When did "Trump fatigue" start to become a factor for voters?

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MABA 2020:
Probably sometime in 2017

Stranger in a strange land:
Very early in his presidency, since the campaign had already been exhausting and he was sucking up A LOT of oxygen in both politics and in culture more broadly. This was evidenced by low approval ratings during 2017, which actually got better in 2018 (probably due to him passing the tax bill, and also to Republicans who initially didn't particularly care for him getting used to him and realizing that he was at least useful for passing their agenda). However, it worsened again during COVID and especially when he refused to go away after losing.

After 3 months in office....

Trump has a large personality and a lot of people got tired of him then......

It was never a factor, everyone who hated Trump in 2016 still hates Trump and always will.

Generic Democrat had 51% of the vote against Trump almost immediately and got stuck at 51% for 4 years straight, which is what Biden got in the end.

What mattered was just enough voters being tired of Obama and Hillary in 2016 to split that solid 51% just right for Republicans to win the Electoral College.


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