Which campaign is worse?

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Alben Barkley:
Prior to seeing this ad, I, like most people here probably, would have said Mastriano is an even worse candidate than Dixon.

Now you have to question everything. I think the fact that the Dixon campaign is seriously promoting what can only be described as a surreally bad SNL skit as the most significant ad it's run since the primaries says it all.

https://twitter.com/TudorDixon/status/1576940082090897408?s=20&t=XJim3Tkq6tY...var scriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script');scriptTag = scriptTag[scriptTag.length-1];atlas_tweetCheckLoad(scriptTag.parentNode, "tw_0_191578541173857342", "tw_2_13293163461689947203", "https://twitter.com/TudorDixon/status/1576940082090897408?s=20&t=XJim3Tkq6tYlRzHPaf4oqg");

I will not be your victim, I will not bathe in your flames:
Mastriano's campaign is basically just going on right-wing podcasts and asking for money.

However that's arguably better than what Dixon is doing.

Both are running horrendous campaigns, but at the very least Mastriano seems to be trying. Dixon just seems to be vibing.

President Johnson:
Mastriano seems even worse, though both are absolutely atrocious.

Free April Daniels:
I'd say the other chick is running the worse campaign if this is the best she's got. What's her name?


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