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I think the penny has pretty much become worthless. We should introduce a new dollar in exchange for ten of the old ones so that all our coins will be worth something.

Fmr. Gov. NickG:

I'm not sure I understand your suggestion, but we should definitely get rid of the penny.  I hate having change in my pocket that I can't realistically

Not exactly. I'm saying introduce a replacement currency, as France has done in the past, to make up for inflation (so the penny would be worth a dime, basically).

I've actually said the same thing regarding the penny.  As it is right now pennies are basically nothing but loose change that take up space in your wallet and that you occasionally unload in a purchase when you have something like forty of them built up.  I'm not sure about the resolution method (the one I personally thought of would be to just round every price to the nearest multiple of five and then have people trade in pennies for nickels if they want), but I do agree that the penny is pretty much useless now.

It's not just that. Even dimes aren't worth much.

Under this, a dime would be worth a (current) dollar, for use in soda machines. A quarter would be $2.50.


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