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I've made two maps of the 2005 Bulgarian parliamentary elections by provinces and municipialities respectively. I might make some more if there is interest. They use the same map key as the Atlas, with red for BSP, blue for NMSS, yellow for MRF and green for BNU (and teal for the DBS, but I doubt anyone will find that municipality).

Looking at the second, it is really regretfull that Bulgaria doesn't use a single district first past the post election system.

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Due to copyright concerns, older images are no longer displayed directly in the forum. For this reason, the maps of the parliamentary, presidential and European parliamentary elections have been re-posted on page three.

Quote from: Aethelberth on November 21, 2008, 05:57:23 AM

so the turkish minority can be seen on map nicely

The MRF also got also a large percentage of the vote of the Muslim Bulgarians (Pomaks), especially those living in the Western Rhodopes ( the yellow blot in the Southwest). And they also received a significant part of Gypsy voters, especially the Muslim ones.
Additionally, the MRF won in municipalities with only a minority Turkish population, due to the Turks higher turnout, block voting and the splitting of the other votes between multiple parties.

big bad fab:
Very interesting.
We want more !

Any chance for a EU 2007 map and a 2001 one?

2007 European elections:

The map key is the same, but blue is used for GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) and green for the Ataka party.
The turnout was very low, with the exception of Turkish voters where the MRF turned out the vote by various legal and illegal methods and achieved this stunning result (the splitting of Bulgarian voters between different parties also helped). The MRF also was very strong in areas where they have major business interests, probably by a combination of intimidation and financial benefit. They were also very successful in Pomak and Gypsy areas.
Here is an ethnic map of Bulgaria, for comparison (there is a small mistake - the Asenovgrad municipality has a Bulgarian, not a Turkish majority).


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