Trump vows to end birthright citizenship if re-elected

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WASHINGTON, May 30 (Reuters) - Donald Trump said on Tuesday that if elected president again in 2024 he would seek to end automatic citizenship for children born in the United States to immigrants in the country illegally, a plan that contradicts how a 19th century amendment to the U.S. Constitution long has been interpreted.

And here's a video of him saying it, in case you think Reuters is "fake news": scriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script');scriptTag = scriptTag[scriptTag.length-1];atlas_tweetCheckLoad(scriptTag.parentNode, "tw_0_1361960212810225157", "tw_2_98935676633552583", "");

Obviously this is ridiculously unconstitutional, but will the 6-3 supreme court see it that way?

Oh he wants to out right wing Ron DeSantis huh ?

Quite frankly, this would just increase problems for everyone. Because if Birthright Citizenship goes away, millions of new babies born to American citizens would not have citizenship and would have to be naturalized. Why ? Because this Birthright has two preconditions, either you're born here, or you're born to American citizen parents.

Probably not 5 votes on the court to support this, but you know Alito and Thomas would be all for it.

ηєω яσηтιєя:
He should run loud and proud on this issue. It'll help Democrats a lot.

Mr.Barkari Sellers:
Why do OP keep posting threads about Trump being reelected he isn't being reelected


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