When will Texas turn blue

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Blexas won’t happen until the mid 2030s

LGC Speaker ZMUN M441:
Agree. 2032 is the earliest it could happen (which would require, at the very least, a 'solid' Democratic victory comparable to 2012), maybe 2028 if the GOP nominates an abysmal candidate.

MABA 2020:
Conceivably 2028 under a big Democratic victory, don't think thats very likely though

It is only slightly to the right of where Georgia was in 2016, and Democrats still have a lot of room to gain and more than Republicans. 2024 could be winnable, especially with something like a 2008-style victory, not that there is an easy path to that right now. Otherwise, 2028 would be realistic, though my guess is that election would be a Republican victory because either Republicans would only have had one term or have the classic opposition party advantage after two Democratic terms.

I have a weird feeling that it will go Democratic in 2024, but this will be countered by PA/MN/WI going Republican.


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