Do you support a ban on Russian visas to the EU?

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For banning Russian visas- Travel is NOT a human right! It is a privilege only. Even Russian tourists who visits the EU spew pro Russian propaganda, and refuses to comment/condemn the war with mentioning Putin's name. Poland, the Baltic states, and Finland are dead serious about banning Russian tourists from visiting these countries. Several Russian celebrities that are not oligarchs or related to their families who live in Paris, Milan, Switzerland, and London (UK is not in the EU Anymore), (mostly models, but also athletes, actors, etc). If Russians (even ordinary apolitical ones who had absolutely are not involved in the Russian government if they want to vacation in their home country in summer, then visit lake Baikal in Siberia.

Argument against banning Russian visas- Not every Russian who lives in the EU are supportive of Putin's war, in fact several brave Russians who had the guts to condemn this war with mentioning his name, and several colleges did banned students/professors who are spewing actual anti-Russian hate. Several of these people have children, and some of them immigrated from Russia into both present/future EU Countries halfway between the fall of the USSR, and Putin's rise in 1999/2000.   

Voted the second option as the main people that need tourist visas banned are the low tier oligarchs.

Definitely not. While I agree that travel is not a human right, it is both immoral and stupid to close one's borders for an entire people just because one wants to punish its current leadership. It's even more stupid considering that such a measure ultimately helps said leadership.   

Maybe the EU should have a ban on issuing new visas, while still adjudicating claims for asylum from Russian dissidents. 

Yes. There are several videos of Russian tourists verbally abusing Ukrainians in EU countries.

Tourist visas can be banned, and exceptions can still be made for members of the Russian opposition.


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