Ending up in someone else’s hell.


I personally think everyone technically would go to someone else’s hell under their definition. For instance, if the form of Shia Islam preached by the Iranian government is true, then American Christians would be in hell. On the other hand, if some evangelical Protestant denomination was true, then Iranian Muslims would go to hell. Of course, I could argue that only people who follow Xenu and denounce Scientology(who got the story wrong) go to heaven.

everyone goes to hell, the extradimensional demons won't allow otherwise until ppl escape to mars and may be beyond the reach of the soul trapping machines

Its over

I tend to believe that God will be whatever offers the most mercy to the Righteous, and whatever one abused or persecuted if one was unrighteous. Just iomagine what it would be like to find out after being a Nazi that God is Jewish. He is powerful enough to choose His theology at the moment of judgment.

If you butchered Muslims on behalf of the Milosevic clique, the God is Allah and Muhammad is His favored Prophet. Oh-oh!

If you bombed a church on behalf of the KKK, you are going to find that not only is God a Christian -- he is Black! Oh-0oh, again!

The most tolerant of old religious traditions is Judaism, and it holds that only Jews are in heaven -- because the Righteous of all nations will convert at the Gate.

....The Puritans taught that one of the delights of Heaven was to see the unrighteous be tormented in Hell. I'd turn that around; one of the greatest horror of hell would be to have to witness the delights offered to the Righteous that are denied one. For the Righteous, Hell is out of sight and out of mind. Maybe I would be delighted to watch as the shades of dogs rip the shades of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Satan Hussein (dogs are simply not as efficient killers as bears and Big Cats, so the agony would last longer under a dog attack than under a leopard attack.   

Is there precedent for this in any religious text?


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