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From a mostly realistic fictional world which is highly respected in the invented languages community. Thought it may be of some interest for this community as well; it made enough of a stir over there for at least one guy to become an adherent (expressly not what it was intended for!)


The Greater and Lesser Principles
The basic doctrine of Endajué is the Greater Principle (rum šweriju), the oneness behind the cosmos, which unifies everything from brains to butterflies, from comets to cancers. The Principle underlies both mind and matter, good and evil, and the quest for enlightenment consists of ever greater apprehension of it.

Šweriju originally meant ‘basement’, then ‘foundation’; it shouldn’t be thought of as an insight or a proposition, but as an organizing pattern, a way of being (ende) that can be investigated, though never fully understood.

    ‘Na’ šači, ‘jende’ ze.
    It’s not a ‘that’, it’s a ‘how.’

    This is the principle which cannot be taught, but which infants know, and women wear behind their foreheads.

There is also a Lesser Principle (teyk šweriju), which is simply the obvious division into different essences and different categories that is also a fact— the most obvious fact— about the universe.

The Greater Principle is ungraspable precisely because all predicates (male and female, good and bad, matter and spirit, light and dark, movement and repose) are instances of the Lesser Principle. To describe is to separate, to reduce, to disintegrate.

    The Greater Principle cannot be known by words, because all words belong to the Lesser, save only these four: one, everything, path, and dance.

    The Foundation will not fit within your head. But relax. Your head is built on the Foundation.

Yet the Greater Principle is not to be conceived of as shapeless and formless: it does not negate but integrates all opposites.

    ‘Mat’ šači, ‘li’ ze.
    It’s not an ‘or’, it’s an ‘and.’

Dučisi, who was trained as a lišür or debater in the Čeiyu adversarial method, explained that the Greater Principle was abstraction without division. Seeking the principle behind circles and triangles, for instance, we subtract out the circle’s roundness and the triangle’s sides and angles, leaving only the wan concept of a “geometrical figure”. At this point Dučisi liked to brandish a model of a cone.

    What is the principle behind a dog and a rat? Will it bite you or run away? It is not an animal that will do neither, but one that can choose—or do both. What is the principle between a dog [podi] and ma-Podi? It may bite you or teach you or both. In fact that is just ma-Podi.

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All religions/cults are fictitious.

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