UN Expert panel: Switzerland has systematic racism problem

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GM Team Member NewYorkExpress:


Switzerland has a serious systemic problem with racism against people of African descent, according to a report presented to the U.N. Human Rights Council on Monday, giving a broad range of examples from police brutality to a children’s game.

The U.N.-appointed working group noted positive measures taken by Switzerland but still voiced concerns about the prevalence of racial discrimination and highlighted several incidents following a visit to the country this year.

“The ubiquity and impunity of this misconduct indicates a serious systemic problem exists,” it said.

Ed Miliband Revenge Tour:
no surprise there

Josh Gottheimer Enjoyer:
No surprise, but as a side note the UNHRC is a joke.

I’m sure the Swiss cries themselves to sleep every night over this report.

Don't most countries have some sort of "systematic racism problem", if we are being totally honest?


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