Opinions you have that you think are wrong

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Benjamin Frank:
One of the stranger criticisms I've seen is "you always think you're right" and related comments like that.

The obvious rejoinder to that is 'So, what opinions do you have/hold that you think are wrong?"

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe people here (most people?) really do hold opinions that deep down they disagree with, but if that's the case, I think that's kind of strange.

Opinion I hold that I think is 'wrong' - budgets and deficits matter. I was an MMT acolyte for a long time, but now I fundamentally believe inflation is an issue. It was the bedrock of a lot of my politics, and it frustrates me that I believe this now.

Country Liberal:
I do not have opinions that I think are wrong, no.

Free April Daniels:
Doctor Who under Chris Chibnall was good. My sibling's potatoes are bad. Dreadnought is amazing as opposed to just good. Trans genocide will be universally celebrated.

parochial boy:
I think coming to this blog is an acceptable use of my precious time in this planet.

Which is obviously insane and completely wrong and yet I keep doing itů


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