Which party would you vote for?

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Dr. MB:
Which party would you vote for?

The Republican Party: Supports free trade, open borders, deregulation, and has no problem with abortion on demand, up to the moment of birth. Strongly capitalist and opposes any regulation of corporations. Supports and funds white supremacy, fascism and white nationalist “extremists”. If given power, will continue to make life more expensive, make jobs disappear, and further undermine civil rights.

The Radical Republican Party: If given power, will support free trade and open borders. Strongly capitalist and has no problem with abortion on demand, up to the moment of birth. Strongly anti-racist and opposes all forms of white supremacy. Supports and funds the the LGBT and black liberation movement. If given power, will repeal and then replace Obamacare. Will immediately create 15 million jobs and lower the minimum wage to $5/hour.

The Workers' Party: Supports Marxism-Leninism and fights for the rights of all oppressed people. Calls for nationalization of all banks and major corporations and the expropriation of the major wealth holders. Endorses the building of strong unions, a minimum wage of $30/hour, affordable housing and universal healthcare, and transferring  all means of production to the working class through a national economic plan that invests in education and education to build a classless society. If given power, will immediately eliminate war, abolish the death penalty, and end racism and all forms of discrimination.

The Green Party: Would provide free public health care, education, and utilities. Would end the death penalty. Would end the wars. Would reduce the military budget by 50%. Supports Medicare for all. Would tax the rich, and put the income of the very wealthy under the cap of $500,000. Supports the abolition of cash bail, cash registers, ATM machines, and private prisons. Would provide housing for all. Would support an end to mass incarceration, and free all people on parole or probation.

The Animal Liberation Party: Would ban animal testing, would end the use of GMOs, would end factory farming, would ban the death penalty, would ban school shootings. Would provide free healthcare, housing, education, and utilities. Would immediately free all political prisoners. If given power, would immediately restore the land to indigenous and tribal nations. Would ban meat consumption. Would create a minimum wage of $50/hour. Would eliminate poverty. Would repeal all of America's tax codes and reduce taxes for the very poor. If given power, would immediately end racism, sexism, homophobia, and all forms of discrimination.

The Democratic Party: Opposes free trade. Opposes open borders. Has supported abortion on demand, up to the moment of birth. Will continue the building of a strong military and surveillance state. Currently supports white supremacy. Supports the TPP, TTIP, and NAFTA. Will continue to make jobs disappear. Opposes guaranteed health care and opposes any attempt to provide universal health care. Opposes universal education. Opposes anti-discrimination legislation. Opposes the minimum wage. Opposes welfare programs. Supports corporate welfare and all forms of income inequality. Opposes unions. Opposes Medicare for all. Opposes abolishing the death penalty. Opposes nationalizing the big banks and the insurance industry. Opposes abolishing cash bail. Opposes school shootings. Opposes free speech and free access to information. Opposes free assembly. Opposes the free press. Opposes freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. Opposes the right of workers to form unions. Opposes environmental legislation. Opposes campaign finance reform. Opposes any attempt to reduce America’s carbon emissions. Opposes any type of civil disobedience. Opposes free access to abortion. Opposes equal rights for LGBTQ people. Opposes racial diversity and wants to eliminate all forms of civil rights. Opposes any legislation that would end racism. Opposes any form of affirmative action. Supports the incarceration of all non-whites, particularly African-Americans and Latinos. Will continue to support capitalism and will continue to destroy the environment.

The Raza Unida Party: Will ensure that there is free healthcare and education, that the rights of all people are protected, that there is equal access to all programs, and that all people have access to decent housing, utilities, and childcare. Will make sure that workers are paid a living wage, and that the working class is liberated from poverty. Supports abolition of the police and the military. Will abolish prisons and bail. Abolishes cash. Abolishes the banks and the interest-bearing debt. Will end poverty. Will end the wars. Will abolish child labor. Will provide a guaranteed income for all. Abolishes the work week. Supports Medicare for all. Ends discrimination, oppression and classism. The majority of the Party will be comprised of Latinx, Indigenous Peoples, Native Americans, African-Americans and all other oppressed peoples. This will mean abolishing capitalism, imperialism and capitalism as it exists in America today.

Animal Liberation Party has the best platform.

Reluctantly Green Party, but all of these parties suck, even compared to the ones we have today.

Cokeland Saxton:
Green. The other parties are either communist, anti-civil rights, or super wokeist.

The Green Party has some fantastic policies (why go after ATMs though?), and given that no note is made about them openly supporting abortion, I'll vote for them.


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