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GM Team Member WB #NoToJo:

GM Team: Weatherboy, NewYorkExpress, Forumlurker


It was established on Article VI of the 5th Constitution that:


Fifth Constitution, Article VI, Section 1 (Game Engine):

All powers which the Congress shall deem necessary and proper for simulating either the impact of actions by the Republic of Atlasia, the several Regions, or the citizens thereof; or the actions of non-playable entities, shall be vested in a Game Engine.

The Congress shall have the power to establish the structure and powers of the Game Engine by appropriate legislation.

The Game Moderation Team (GM Team) is, as of late 2022, a body of three members representing the Game Engine. Nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate following the established procedure for Cabinet nominees, the Game Moderator is formally empowered by the Game Engine Restructuring and GM Team Creation Act to fulfill a key series of duties pertaining simulation of events and arbitration over accepted "reality", as follows:


Game Engine Reconstruction Act, Section 3:

i. The president shall appoint three (3) members of the game moderation team (henceforth referred to as "the GM team") with the advice and consent of the Senate.
ii. The GM team shall have power, except where limited elsewhere by this legislation:
(a) to simulate the effect of domestic and foreign legislation of the government of Atlasia and of the several regions;
(b) to simulate the actions of non-playable entities;
(c) to simulate domestic and global events;
(d) to be the final arbiter in all questions of the reality of events which occur during their tenure;
(e) to be the final arbiter on the reality of the status quo with respect domestic and global conditions.
iii. The word of the GM team, once spoken, is Canon, and may not be revoked by their successor.
iv. Members of the GM team may be removed from office according to the same provisions set in place for the impeachment of executive officers.
v. A majority of members of the GM team may not hold any other elected or appointed office in either the Federal or Regional Governments.

GM Team Member WB #NoToJo:

GM Kalwejt (I) : August 2016
GM Clyde1998: September - November 2016
GM Kalwejt (II) : November 2016 - February 2017
GM Dkrolga: February - June 2017
GM 1184AZ: June - November 2017
GM R2D2: November - December 2017
GM Harry S Truman: December 2017 - December 2018
GM Mr. Reactionary: December 2018 - December 2019
GM Ninja: January - April 2020
Pontifex Maximus Lumine (I) : April 2020 - March 2021
GM Peanut: March - October 2021
Pontifex Maximus Lumine (II) : October 2021 - March 2022
GM Crane: April 2022
GM Lumine (III) : May 2022 - Aug 2022

GM Team Member WB #NoToJo:

Atlasia: President Joseph Cao
Argentina: President Alberto Fernandez
Australia: Prime Minister Anthony Albanese
Austria: Prime Minister Alexander Schallenberg
Bolivia: President Luis Arce
Brazil: President Jair Bolsonaro
France: President Édouard Phillipe & Prime Minister Christian Jacob
Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
China: President Xi Jinping
Costa Rica: President Carlos Alvarado
Cuba: President Miguel Diaz Canel and First Secretary Raúl Castro
Germany: Chancellor Olaf Scholz
Hungary: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
Iran: Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei & President Hassan Rouhani
Israel: Prime Minister Benny Gantz and President Miriam Peretz
India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Ireland: Taoiseach Micheál Martin
Italy: Prime Minister Mario Draghi
Japan: Prime Minister Fumio Kishida
Mexico: President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Netherlands: Prime Minister Mark Rutte
New Zealand: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
North Korea: President Choe Ryong Hae & Prime Minister Ji Seong-ho
Nicaragua: President Daniel Ortega
Paflagonia: President Kurt Narriman
Palestinian Authority: Mahmoud Abbas
Peru: President Pedro Castillo
Philippines: President Leni Robredo
Russia: President Vladimir Putin
Saudi Arabia King Salman
Spain: Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez
South Korea: President Lee Jae-myung
Syria: President Bashar al-Assad
Turkey: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
United Kingdom: Prime Minister Owen Smith
United Nations: Secretary-General Antonio Guterres
Vatican City: Pope Francis
Venezuela: President Leopoldo López

GM Team Member NewYorkExpress:
Bed Sheets Waving Act causes protests across Lincoln
By NewYorkExpress

The Bed Sheets Waving Act has caused mass protests across several major Lincoln Cities over the past few weeks. The Act,which was officially signed days ago, sparked massive protests in Milwaukee, Chicago, New York City and Boston, leaving one dead, eleven injured and over a thousand arrested.

A spokesman for the New York Police Department said the protest was the largest one in the city since the Hard Hat riots in the 1970’s and that, because of insufficient funding by the Regional and National Governments, the department was not adequately prepared to deal with the protestors.

Property damage estimates total $500 million dollars, not including the value of new flags that were burned in Chicago and New York, but including severe property damage along Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, where much of the worst violence took place.

On top of this, one individual, whose name is being withheld by the Atlasian Attorney General’s office was arrested after post office workers intercepted pipe bombs that had been mailed to Lincoln General Court Speaker Dwarven Dragon and to Lincoln General Court member Adowemiti, who sponsored the legislation.

Unofficial polls show Lincoln Governor Tack50 having taken a hit in approval, but political insiders that how he handles the rioting and protests will likely define his Governorship more than his signing of this legislation, or the constant flip-flopping for his appointment to the Atlasian Supreme Court that ended with Sestak getting the position.

South Carolina State Government Passes Bills Nullifying Regional Laws, other Southern States Considering Following Suit
By Weatherboy

COLUMBIA, SC – Early this morning, Governor James Cunningham signed a slew of bills passed by the South Carolina General Assembly before Labor Day, which mostly included a number of bills nullifying regional laws, including but not limited to Title VI of S.22.1-5 (No C.R.A.P. in Schools Act), the entirety of S.22.2-72 (Obscene Sex Toy Prohibition Act), and portions of S.22.2-24 (Transhumanism is Dystopian Act). The bills passed on mostly party-line votes, with the DA’s narrow majorities in the house and senate voting for (except for State Senator Parker Franks (DA-Hilton Head Island), a former Liberal who joined the DA after the previous Liberal party collapsed), joined by a majority of Labor lawmakers. Meanwhile the Federalists unanimously voted against the bills, joined by the small number of new Liberal lawmakers (made up of about half of the previously elected old Liberals). One such vote is recorded below:
House Vote on H.0621: Nullifying S.22.2-72
AYE: 84 (67 DA, 17 LAB)
NAY: 40 (33 FED, 5 LIB, 2 LAB)
Senate Vote on H.0621: Nullifying S.22.2-72
AYE: 29 (23 DA, 6 LAB)
NAY: 17 (14 FED, 2 LIB, 1 DA)
The vote came as no surprise to those closely following South Carolina’s politics, as the regional Atlasian Future Party, which self-describes as transhumanist and has strong ties to the furry fandom, is an extremely influential part of the DA coalition in the state, with party members making up at least half of the DA’s caucus in the legislature. This group was extremely opposed to many laws the Southern Chamber of Delegates had passed in the recent sessions, and authored most of the nullification bills. Labor members in the legislature found common ground on the issue, with most stating they believed the regional laws “violated personal liberty”, although at least one stated they “had few objections with the laws but wanted to get conservative blood boiling”.
Already other states are looking at replicating what South Carolina has done, especially ones with large non-federalist majorities such as Texas (where Federalists hold less than 10% of house seats and only 1/8 of the senate), Kentucky (where SC Governor Cunningham’s father Harold may follow his son’s lead), and Florida (where Governor Chavez may attempt to get support of DA members for nullification). The only heavily non-federalist state which seems unlikely to join the efforts is Kansas, as opinions both inside and outside of the legislature have been heavily pro-South and pro-LT since the Kansas Crisis a few months ago. Should this continue, the South may face a serious crisis where over half the population does not follow its own regional laws. This appears like it may remain a strictly southern problem, as Fremont has Labor-aligned governors in every state to veto non-labor nullification efforts, and Lincoln’s politics mean that parties in the legislature cooperate rather peacefully due to moderation from most if not all sides.
The south now stands at a crossroads, either trying to stamp out the nullification attempts in court (while having to make the case that the south may still nullify laws as they have done previously) or go the more conciliatory route, trying to make a deal with the nullifiers to repeal the most opposed laws while keeping others in effect.

Elizabeth II dead at 96, Charles III takes the throne
By NewYorkExpress and Forumlurker
It’s the end of an era in the United Kingdom, as longtime Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle at 96 years old. Her Majesty’s decades of public service date back to the darkest hours in British history, when London stood alone against the carnivorous German war machine. Then Princess Elizabeth spoke through radio broadcast to soothe the fears of children across the empire, assuring an eventual victory and the endurance of the British resolve. Later she would briefly join the Auxiliary Territorial Service, being trained as a mechanic and driver in 1945. Post-war, Elizabeth would go on to marry Prince Philip, and eventually ascend to the throne in 1952 following the death of King George VI. For decades, Queen Elizabeth reigned as the figurehead of the British nation, from the dawn of a new age post-WW2, to the dawn of a new age post-Covid, Queen Elizabeth has remained a steady and reassuring figure even in the most troubling of times. While her passing is not entirely unexpected given her age of 96, it still comes as a shock to many, especially given the Queen’s unusually robust health for someone of her age, best symbolized by her daring skydive entrance into the London olympics just ten years ago.

Her son, Charles will become King and take the regnal name Charles III, but there is speculation that he is currently negotiating with the Government of Prime Minister Owen Smith about the possibility of the United Kingdom transitioning to a Presidential system within the next decade. Charles’s preferred model appears to be the one in Germany. However, with Smith having a small margin in Parliament, it’s unlikely such a drastic change would be able to pass, even if a deal could be reached. If such a deal were to take place, it would signal the end of a one century long reign of the House of Windsor, and an end to the centuries lasting British crown which remains a controversial subject in the UK today.

Elizabeth’s funeral meanwhile, will draw world leaders from around the globe and Commonwealth, just as her husband’s was earlier this year. Numerous former leaders have already expressed their sympathies for the late Queen Elizabeth, and a response by current officeholders is almost all but certain given the jarring news.
The search for Queen Elizabeth
Headlines Worldwide this week paid tribute to the longest serving monarch in British history, one of the most widely recognized figures globally who has reigned since the days of Eisenhower. No matter the country, no matter the political lean, almost every outlet had the iconic smile of the late Queen Elizabeth II donned on the front cover. However, a minority of voices have a different idea of what actually happened this week, as seen with the rise of the DIA-Elizabeth conspiracy.

The Denver International Airport has long not just been a place where you have to spend twelve hours trying to work with crappy airport wifi because you just barely missed your connecting flight, but has also long been a rich source of conspiracy theories. While the list of total theories surrounding the grandiose airport is too long to fit in an article, readers must know of one theory, and that is the “Bunker Theory”. Essentially, this theory stipulates that underneath and around DIA underground, there are hidden government facilities and nuclear bunkers for major world leaders/politicians to hide in should Cao accidently press the wrong button because he thought it was how you veto a bill. One of the strongest supports of this theory is that the Royal Family had actually purchased vast amounts of land surrounding the airport in prior years. That is why a few weeks ago, with the “Good Start Act” which sought to decommission the use of the DIA airport for urban expansion of the growing Denver metropolis, many became immediately suspicious.

The Missing Queen
Thus, when this week the late Queen Elizabetht tragically passed away, the conspiracy spread rapidly, with trending videos on youtube, hashtags on twitter, and of course the “storm DIA” meme that is more or less a repeat of the Storm Area 51 sensation a couple years ago. While for many this conspiracy is a joke, there are a few who do believe in something suspicious, we spoke with a major celebrity who requested to remain anonymous but had this to say,
“It is simply way too convenient that just a few weeks after politicians in Denver started talking about moving DIA that the same person who bought large swaths of land RIGHT by the terminals suddenly just *dies*. It's even more suspicious because this happened suddenly, just a few weeks ago there were zero indications the queen would pass. And I ask, did anyone actually SEE the queen die? No, it was just an announcement she had passed. We have ZERO evidence her majesty didn’t just hop on a plane and is now hiding underground.”
Proponents of this theory believe that the British government is aware of some future development that could trigger a global scale conflict, thus necessitating the need for their head of state to preemptively seek security from any potential nuclear attacks. Although many see this as a meme, some have argued for the theory’s legitimacy, with our anonymous celebrity even going as far as to say “On October 5th, we WILL work together and stop this madness. We will take over the DIA! And we WILL find the missing Queen!”
We reached out to DIA for a response and they gave us the following,
“While we are aware of our many conspiracies and even have a web page devoted to those theories for people to learn about our airport, we assure the public that we are not aware of any nuclear bunkers within or adjacent to our premises. Like many, we mourn the loss of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, and wish the British people the best in these trying times. We are aware of new legislation to move our facilities elsewhere, but for now our top priority remains ensuring passengers have a comfortable flight experience. We also condemn any potential disruption to our services caused by such conspiracies and will not hesitate to use force if necessary for the public interest.”

Protests mount in Iran over the long-delayed Presidential Election.
By NewYorkExpress

Officially, the Presidential Election in Iran was supposed to be held in August of 2021. However, it never was, being called off at the time due to COVID concerns. However, skeptics, and now protestors, believe the real reason that the election was called off was that Supreme Leader Ali Khameni’s preferred candidate, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ebrahim Raisi, was trailing his closest competitor, the former Commander-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Moshen Rezaee by an almost 30 point margin.

After almost a year, the election still has not been held, and there has been no timetable for holding the election that has published, leading to mass protests across Iran, thousands dead, thousands more injured, and tens of thousands, including the entire adult populations of the cities of Nir and Danesfahan are currently in prison.

Through all this, Supreme Leader Khameni has been resolute that election will not be held, and sources close to the Supreme Leader say that President Hassan Rouhani, who has so far been persuaded to serve past the end of his second term is growing frustrated with the lack of a successor, and is unhappy with the crackdown ordered by Khameni over his objections.

Several countries, most notably, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United Arab Emirates issued draconian sanctions against Iran in response. Of these countries, Israel’s is the most sweeping, barring even humanitarian aid from entering Iran. Prime Minister Benny Gantz, in a press conference stated that “while it pains me to deny Iranian civilians basic human necessities, we must do everything we can to bring down the Ayatollah ''. Rumors of an Israeli invasion are considered unfounded by most experts, who believe heavy Atlasian support would be needed.

Final vote tally-Unanimously in favor

GM Team Member WB #NoToJo:
Confirming unanimous vote.


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