SB 121-11: Recognizing Indigenous Nations- Passed

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Senator & Ambassador Dwarven Dragon:
Quote from: ReallySuper on June 03, 2024, 06:21:21 PM


officially recognizing indigenous nations and establishing an Office of Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations.


SECTION 1. Title

i. This act shall be known as the "Indigenous Nations Recognition Act".

SECTION 2. Official Recognition

i. In accordance with Article III Section 3 of the Constitution of Atlasia, the Republic of Atlasia officially recognizes the indigenous nation of Hawaiʻi, hereinafter "ka lāhui Hawaiʻi," as an Indigenous Nation of Atlasia, with all the rights, privileges, benefits and obligations that such designation may bestow.

ii. In accordance with Article III Section 3 of the Constitution of Atlasia, the Republic of Atlasia officially recognizes as Indigenous Nations of Atlasia all indigenous nations which were historically recognized by the United States at any point through treaties and government-to-government relations, notwithstanding their nonrecognition by the Office of Federal Acknowledgement, with all the rights, privileges, benefits and obligations that such designation may bestow.

SECTION 3. Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations

i. The Republic of Atlasia hereby establishes within the Executive branch an Office of Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations. The Office shall be tasked with gathering public testimony from the indigenous peoples who are the traditional and rightful stewards of the lands in what is now the legal jurisdiction of Atlasia in order to:
document indigenous historical memory;infuse the official record of settler-indigenous encounters as previously and presently declared by the government with the truth as experienced by indigenous peoples;develop curriculum recommendations for Atlasian public schools which critically addresses the history and legacy of settler colonialism in Atlasia, including the role of the U.S. and Atlasian governments and their officers in the genocide, dispossession, displacement, disenfranchisement and forced assimilation of indigenous peoples;foster a genuine movement towards reconciliation between settlers and indigenous people that acknowledges rather than sidesteps the violence and trauma of settler colonialism;issue policy recommendations to improve the material and socioeconomic conditions of indigenous peoples, protect the sacred lands, waters and resources of indigenous peoples from desecration and pollution, defend and expand indigenous political sovereignty and develop genuine government-to-government relationships between the Republic of Atlasia and indigenous nations; and,under the leadership of indigenous elders and with the robust public input of indigenous communities, chart a path towards reparations for the genocide, dispossession, displacement and other crimes against humanity committed by the U.S., Atlasia and their respective regional, state and local governments against indigenous peoples.
ii. The Office of Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations established in the above section shall be allocated $100 million dollars annually.

SECTION 4. Implementation and Cost

i. This legislation shall take effect immediately.

ii. This legislation allocates a total of $100 million annually.

Sponsor: ReallySuper
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This is the federal version of a bill that was passed in Frémont last year. Made possible by the Indigenous Nations Amendment to the Constitution that was ratified in 2023, it simply includes all the Indigenous Nations that the U.S. recognized and/or had government-to-government relations with prior to the establishment of Atlasia in the current legal definition of "Indigenous Nation" under Atlasian federal law. It also establishes an office that will work towards collecting Indigenous histories, knowledges, experiences and memories in the ultimate pursuit of a framework towards reconciliation.

Mr. Reactionary:
I motion to table this racist bill on the grounds that the mods are once again deleting my fully within the TOS attempts at debate as "trolling" as though I do not actually believe what I post. There is no point in pretending this is a deliberative or democratic process if Senators cannot even debate a bill without Lumine yet again censoring viewpoints he doesnt like.

seconding the motion

Senator & Ambassador Dwarven Dragon:
A vote is open on the motion to table.

Nay. I did not see the post in question, but please keep out the mod related drama.


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