Why didnít the candidates talk about immigration, trade, or guns more?

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If COVID never happened, they would be major issues in the election

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Quote from: Pres Mike on September 12, 2022, 05:55:30 PM

Biden did talk about immigration but he did so skill fully. I remember seeing commercials about "kids in cages". BUT Biden knew illegal immigration is very unpopular. Democrats do not win when defending illegal immigration (even with second or third generation Americans).

In the 2019 debate the moderators asked about decriminlzing border crossings, I rolled my eyes. You would have thought Trump asked that questions as a "gotcha" moment

Same with guns. Guns haven't been a winning issue for Democrats (historically) so Biden avoided it.

It's important what particular advocacy you're making. Immigration and criminal justice reform are hard to campaign on because large parts of these groups are disenfranchised. It's really something that's much better to talk about case by case and locally, because otherwise you risk painting people with very broad brushes and just sounding kinda woke and ignorant.

You can't run the same campaign for every person, because different people have different perspectives and opinions, and someone who just parrots a message is annoying. Immigration is probably a better issue for local organizing, like how dozens of counties have gotten rid of ICE contracts, because even if you dislike immigration and you think there's too many people, you see how unfair it is to be pulled over for a simple traffic violation and probably lose your job being held in jail.

People have opinions that are probably contradictory, like many people want both healthcare and free college, and to lower government spending. Who among us is without contradictions?

Quote from: darklordoftech on August 28, 2022, 09:27:01 PM

Why didnít Biden run against ďkids in cagesĒ? Why didnít Trump run against ďMexico sending their rapistsĒ? Why didnít Trump attack Biden for voting for NAFTA and the WTO or for writing gun laws?

Hot take : because no one thought those were important in 2020, it was COVID, Trump I guess. 


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