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Joseph Cao:

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Right then, about time I got this set up. Welcome to the public White House thread – as you can see, while I will obviously copy announcements and signings and things over from the government thread, this is also a space for both official and unofficial business and for members of the public to comment if they so desire. A meal will be ready soon if you care to wait around for it; if not, please do have a few biscuits from that jar on the table.

White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Nyman, D.C.

Da Op:
What were you and DTC talking about in that picture? :p

Joseph Cao:
Quote from: ishan on July 01, 2022, 11:50:18 AM

What were you and DTC talking about in that picture? :p

He stopped by to offer some Georgia peach cobbler for the inaugural dinner. Very kind of him.

Joseph Cao:
Text of the inaugural speech is now up here for public release:

Quote from: President Joseph Cao on July 01, 2022, 11:49:28 AM

Inaugural Address

Nyman, D.C.

Mr. Chief Justice, Madam President, Mr. Vice President, Mr. GM, members of the Cabinet, Senators, Lincolners, Southerners, Frémonters, my fellow Atlasians. Thanks for making it.

I don’t know about you – at least those of you who haven’t been president yet – but for someone who joined two years ago, watching inaugurations past has always seemed very routine and unassuming, passing responsibility from one to the other without much actually changing in the grand scheme of things, and at the moment it feels much closer to a proper handover than anything else I’ve experienced so far. Some of it might be the observer effect. Some of it may come on a personal level from observing a certain other July 1 handover. A decent part of it might be the observation of an actual Federalist swearing in as president, which I am sure Wulfric among others isn’t likely to forget in a hurry.

Whatever it may be, this is an administration in broad brush devoted to many of the same principles that have guided past Presidents regardless of party. We need, above all, activity and an AFE and AFG that welcomes and if possible incentivizes participation from the common poster, and I can only promise my own full dedication to activity on the part of the Oval Office – I will be working, just as all of us here today need to be working, toward that same commitment to greater activity on everyone’s part. We are a nation in increasing need of commitment to security – on various international fronts, with regard to our food and everyday needs, on energy and environmental matters, on the economic front, in relation to the life and safety of every Atlasian in this nation.

We can, as this administration fully intends to do, carry out our collective commitment to securing activity and security without jeopardizing the stability of the nation; without the legalistic morass that its past enemies have held up as a boogeyman; and without abandoning the democratic principles that it inherited from two centuries of tinkering. We can have activity without being an active danger to ourselves or to others. We can have security in our nation without throwing away the friendships and strenths that have made Atlasia the greatest nation in the world.

I am going to make a fair number of decisions, and I can assure you here and now that every one of them will be made with you the players in mind, with the prospects for further activity, engagement, and development of both our in-game and metagame prospects. This administration needs to fix things and we will undoubtedly hear from you as we go about that task – it would be hard not to hear what the rest of this game has to say. But as a President in this time, in this unique situation, I am absolutely going to listen well. And I need you with me.

As far as speeches go, I’ve made my fair share – certainly the esteemed GM, among others, can attest to it – but this one has been a first for someone far more accustomed to delivering them from truck flatbeds in Iowa or in sharecroppers’ fields in Louisiana or in fluorescently lit community centers on the South Side. I may be up here now physically, but I want everyone present to know I still stand first and foremost with those places and the people who inhabit them, and I will not abandon them as president. We’ve gone too long without the regions realizing their full potential as part of a vision of governance not myopically focused in on Nyman. I will engage, and my administration will engage, and I call upon the regions to join me in the issues that lie ahead of us. We’re going to have a federalist and Federalist administration again.

We are going to take the people and the regions and a philosophy of restraint back to the table where they rightfully belong. We are going to have a game that people can enjoy playing again, a game fixed and capable of running on the inevitable frictions that arise between players at mutual odds without sparking fires that corrode its gears and shafts, a game that in time may even attract new players like the one that wandered into Fantasyland a little over two years ago and decided to run for a lowly regional by-election on a whim.

We are going to have fun again. And as your President, I invite all of you present here to join me in making that a Fantasyland reality.

Thank you, everyone, for listening. Dave bless you all, and Dave bless the Republic of Atlasia.

Joseph Cao:
Quote from: EO 57:01

To aid in national reconciliation for a previous wrong

1. Pursuant to Executive Order 56:06, an NPC federal commission is hereby established in order to determine the extent of damages caused by former members of the federal government in relation to the unrest occurring in Kansas and surrounding regions during the months of March and April 2022.

2. The commission shall include at least one individual appointed by the Attorney General of Atlasia, at least one individual appointed by the Southern Attorney General, at least one individual appointed by the Attorney General of Frémont, and at least one individual each appointed by the respective state attorneys general of Kansas and any surrounding states reporting violence during the course of events described in section 1.

3. The findings of the commission shall be made available to the Game Moderator.

Joseph Cao, President of the Republic of Atlasia

The ongoing fallout in Kansas from the events of a couple of months previous is a priority that needs to be addressed swiftly. This executive order expands on one previously issued by President UNL and establishes an NPC commission to formally assess the extent of the damages as an in-universe complement to the findings provided by the GM to date.


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