Find the highest price for unleaded gas - Wisconsin = $2.22 and your state?

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Florida is not at 2.09 by any means. We are about 1.75 right now. We have a .08$ tax break for the month of August on all fuels. The state threatened to shut down stations that did not comply.

California is probably around $2.30-$2.40 around San Francisco (despite the infrastructure and density making it cheaper to get it there) and around $2.10 where I live, out in the middle of nowhere.

JEB Bush wanted a .10 cent a gallon tax break for the months of June - August but the Democrats raised hell about cutting taxes and giving us a break, big suprise there.

I spent the winter writing songs about getting better:
it's $1.80 here, but we usually have close to the lowest gas prices in the state.

I'm not sure what regular unleaded is right now, but 93 octane is ~$1.90/gallon.


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