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January 15, 2021, 09:29:28 AM
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Author Topic: How divided are we?  (Read 1810 times)
David S
Concerned Citizen
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« on: July 28, 2004, 10:36:30 AM »

During Vietnam we were probably as divided as today over the Iraq war in terms of numbers for and against. But the passions were much higher then because of the draft. People can get really agitated when government forcibly takes their sons and sends them to a war they don't believe in, expecially if they return in a body bag.
Vietnam created a huge distrust of government which still exists in some people today. (Yours truly included)
Then as now, we were given all sorts of BS reasons for the war. At that time it was the domino theory, the countries of Asia would fall to communism like a line of dominos and eventually we would be fighting the war on our shores. But we didn't win the war and the countries of Asia did not fall to communism and the Viet Cong did not paddle across the Pacific to attack California. Vietnam went back to being what it had always been, a dirt poor 3rd world country which poses no threat to us as long as we don't try to occupy their lands. So much for the domino theory, but unfortunately 58000 young men paid for that error with their lives. It still makes me angry today.
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