Should Gerturde Baniszewski have been paroled?

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Itís so Kamencing:
No because she should have been publicly executed earlier anyways.

She should not have been given a chance to live in prison, with clear evidence and due to the severity of the crime, I would support a swift execution by beheading. She would be shown an act of mercy as unsatisfying as it is by being given such a clean execution rather than the damage she inflicted onto others.

I am more torn on how the children should be handled to be honest. They were complicit but they are minors so I donít support the death penalty for obvious reasons. Maybe letting them live knowing what they enabled as they grow older is punishment enough beyond the charges actually pressed.

I wonder if some of the people commenting on here have read the full details of the case, trying to make this about a trans issue is nuts.

I wonít say this is the worst case of child abuse I have heard of but it certainly is up there, it reminds me of the case of Genie to be honest. Similar instances of a foster parent being extremely abusive.

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Quote from: Fuzzy Bear on January 11, 2023, 08:30:24 AM

If someone was paroled in 1985 and hasn't reoffended, that's a successful parole by definition.  The decision appears to be correct in retrospect.

For context, Baniszewski died in 1990, so if she'd lived longer she might have reoffended again eventually. But that's of course unknowable now and thus shouldn't and can't be taken into account.

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Baniszewski was a heavy smoker. She was lucky to not die from the cancer that killed her in 1990 whilst still in prison.

Jenny Likens, Sylvia's sister who had to witness what happened to her, died in 2004, a couple pf days after having a major heart attack. She'd struggled with alcohol and obesity issues throughout her adult life.

she should have been taken behind the courthouse and shot

Not after 20 years, but maybe if she had done more time. It pisses me off that she gets out in 20 while Beausoleil Van Houten and Davis keep getting rejected by the governor.


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