Which Battle Was more Important on the Eastern Front


Old School Republican:
I would say Stalingrad given how important the Oil Fields were and the fact that while Moscow ensured the Germans wouldnt win, Stalingrad ensured they would lose . Stalingrad also completely destroyed their 6th army

I will categorize them this way

a) After Moscow, total Germany victory was no longer possible
b) After Stalingrad,  Germany victory was no longer possible but Germany could have fought for a partial defeat
c) After Kursk, total Germany defeat could not be avoided

Moscow, the Germans only really had a chance if they could win a lightning war against the Soviets. Stalingrad also had much less strategic value than Moscow, it just drew in hundreds of thousands of soldiers for the slaughter.

GM Team Member NewYorkExpress:
None of the above.

The decisive battle on the Eastern Front was actually the siege at Leningrad, which tied up German resources for three years, resources that could have been used elsewhere on the front, or on any other front.


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