, and starting a pathway to citizenship for current illegal immigrants, which is the same process that legal immigrants would go through. The process should be effective enough to assimilate them into American culture quick. I think that immigrating here should be easier than it is now, and that anyone who wants to come here to work should be able to do so with a work visa. Those who overstay their visa should get deported, and those with a violent record or are felons should get deported. I don't support any restrictions or quotas on legal immigration whatsoever.
Affirmative Action: Completely oppose, for things like job or college applications, the content, merit, and substance of the application should be whats judged. No one should be boosted or downgraded based on race, income, sex, etc. I also oppose quotas in the workplace to have a certain number of x group.
War on Drugs: End immediately, legalize and decriminalize all drugs, and heavily regulate highly addictive and possible dangerous ones. Less people actually do drugs if they're legal (Portugal did this). The government should have no say in what we smoke, eat, or drink.

Social Issues:

Abortion: I think a woman should be able to get an abortion if she needs. I don't favor government restricting abortions. As long as we keep contraception widely available then unwanted pregnancies should keep dropping. This is probably the issue I've moved most to the left on and could take arguments for limiting late-term abortions with exceptions, but for now this is my position.
Same-sex marriage: I favor getting government out of marriage and letting it be a private contract between a couple or possibly more than 2 people.
Prostitution: Legalize it
Death Penalty: Against, the state shouldn't have the power to take another life, no matter how bad the criminal may be.
Doctor-assisted suicide: This should be a possibility.
In General: I don't support legislating morality, I think that is between private individuals on what they want to do. I'm also strongly against censorship in the media.

Overall: Classical Liberal, Neoliberal, Non-Interventionist, Socially Libertine, Libertarian.

I just needed to do this because my last one looks extremely stupid. If you have questions about a topic that I didn't cover, just ask.
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Political Matrix
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« Reply #9 on: August 14, 2014, 03:43:05 PM »

Right to Work: Completely support, no one should be forced into a union.
Right to Work doesn't keep people from being forced into a union. We already have that under federal law.

Sorry about that, I exaggerated quite a bit.
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Political Matrix
E: 3.23, S: -7.48

« Reply #10 on: December 12, 2014, 05:22:55 PM »

Social Issues

Gay Marriage:Support
Capital Punishment:Strongly Support
Marijuana Legalization:Oppose
Immigration:Deport All Illegals & Ban on all immigration.
Guns:Abolish all Gun Control Laws. Concealed carry, no restrictions on our right to bear arms!.

Economic/Foreign Policy Issues

Taxes:15% Flat Tax. Cut Taxes Across the board (exemption on taxes for poor).
Social Security:Partial privatization.
Healthcare:No Socialized medicine.
Cigarette Tax:Abolish
Cigarette Regulations:Abolish
Education:Abolish Department of Education, bring back local control. Vouchers.
Syria:Stay Out.
Turkey:Kick them out of the NATO. Sanctions.
Islam:Islam threatens liberal western values.
Israel:Strongly support + more funding.
UN:Get Out

You seem to have a severe case of xenophobia, my friend.
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