Describe a socialist Cuban-American

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Asenath Waite:
Describe a Cuban-American whose family emigrated to the US and who despite hating Castro identifies as a socialist and enthusiastically supported Bernie twice and loves the squad.

Someone who immigrated as child and therefore has a more abstract negative opinion of the Castro regime than actually having negative feelings of socialism in general

LGC Speaker ZMUN M441:
Someone who hates Castro for his 'traditional' values and generally being insufficiently socially progressive. Probably views Sunday's Family Code referendum passing by such a wide margin as evidence that the PCC leadership is, in fact, to the right of the average Cuban socialist for not holding it earlier.

Alternatively, a Silent Generationer or Baby Boomer who was alive during the Cuban Revolution and associates Castro and/or the PCC with 'violence' and revolution, and prefers for socialist ideals to be implemented through the ballot.


Bootes Void:
2nd or 3rd generation millennial(most of times women) who live outside of Florida if I had to guess


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