Evangelical Christianity - a threat to democracy, and maybe human civilisation itself?

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Inspired not just by last night's result in Brazil, but on how they herded sheep like behind a man who was probably the most "godless" POTUS in history.

Yes, but this isn't limited to evangelicalism. All religious extremism is a threat to democracy and human civilization.

I'm not convinced that it is accurate to describe Evangelicalism in Brazil as Christian in any meaningful sense, so extreme is its deviation from anything remotely resembling Christian orthodoxy.

Lincoln General Court Representative Christian Man:
No, evangelical Christianity is a big tent. This is as absurd as asking if Muslims are a threat because of 9/11 and Isis. Most evangelicals just have a stricter interpretation of  the teachings of Christ. Thereís some people who claim to be Christianís who support things like Qanon and the Alt-right but donít misrepresent those ones as the majority. There are plenty of liberal and progressive evangelicals too.

Neither, but the sheer scale of its spread in Latin America and Africa (and, yes, the United States) in the 21st century seems underappreciated. One could make a case for it as the global sociopolitical development after 1991.

(Other alternatives would be the general rise of China, the advent of the first territorially expansionist nuclear power, and several particular advances in biology. The Western commentariat often discusses the rise in Islamism, but this distinctly seems like something which is past its peak and was never as important as any of those.)


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