How will climate migration effect states' voting habits? (user search)

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June 10, 2023, 03:27:24 AM
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  How will climate migration effect states' voting habits? (search mode)
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Author Topic: How will climate migration effect states' voting habits?  (Read 2399 times)
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« on: March 16, 2023, 09:25:02 AM »

Why do these hypothetical future climate refugees only tend to come from red states?  are they being punished for their sins?  Cities like New York, Boston and LA are all coastal too, you dips[inks]ts

If you listen to the climate alarmists, the effects of climate change are being felt now and it still has not slowed growth in the mostly already hot/wet/stormy Sun Belt.  The idea that Florida is going to simply "go away" sometime in the next 50-100 years reads as terminally-online, liberal wishcasting. 

New York? Sure. Because it is built on an island. Maybe a lot of the city will be moved up the Hudson, though. Boston probably has a better chance of surviving because there is more room to build on higher ground. The climate will probably actually improve in those areas. I can see places like White Plains and Methuen being heavily gentrified and built up around the end of my life (2060-2080).  LA? It will probably do alright so long as they can get water. The climate probably won't get that much worse for them.
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