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Quote from: Philly D. on June 16, 2024, 12:33:06 PM

Quote from: Oryxslayer on June 16, 2024, 10:01:37 AM

 The bigger the party, the more difficult it will be to control everyone,  something far more important in a Strong Party system than in the US or even Canada where politicians have varrying degrees of leeway.

If Canada isn't a Strong Party system I want to know what is -- any vote against a Government here is noteworthy, and that's on the federal level... in Quebec there has been only one case of an MNA voting against party lines to my knowledge in 17 years.

Not disagreeing with you. Which is why I used the word varying. Whipping the votes is not the only arena a party can exert control - though it is the most visible which is why the US is the classic counterexample to strong parties. For example, this campaign cycle we have seen Labour HQ purge candidates for speaking their mind against party issues, usually Gaza-related. Whether you agree or not to this policy, speaking your mind and offering alternatives to the leadership, even if you still vote as expected, is a another form of control that is allowed in some country's political arenas but not others.

May headed to the Lords in the Dissolution Honours. Sunak reportedly wanted to ennoble Richard Sharp too, but after his Johnsonian controversy, eventually settled on a knighthood.

Between the lengthy titles, the ermine, and her post-premiership tendency for high-camp, I look forward to Theresa's evolution into her final form - minor nobility from the Dune universe.

"The spice must flow" - Baroness Maidenhead

The first link in the above post doesn't work.

Quote from: CumbrianLefty on June 17, 2024, 11:47:02 AM

The first link in the above post doesn't work.

My bad, that was a dead link from the Telegraph. Should be corrected with the original Times article now.

"Number of train journeys on Ukrainian railways @Ukrzaliznytsia over 3 years of war = 100+

Trains cancelled or seriously delayed = 0 (OK, one went a bit slower bc of mine clearing)

Number of train tickets bought on UKs @AvantiWestCoast in last 3 months = 2

Number cancelled = 2" scriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script');scriptTag = scriptTag[scriptTag.length-1];atlas_tweetCheckLoad(scriptTag.parentNode, "tw_0_581314091696973490", "tw_2_1297994153735102846", "");


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