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Middle-aged Europe:
The hype continues.... German Railway Instagram post: "When the king is customer"

I'm not a centrist dad (despite the username) so never actually loved his Times Column but this substack is a very funny take down of the weird narratives around the centre right & pundit class atm- including a lot of myths about '97 and Labour.

First Scottish polls with fieldwork during the Yousaf premiership: scriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script');scriptTag = scriptTag[scriptTag.length-1];atlas_tweetCheckLoad(scriptTag.parentNode, "tw_0_4791982261316006918", "tw_2_204978265947533255", ""); scriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script');scriptTag = scriptTag[scriptTag.length-1];atlas_tweetCheckLoad(scriptTag.parentNode, "tw_0_1501200562476478315", "tw_2_988478925206480377", "");

Cumbria County Council and all the district councils in Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Somerset have now been abolished, and replaced by unitary authorities; in the latter two counties the old county councils have become the new unitaries, while Cumbria is split into Cumberland and Westmorland & Furness along roughly the historic boundary of the county of Cumberland (it's not exactly the historic boundary: Penrith and some nearby areas, historically in Cumberland, go into Westmorland & Furness).

I still can't help feeling that the size of some of these new unitaries, especially the North Yorkshire one, is not very consistent with the idea that this is local government.

Elections for the new unitaries were already held last year: the Lib Dems control Somerset and Westmorland & Furness, the Tories North Yorkshire and Labour Cumberland.

Ceremonial counties in England by local government type, as of today:

There could be more categories than this.  It's all a bit of a mess...

- That dot in the middle of London is the City, which is a separate ceremonial county, just because of course it is.
- Cornwall isn't classified as "whole county" because of Scilly having its own council.


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