America's Maverick Part 2: Madame President

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Old School Republican:

Part 1 can be found in this link:

I still have a three more updates left in Part 1 but until then I do have a poll question. Since I have used NBC and CNN in all my TL's up to this point, how would it seem to use Fox News for this part. Now the main anchors I will use for this will be Bret Bair , Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace so would you guys be interested in this switch or should I just stick with CNN.

Just let her be a two-term President please!

Hillary winning 2008 in such a close election (via the House) but has a friendly Congress to deal with

Sir Mohamed 🇺🇸 🇺🇦:
Quote from: Tron1993 on August 01, 2022, 09:33:02 AM

Just let her be a two-term President please!

I think that what's going to happen and W tries again in 2016 and wins.

Really looking forward to this. OSR writes beautifully!

I think Hillary will govern more like a Centrist like her husband did from 1995-2000.

With an evenly divided Congress there is not much she can pass which actually will help her during her first Term and makes her less attackable from the left.


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