If Clinton was elected President in 2016...

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It is looking like 2024 will be a Biden-Trump rematch.

President Johnson:
Doubtful. Not sure whether Trump could have sustained his cult of personality. Of course the Republican Party would not have gotten any less insane after a 2016 defeat.

Obviously the answer also depends on how close 2016 was.

No doubt Romney, McCain, and Lindsey Graham would say “told you so”.

Progressive Pessimist:
At the very least I do think Trump would participate in the 2020 GOP primary. I don't know whether he would be too damaged as a loser at that point to win again or not. It's hard to say because he would definitely have still engaged in Big Lie talk after being defeated. Hell, he proliferated the conspiracy theory that he actually won the popular vote, so even after winning he was still a sore loser somehow.

Mr. Smith:
Doubtful, because I doubt he wins the primary, and he likely is deplatformed.


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