Are you more liberal or conservative than your parents?

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Lincoln General Court Representative Christian Man:
Are you more liberal or conservative than your parents?

Old School Republican:
Depends :

On Economic Issues: Certainly more Conservative

On Social Issues: Depends

I am to their right on - Guns, Death Penalty

Around the same - Immigration, Abortion, Law and Order

To their left - importance of religion in society, LGBT issues, And on Wokeness stuff

On Foreign Policy: Hard to put this in right or left but I will say I am more Conservative in the 1980-2015 definition of the term of a foreign policy conservative

I'm SLIGHTLY more liberal than my mother. She's a Bernie-crat / NDP voter.

I'm definitely more liberal than my dad., He's the kind of guy that liked Trump at the beginning but abandoned Trump once he started getting too deplorable, lying too much and breaking the law. Kind of a working class guy who likes populist politicians from the left AND the right.

Socially, far more conservative than both of my parents.

Economically, it's a little hard to pin down exactly because my parents are less informed by ideology and more influenced by individual politicians. As an example, my mom, who voted for Bernie in 16 and seemed to be all aboard the Medicare for All boat, then voted for Buttigieg in 20 and was making arguments about how eliminating private insurance is too radical. This didn't seem to be because of any sort of broader ideological shift, but rather because she very much liked Buttigieg's style of presentation. Generally though, I'm pretty similar to my parents and share a broadly social democratic outlook.

Conservative. I am by far the most conservative in my household. HOWEVER, because I am more vocal about politics at extended family gatherings than anyone else…everyone thinks I’m more liberal. I was accused of brainwashing my parents a few years ago to be leftists (lol)


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