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April 23, 2024, 06:29:25 AM
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Author Topic: President Forever results thread...  (Read 884212 times)
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« on: January 07, 2018, 01:37:29 AM »

This was a weird one.

2016. Computer on hard. Playing as Independent Donald Trump for the lolz.

The Democratic primary was pretty funny to watch. It was a hilariously closely divided race between Hillary, Biden, O'Malley, and Cuomo the whole way. After the last primary Cuomo and Biden dropped out and endorsed O'Malley.

Businessman Donald Trump (I-NY)/ Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK)-  25.5%; 241 EV
Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ)/ Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)- 27.8%; 162 EV
Gov. Martin O'Malley (D-MD)/ Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA)- 26.5%; 135 EV
Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I-NY)/ Sec. Def. Chuck Hagel (R-NE)- 10.6%; 0 EV
Former Gov. Gary Johnson (L-NM)/ Former Gov. Jesse Ventura (L-MN)- 5.2%; 0EV
Dr. Jill Stein (G-MA) / Ms. Cheri Honkala (G-PA)- 4.5%; 0 EV

The race was thrown to the Republican House which elected Chris Christie. It's sort of a shame the game doesn't say who the Democratic Senate picked as VP since they would only have a choice between Sarah Palin and Mike Lee.
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« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2021, 02:15:20 AM »
« Edited: July 20, 2021, 01:12:12 PM by BippyTheGuy »

Modded observer game in PF08+P

President Bill Clinton (Democratic Arkansas)/Vice President Al Gore (Democratic Tennessee) 270ev 44,469,929pv 44.69%
Senator Richard Lugar (Republican Indiana)/Governor Jim Edgar (Republican Illinois) 268ev 45,889,961pv 46.11%
Publishing executive Steve Forbes (Reform New Jersey)/Businessman Donald Trump (Reform New York) 0ev 5,257,000pv 5.28%
Activist Ralph Nader (Green Connecticut)/Activist Winona LaDuke (Green California) 0ev 967,880pv 0.97%
Author Harry Browne (Libertarian Tennessee)/Activist Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian South Carolina) 0ev 771,688pv 0.78%
Former White House Communications Director Pat Buchanan (U.S. Taxpayers' Virginia)/Activist Clymer Wright (U.S. Taxpayers' Texas) 0ev 65,654pv 0.07%
Scattering 0ev 2,090,883pv 2.10%

A 794-vote margin in West Virginia kept Bill Clinton in the White House and both Oregon and Washington were decided by fewer than 15,000 votes each.
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