SR 111-10: Securing Our Elections Officers Amendment (Debating)

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Senate Resolution
To amend the Constitution to make the Department of Federal Elections and Registrar General Constitutional Officers.

Be it Resolved in the Atlasian Senate Assembled, that upon ratification by 2/3rds of the Regions, the constitution shall be amended as follows:


The Securing Our Elections Officers Amendment

Section 1: The Departments of Federal Elections and Registrar General

Article IV, Section 4, shall read as follows:

Section 4. Elections Administration
1. The Department of Federal Elections shall exist for the purposes of administering Elections.
2. The Office of Registrar General shall exist for the purposes of maintaining the census list.
3. These two positions may be held simultaneously by the same person.
4. The Senate may regulate these entities through appropriate legislation.
5. Appointments to these positions shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Article 4: Section 2, but the President shall remove said occupants of these offices only with the concurrence of a majority of the Senate.

Quote from: Amendment Explanation

This constitutional Amendment moves the origination authority of the Department of Federal Elections and the Registrar General from Presidential Executive Order to the Constitution, thereby eliminating the ability of the President to abolish these entities, assume them, or recombine them with another cabinet office. Further, it grants the Senate the power to regulate these offices through legislation, while restricting the ability of the President to unilaterally fire either the SoFE or the RG.

People's and Region's Senate

Sponsor: Weatherboy

The gentleman from South Carolina is recognized

GM Team Member WB #NoToJo:
This was narrowly voted down last term, and like I promised I re-introduced it this term. We need to ensure that those in charge of our elections are not fired and replaced due to the political whims of a president who may have malicious intent, much like what we saw back in April. The survival of Atlasian democracy depends on ensuring these offices are free from political interference as much as possible.

Southern Senator North Carolina Yankee:
This has my support of course.

I will be supporting this as well

GM Team Member WB #NoToJo:
Since there’s little debate here motioning for a final vote


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